Zeitgeist Sisterhood

The Zeitgeist Sisterhood is an international organization of witches whose center of operations was in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. A long history steeped deep in the traditions of the world, they are a haven for many of the spiritually insightful and constantly adhere to "The Mission" in their works.


Missionaria Protectiva




First Level

Second Level

Zeitgeist Sister

Second Rank

First Rank


Mother Superior


Adelheid Dietrich

A senior advisor and childhood friend to Gretel Kronenberg, the compassionate and reasonable yin to her pragmatic and aggressive yang. Gentle and humble to a fault, she would often yield to hotheaded insistence when she was younger.

A Zeitgeist Sister First Rank and honored Matron, she oversaw the day to day training of the young witches in communication with spirits. She was also master alchemist, and used the faculties of the natural world to its fullest ability, reinforcing to her students the maxim that "A witch never fights alone."

Natalie referred to her as Auntie Adelheid ever since Ilsa left her in her care when she was younger.

Gretel Kronenberg

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Ilsa Schroeder

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Natalie Schroeder

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