Tera Roth
Tera Roth
Age 17 (Beginning of SHR)
Height 6'
Gender Male

Darryl von Karrte-Tera Roth is a character from Schoolhouse Rumble 2: The Last Age of Fighters.



Darryl von Karrte-Tera Roth is the son of two interesting families: the Roth and the Karrte-Tera. He grew up trained by his parents to be unstoppable, as both the families hold long forgotten abilities that would make most people's jaws drop. Unfortunately, their son was a bit of a disappointment, and so, albeit somewhat reluctantly, Tera Roth finds himself here at the Academy.

Abilities, Equipment and Stats

Current Point Allocation
Strength 05
Speed 09
Intelligence 03
Agility 08
Durability 02
Stamina 04
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 10
Magic 07

Rip Tide

The ultimate attack of the Karrte-Tera family. It doesn't matter who you are, what you're made of, or how much power you got, Rip Tide cuts through anything. It's a medium-based attack (about five meters before it dissipates), and is really rather easily dodged because it's just a thin beam. Tera Roth hasn't mastered it yet.


Tera Roth's magic consists of a mish-mash of dark and light stuff. He calls it "twilight." Often takes the form of lightning bolts.

Oakaku Koa

The Roth family's ultimate technique, also known as the Core. This attack is something like having your blood explode. Tera Roth's never tried it, and doesn't want to, since the last time it was used, the user died as well.

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