Selma St. Johns

Selma St. Johns is a character in School House Rumbles: Arcadia School of Old created by The Dog. The only child of a Yonkers couple and 1/3 dragoness, she was a student of Arcadia's 2008 Dragon Dorm class. Currently ressurrected into the form of a talking fox kit.

Selma St. Johns
Birthplace Yonkers, New York
Birthdate July 23
Age 15
Height 5'5''
Weight 92 lbs.
Nationality American
Gender female
Blood Type O
Current Point Allocation
Strength 2
Speed 100
Agility 2
Durability 18
Stamina 5
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 2
Magic 35


Dresses in an open black short-sleeved shirt over a white sleeveless shirt, the back of the open shirt bearing a pair of kunai crossed over a sword. With this she wears a pair of black slacks that reach the middle of his shins, a leather belt holding a pair of combat knives in holsters on either side of the belt, and a pair of combat boots.


Born in Yonkers, New York, she is the only child of a banker and an executive. This left her feeling rather lonely, due to her parents being gone so much for business. So she started taking martial arts classes to help deal with her feelings.

As she trained under a very… eccentric man who wore green in gi, the two began to bond, her sensei seemingly taking the place of her absent father. And as she trained, he began training her in differently than the rest of the class, and she proved to be excelling at it.

Eventually, he made a request for his old "school" to take her in… without her knowing, of course. So she was quite surprised to get an acceptance letter to Arcadia a short time later. When asked, he told her it could be the best opportunity in her life, and suggested that she attend the school. After much though, she decided he was right and left for school.

At Arcadia, she met her friends Tamiko Kessler and Princess Rhia Vali Rohana su Khanda. She also met Natalie Schroeder, a girl whom she quickly developed an intense crush for. She also revealed her more private memories and feelings to them, searching for help with her emotional problems.


Selma suffers from Bi-Polar Disorder, swinging to emotional extremes seemingly at the drop of a hat. Her disorder was aggrivated by her abusive, often absent parents. This also gave her abandonment issues, holding onto those she cares for with zealous ferocity. However, once finding out about her disorder, she began working to fix her problems, helped by Natalie Schroeder and Samuel McClane.


Quick to make friends and slow to let them go, Selma is a friendly, outgoing person. Her friends include Tamiko Kessler, Rhia, and her best friend Natalie Schroeder, that friendship remaining even after Natalie chose Xellos Raveneye over her.

She also has a parental bond with her eccentric sensei Samuel McClane, a man with red hair and dressing in green gi. It proved to be a deeper bond, because when she told her parents she was a lesbian and her parents disowned her, he took her in.

Powers and Abilities

Using superhuman speed, she fights using the style of Gouken and fire magic. She did eventually spread out into summoning forth beings from other worlds to aid her in combat.


Goryuugiri (Five Dragon Slash)

Uses her daggers to slash her opponent across the chest five times, imbuing the cuts with her fire magic. With a mental command, the magic in the cuts activates, causing to cuts to split open with powerful firebomb explosions, the five explosions together powerful enough to destroy a house. (House Buster+)

Ryuu no Seishin (Soul of the Dragon)

Her hands and half her forearms become covered in reddish dragon-like scales, same as her feet. Her fingers and nails also grow sharp black claws, her teeth grow into fangs, and her eyes become yellow and slitted, dark rings surrounding them. She becomes more feral in this form, and she has the ability to destroy houses with her punches. (House Buster+)

Salamander's Flame

Fire Breath (House Buster+)

Hitarubi: Higaruma (Firefly Light: Body Covered In Flame)

Small balls of light flood from her hands, which explode into flames when commanded or when they come into contact with a person. (House Buster+)

Hiken (Fire Fist)

Thrusts her fist toward opponent, a fireball flying forth from it. Also can be used in hand to hand, adding fire damage to her attacks. (House Buster+)

Karyuu no Tatsumaki (Fire Dragon Tornado)

Gathers fire magic around her in the form of a long Asian dragon. Sends it toward her opponent.

Rasenhigan (Spiralling Flame Sphere)

Creates a spinning ball of flame in her hand, which she thrusts into an opponent, working somewhat like a fire drill, capable of releasing it in a house-destroying explosion.

Higan (Flame Gun)

Holding her hand like motioning the use of a gun, she aims it and rapidly fires small incindiary balls from her finger like it was a Mac 10. The incindiary balls make up for their small size with sheer power, the balls capable of easily ripping through tank armor.

Daienkai: Entai (Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor)

Expells fire magic around her before gathering it above her using a hand, creating a great ball of fire. Considered to be the elemental polar opposite of Xellos' Ice Sun.

Infierno (Hell)

Selma's strongest single attack. Gathers as much magic as she can before releasing it from her body in a single fiery explosion, capable of completely destroying a mansion. Use of the attack leaves her unconscious from exhaustion and thus vulnerable, so it is used as a last resort.

Kuchiyose (Summoning)

Is capable of "summoning" beings from the past to aid her in combat. However, she must have the name and appearance of the person she wishes to summon before using the spell, lest she summon someone (or something) that won't be of help or make the situation worse.


Takes a deep breath and summons a large amount of napalm from the pit of her stomach, spitting it at her opponent in an attempt to cover them with the dangerous substance.

Chihidori (Thousand Flame Birds)

Creates a thousand small birds made of flame which fly at her opponent, flying around them and striking them with small explosions as they make contact with the person's body.

Thousand Years of Death

Performs the Sennin Goroshi from Naruto upon her opponent, only she releasing a powerful explosion from the tips of her index and middle fingers at the end of the move.

Ryuu no Seishin(Soul of the Dragon), Gear Second

Her entire arms become covered in reddish dragon-like scales, the same happening to her legs. Her sharp black claws grow longer and sharper, her fangs growing in size as well as becoming serrated. Her eyes stay yellow and slitted like her first form, but the dark rings are joined by scales reddish scales and small, stud-like horns running along her brows. Increases her speed by 6 points, but leaves her little more than a monster consumed by such rage it leaves her blood drunk.


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