Syn the Bringer was a villain in School House Rumble: A New Generation of Fighters. A being from a higher dimension, he sought the Ring of Will to remake the universe in his image. To this end he manipulated events across all of history to amass his power.

AKA The Bringer, Lord of Dark Fire
Birthplace Higher Reality
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Incalculable (Predate human history)
Blood Type N/A


Syn was a member of a group of extradimensional beings led by Grinthorn the Golem, collectively known as the Primes. Initially subservient to his master's will to break down and remake the universe into a place without chaos, limitations, gods or masters, after some time he went rogue and began his own pursuit of power. True to his name, the fallout from many a great evil can be traced back to his influence and corrupt promises of power.

Prelude to the Flames

During the Sylph Dorm bracket of the School Tournament, Diana Gatlain, the Avatar of Time, came to Dragon Dorm and heralded the coming of "the Bringer of Flames". Conjuring up visions across the flow of time from heroes of legend to the darkness from the beginnings, she showed the gathered students a harrowing future, where many of them fought and died in a cataclysmic series of battles which reduced the world to lifeless smouldering ash.

She warned them to beware the Bringer, one whose prescence deceives and corrupts all with machinations of dark power. With this information, the sum of Dragon Dorm prepared themselves for the battle against Solarius, and with Daichi Yamada's sacrifice he was defeated. They thought they had won the day and averted the apocalyptic future.

Burning Hatred and the World's Ending

However, so long as the ring was around, so did Syn's plots convolute and reach deeper. Dragon Dorm's trip through time created several changes to the history of the world, and moved the pieces for Syn's power to leak into a more dangerous contingency. Having come into contact with a more primordial evil from the beginning of time, Syn's influence tainted the remains of Lilith, the mother of all monsters. A desire to live and reek revenge called him to her, and soon he had a more direct rapport into this world.

Through Lilith's shell he would corrupt those around him, including Hunter Marcino and Lin Xing, and he would succeed where Grinthorn in billions of years did not. With the ring, Lilith destroyed the world and remade it in her image, the power of a fallen goddess twisting the nexus of reality to suit her whim. However, as an artifact from a lower dimension, when Lilith's body was destroyed, Syn's plots came to naught. How ironic that a higher being would be unable to fathom the primodial mortal psyche that fed the strength of the Ring.

A titanic battle was waged against Dragon Dorm and allies, until Syn was forced to move his final hand: the Nexus Energy, which wiped the mystic energies that fuelled all of Dragon Dorm. Though drained of his power, he would have won the day. However, he did not take into account that Dragon Dorm also had higher allies on their side. The souls of the departed Daichi Yamada and Valeria Van Clef loaned their power to Lin Xing, who had been rapt with guilt and possession as the battles raged on. Through divine graces, or perhaps providence, Xing struck the final blow and felled the Prime.


Cool, calm, and malicious, Syn was a master plotter and manipulator, preying on the desires of the corrupt and powerful to reach his destructive ends. Interestingly, contrast to the later Primes who felt their work was a brutal, if necessary means to reach a benevolent goal, Syn held no illusions about his power. He was a destroyer and saw all of creation as a mere disposable plaything.

Powers and Abilities

Aptly named, his will trickled down across all those he influenced in his machinations. Existing apart from the corporeal dimension, his perception of probable events allowed him to anticipate the consequences and twist them to his own nefarious ends.

His magical power was so great that a fraction of his strength was enough to revive Lilith into a more powerful body and cut a swathe through energy like air, as exemplified against Kekowa's Final Justice and Rhia's Blitz Thunderstorm Cannon.

His fighting skill was also tremendous. While not overly fast, he was still able to predict Ramus and Selma's movements and catch them, as well as react in time to a summoned guardian Natalie had teleported over his body. Combined assaults from fighters such as Dean, Levi, Janos and Julien did little more than stymie him as he swiftly deflected them. Even the nigh invulnerable Peter, as soon as Syn figured his method, was turned swiftly from immovable object to something he used as a weapon.


A powered up transformation


A further strengthened transformation

Nexus Energy

A complete neutralization of the opponent's energy, cutting them off at their source.


  • Syn appears to be a homage to Freeza from Dragonball Z. His status as a villain-behind-the-villain and multiple changing forms seems to corroborate this speculative tangent.

*The image in this profile is Wolfgang Krauser, less a physical analogue for Syn so much an example of character trope.

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