Wei Levi

"Even unconscious, he still fights with everything he has. Truly, he is the one…"
Samantha Cattal

Wei Levi
AKA The Ascending Dragon, Descendant of Myths
Birthplace Zhengzhou, China
Date of Birth April 18
Age 16 (Beginning of SHR1)
Height 5'7 / 170 cm.
Weight 165 lbs.
Blood Type AB

One of the characters of School House Rumbles, Wei Levi -former Shaolin Monk and Captain of Dragon Dorm- has lived a life revolved around the martial arts and the principals behind them.

Before Arcadia

Born into a struggling, lower class-family, in the city of Zhengzhou within the Henan province, Levi enjoyed a normal and happy, although brief life with his parents, Wei Chang and Wei Fu. Unfortunately, at the age of six, his parents discovered that they would soon be expecting another child. Due to China's One Child Policy and their inability to afford raising two children, they were forced to give up Levi to a family friend, a monk by the name of Shu. Thus, Levi was brought to the Shaolin Monastery, where under the guiding eyes of Monk Shu and Buddhist Master Wan, Levi began his training as a Shaolin monk for the next seven years. During these years, Levi became used to the training and even managed to make a few friends, such as Wu, Sung, and Kuan, who would later participate in the World Tournament. However, despite his contentment there, he was unable to shake the feeling that he was missing something. Thus, at the age of 13, he voiced this problem to Master Wan, who suggested that he should leave the temple and find what his answer in the world. With Wan's blessings, Levi made his way back home, deciding to visit his family.

As he arrived back in Zhengzhou, he discovered that his father had been promoted, allowing their family to live much more comfortably. What should have been a joyous occasion of a son returning home was an awkward reunion. Although his little sister, Wei Mai, was delighted to finally meet her brother, Chang and Fu were quiet and distant from their first born. Over the course of the proceeding week, these emotions bubbled up until Levi finally confronted them about it, resulting in a fight between him and his father. Leaving his home, he chose to begin his wandering then and there in the cold, raining night.

His journey was one of hunger and cold. It was only in Guangzhou in the southern province of Guangdong that he came across the first kind person. Former soldier and antique store owner, Hwuang and his granddaughter, Nuo. Taking him in, they became a family of sorts. A martial artist himself, it was from a technique of Hwuang that would later inspire Levi's Xuán Wu Palm. After a few short but happy months, misfortune struck. Nuo, a struggling cocaine addict was unable to pay for her habit, thus the local Triads raided the store to collect their money one day while Levi was out on an errand. Although Hwuang fought back and managed to kill one, was shot and killed, while Nuo was raped and later strangled. Upon returning to the store, the sorrow-filled Levi quickly grabbed one of the antique jian and sought out the group. Slaughtering them all, it was only when the boy came to his senses that he realized his deeds and in horror, ran off.

World-weary, a pessimistic Levi found himself in Hong Kong. Using the money that he had taken from Hwuang's store, he had managed to afford a single night at a small hotel. The following morning, it was when he was sitting outside, brooding that a young Nakano Tomoe, visiting from Tokyo, punched him playfully in the back of the head. Annoyed at the boy's moping, the girl challenged him to a fight. It was through the differences in Levi's Kung-Fu and Tomoe's Karate that he realized that no one style was perfect, although he managed to win. Tomoe, seeing such a change in the boy, found herself growing fond of him, thus she chose then and there to propose their marriage. Confused by the statement, Levi eventually figured she was joking and played along, agreeing.

The following day, Levi once more began his travels, making his way through south-east China. Deciding that his goal in life now was to create the perfect style for himself, he studied any style he came across, all of which would help develop the Sì Xiàng. It was only through the passing two years that a 16 year-old Levi received a letter from Monk Shu, requesting him to return to Zhengzhou. Although reluctant, he made his way there. Once greeted by the monk, who was now Mai's basic martial-arts teacher, he was given a letter of acceptance from Arcadia. Anxious to see how his developing style would fare against those from all over the world, he accepted. Bestowed Shu's yuèyáchan for good luck, Levi made his way to Arcadia.

Early Arcadia and Pre-Tournament Preparation

Remaining quiet for most of the beginning, Levi had used the time to assess his fellow classmates. At first, he found himself feeling out of place, striving to prove his worth in the Instructor's Trials by serving as a distraction while the others figured out ways to completed their assigned tasks.

School Tournament

Dragons Through Time

World Tournament

Null Mage's Test

Lilith Wars

Against Syn

Spring Break

Mithisar the Mirror

Battle against the Primes



Later Years



Weapons, Equipment, and Stats

Current Point Allocation
Strength 30
Speed 30
Intelligence 10
Agility 10
Durability 25
Stamina 10
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 10
Ki/Chi 30
Magic 10

Due to his training Levi is able to fight with most weapons. However, due to his own style's development, he usually prefers to fight with his hands and feet. In his lifetime, he has possessed only two weapons.

Yuèyáchan - This nameless monk's spade was a gift from Monk Shu to Levi before the latter left for Arcadia. Although it possessed no mythical properties, it served Levi well. Upon leaving for Spring Break, Levi gave it to Natalie Schroeder.

Ruyi Jingu Bang - The Legendary Staff of Sun Wukong. First seen used by Samantha of the Sylph Dorm, the weapon quickly brought Levi to unconsciousness, however Levi managed to defeat her while unconscious. Awed by his will to fight, she gave the staff to Levi. True to myths, the weapon possessed the ability to shrink and enlarge to any size, as well as housing the very spirit of the Monkey King himself.

The Sì Xiàng

The Sì Xiàng, or "Four Ways" is the accumulation of various martial arts style Levi has learned over the years. Unable to rely on just one style, he instead chose to create he own consisting of four main forms of combat: Defensive, Evasion and Counterattack, Offensive, and Long-ranged. Through his journey and battles in Arcadia, he has sought to combine all four into one perfect combination.

Xuán Wu ("Black Tortoise of the North") - The first of the Sì Xiàng and its Yang half, the Xuán Wu was purely defensive, relying taking the strikes of the enemy and exploiting the openings they made upon dropping their guard. For this style, the user focuses their chi into their flesh and muscle, making them almost as hard as rock.

Xuán Wu Palm - The main offensive technique of the Xuán Wu style, which consists of gathering chi into the palm of the hand and attacking with an open palm strike. Though designed to release chi upon impact, it can be channel it into a blast. The technique is developed for close combat, thus it weakens depending on the distance of target.

Xuán Wu Double Palm - A variant of the Xuán Wu Palm in which the user create two orbs in each hand to create two dual blasts or combine them to create a larger one.

Xuán Wu's Arrow(s) - While not a full technique, is it the tactic of propelling either a single object or multiple ones towards a target by using the Xuán Wu Palm to launch them.

Xuán Wu Shell - The main specialized defensive technique of the Xuán Wu style. By releasing chi from every part of the body, a barrier of chi is formed around the user.

Xuán Wu Shell Repulse - An offensive form of the Xuán Wu Shell. By sending a pulse of chi through the shell, it is able to push back objects and launch projectiles away that were in contact with the shell

Xuán Wu Shell Fragment -Another form of the Xuán Wu Shell, this form was created from the various lessons Levi was taught by his instructors. The Xuán Wu Shell Fragment allows the user to form a smaller defensive barrier to cover a certain part of the body instead of using up additional chi to summon the entire Shell.

Xuán Wu Tide - Another version of the Xuán Wu Palm, this form is created when the user. Instead of striking with the orb of chi in the palm, the orb is dropped before them. By igniting from the impact on the ground, the blast surges forward at the enemy like a rising tide.

Zhu Què ("Vermilion Bird of the South") - The second style of the Sì Xiàng, the Zhu Què focuses on evasion followed by quick kicking counterattacks. The user focuses their chi into their legs, increasing their kicking speed and enabling the use of fire chi, giving the aura of the legs the faint appearance of flames.

Zhu Què Talon - The main kicking technique of the Zhu Què. By focusing chi into the attacking limb, the user strikes with a kick, leaving an invisible amount of chi at the area of impact. The chi left behind explodes after a small delay, covering the target with flames.

Zhu Què Feathers - A technique in which the user leaves behind visible feather-like traces of chi in the air, which breaks off from the aura around the legs. When another object of being comes in contact with the feathers, they proceed to explode like napalm, creating a chain reaction which detonates the feathers nearby.

Zhu Què Tempest - A variant of the Zhu Què Feathers which combines chi and magic. By creating the feathers, the user then creates a magical whirlwind, gathering the feathers and igniting them, turning the whirl wind into a funnel of fire. This can be used to create a massive barrier or draw in a target, however, the user can direct it at the target by either directing it forth, it turning it on its size and creating a tunnel of flames.

Bái Hu ("White Tiger of the West") - The third style, the Bái Hu is the first of the Yin half of the Sì Xiàng, the Bái Hu focuses on pure offense; quick and merciless attacks designed to keep the target from fighting back and ending the conflict quickly. For this style, chi is focused into the arms and legs as well as the core of the body, providing an increase to balance.

Bái Hu Claw - The main technique of the Bái Hu. By focusing one's chi into the fingertips, white claws of energy are formed. Sharp as blades, they are to cut through most objects.

Bái Hu Roar - By drawing chi into the lungs, the user can create a shockwave of energy with a shout.

Bái Hu Ambush - The second technique in which mixes magic and chi. By focusing Yin energy into the ground, the user is able to make controllable copies of himself based on various negative emotions.

Qing Lóng ("Azure Dragon of the East") - The fourth form of the Sì Xiàng style, the Qing Lóng is devoted to long-range combat using the user's chi.

Qing Lóng Scales - The main technique of the Qing Lóng, this technique involves the creation of blue dagger-like chi in which can use as projectiles or defensively by encircling the user. Due to the small amount of chi needed to make a scale, they are weak individually, which is why this technique is used with a large amount of scales.

Qing Lóng Fang - By combining a group of Qing Lóng Scales together the user is able to create a fang-like projectile. Designed to break through barriers, the Fang acts much like a drill.

Qing Lóng's Shadow - Much like the Qing Lóng Fang, this technique is created by combining numerous Qing Lóng Scales together, creating a large dragon construct. Although launched as a projectile, the user can control the dragon's claws and jaws as well as the dragon's ability to breath fire-like chi. Due to its nature, the user can disassemble it into the Qing Lóng Scales and reconstruct it again if the situation calls for it.

The Huáng Lóng

While part of the Sì Xiàng, is not a style or form. Upon finishing the four form of the style, Levi had managed to reach a state of brief enlightenment. In this state, the user is able to see the flow of energy, from the environment to the energy within living things. It is due to this that by releasing a small amount of chi, the user can move or manipulate it, allowing the user to deflect his enemies' attacks away or back at them as well as using their energy to empower his own attacks. When Levi first obtained this state, his Yin and Yang were out of balance, resulting in his Yin side emerging, due to this, his state of enlightenment was imperfect, blinding his vision save for the trails of energy. After his soul was once more in balance, he was able to enter the full state. It is through this state that Levi has managed to tap into combining the four styles together into one.

Huáng Lóng's Ascension - This technique is the signature attack when Levi is in the Huáng Lóng state. By implanting chi into the earth, the user creates a "mine" of energy. Although invisible to the naked eye at first, when the target steps onto it, a glowing circle depicting a dragon of golden energy becomes visible. From this circle, the target is quickly trapped by the jaws of a giant dragon of energy which flies into the heavens, where it explodes. This technique can also be chained by creating several mines, causing the dragon to travel through the others, allowing it to gain speed and power from the chi in the other mines.

Deva Strike - A technique in which combines both physical power and chi. When in the state of enlightenment, one's chi appears in a ghostly golden aura that trails after the user's limbs when moving. Due to this, when the user strikes the target with his body, the trailing chi is delayed, only before it quickly accelerates to catch up to the physical limb, causing a more powerful secondary strike in the same part struck by the limb.

Asura Strike - A kin to the Deva Strike technique. While it lacks the power of the other, it compensates with its range. By striking out the air with the physical limb, the user launches the ghostly chi aura of the limb towards the faraway target. As it approaches the target, the limb magnifies in size.

Other Techniques and Abilities

Qigong -

Qítian Dàshèng ("Great Sage, Equal to Heaven") -

Yin Fist -

Yang Palm -

Yin Levi



Event Artist Song
Wei Levi: Former Monk Cui Jian Fake Monk
Wei Levi: Dragon Captain Jay Chou Huo Yuan Jia
Levi Combat 1: "Default" Takayoshi Tanimoto Takami no Sora e
Levi Combat 2: "Yin Levi" Ox Crimson Rain
Levi vs Samantha and Gilbert Abingdon Boys School Strength
Levi vs Janos Susumu Hirasawa Sign
Epilogue Uematsu Nobuo Not Alone


  • Levi's appearance is based on Long from the Bloody Roar game series
  • In the debate on who would voice who should SHR ever become animated, it was revealed that Levi's voice actor would be Troy Baker.
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