Thomas Kelly

"…you have no idea what's waiting for you out there, in the Real World…"

Thomas Kelly
Also Known As REAL WORLD
Birthplace Belfast, N. Ireland
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 30s
Height six foot twelve
Weight weighs a fucking ton
Blood Type Awesome

Professor Thomas Kelly was one of the instructors of Dragon Dorm under Head Instructor Jericho Mourn. A good friend of Jericho's, it's said he came in to the world of teaching as a favor of his.


Cold, starkly blunt and aloof, Kelly was a seasoned veteran and unafraid to flaunt it in front of the rookie students

Fictional Character Biography

Not much is known about Kelly's life before academics. For some time he was renowned as a mercenary


Not much of a family man, his wife died leaving him a single father. He has one son, Patrick, who was brought into Dragon Dorm after the first semester, just when the War of the Primes began. Whether this was done deliberately is a matter of some debate, but Kelly was just as hard on his son as he was his students, so it's quite possible.

Editor's note: I'm mostly fucking around, but you damn well know it's true! - GrampaGen


Kelly's appearance was based off of Dracule Mihawk from One-Piece. He carries a similarly lofty position in his universe, though his personality is quite different.

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