Shamus Finnegan
Shamus Finnegan
Birthplace Unknown Ireland woods
Age 15
Height 5'5''
Weight 130 lbs.
Nationality Irish
Clothes Tight jeans White dress-shirt novelty spider-man tie
Gender Male


As a boy Shamus was always very in touch with nature. When his 12 sisters were inside playing video games and such Shamus would be outside trying to catch dragonflies. When Shamus was 6 he had walked into the great Irish forest near his house. As he walked deeper and deeper into the forest he stumbled upon what seemed to be an animal counsel. then an owl spoke up

"Come here laddy we need to let you know of something."

The wise old owl informed Shamus how the men in his family have been guardians of the great Irish Forest for the past 2000 years. Shamus was shocked by this seeing as he had never met his father. The animals told him that his father died defending the forest 6 years ago explaining why Shamus never met his father.

As Shamus got home he informed his 12 sisters his mother his 2 grandmothers and his 4 aunts that he would have to leave home to live in the forest. They were heart broken but understood they all knew about the Guardians of the forest they had just hoped the position would skip over Shamus. Upon bringing all his belongings into the forest Shamus moved in with a family of honey badgers who taught him to read spell and use the sacred magic of the forest. The badger family raised Shamus until he was 15 when he got excepted into the Arcadian Academy where he promised his badger family he would further his knowledge in the ways of magic so he could defend the great forest the best he could.


Clothes: Tight jeans White dress-shirt novelty spider-man tie

Powers and Abilities

Style: Magic/Fighting

Form: Beast magic (Transformations and other animal related spells)

Current Point Allocation
Strength 04
Speed 45
Durability 04
Stamina 06
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 25
Ki/Chi 07
Magic 60

Fighting Skill:
Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee
Shamus uses his epic skill to become seemingly untouchable for a few moments followed by a counter-strike that crashes through any defense of his opponents.

Gryphon Form:
This is the ultimate expression of Shamus's true power. In this form all spells, chi techniques, and stats are available, as well as the highest of the physical stats of Okon and Shamus plus 5 when not maximized. This was learned when encountering himself in an alternate dimension.

2: Badger Blast
Sends a rather large and angry badger flying at opponents faces where the badger will latch on and maul there face off. The longer the Incantation is hummed The larger and angrier the badger gets (Maxes out at Pit bull sized)

4: Spider Web
Webs stronger then any man made rope or chain shoot forth from Shamus's Wrists providing many uses.

6: Howler Monkey
After casting this Shamus can emit concussive force when he shouts. 10 foot diameter, Hits with force equal to Shamus Magic Score.

8: Hermit Crab
An unbreakable hermit crab shell encases Shamus's body.
However Shamus can still be thrown (Shell weighs one ton) or pushed away it will stop all physical attacks (punching kicking) and ki blasts.
Shamus speed is also great reduced only able to take a couple steps every minute.

10 Mother Natures Arsenal
A l:ow level Transformation Shamus can sprout natural weapons (Claws Fangs Talons Beaks etc etc) for use in close combat

15: Parasite
Thousands of mobile suckers spray forth from Shamus's Pores attaching enemy and drain there natural energy (Magic Chi) and enhance Shamus Magical power

20: Okon the Gorilla Chieftain
Strength: x
Speed: y
Durability: x
Stamina: x
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill:x
x=Half of magic score
y= one fourth.

25: Starfish
Shamus's healing factor. He can regrow from severed body parts, and severed body parts become new Shamus clones.

30: Swarmus
Think narutos cloning jutsu (OOC: Only information given on this spell, ever.)

35: Anenome Aura
An aura that Shamus can enchant objects with. Enchated objects will carry the spell effects for 15 minutes. Once touched the Aura will spread through the body causing a temporary paralysis

40: Pistol ShrimpMuch like the creature this ability is based on Shamus snaps his fingers causing a deafening sound followed by an invisible blast of intense heat.

45: Archer Fish
Much like the creature this ability is based on Shamus modifies his eyes to work similair to an Archerfish giving him extreme accuracy.

55: Spider senseYou know how it works.

60: Chameleon
Using this spell Shamus goes completely invisible rendering himself completly untrackable by conventional means. It also shrouds his energy signature making him much harder to track down by looking for his energy output.

Ki Techniques

Gorilla Palm*:

A standard open palm thrust however upon striking the opponent a large burst of ki aura sends the opponent reeling.

Falcon Dive:

A falling kick performed from the sky Shamus speeds down onto his opponent resulting in a large Ki Explosion

+Stampede Fists:
Ki Empowered rapid punches causing Ki explosions on impact

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