School House Rumbles 2 Tropes

Character Tropes

Revya Amano:
Battle Aura
Deadpan Snarker
Implausible Fencing Powers
Ki Attacks
Non Chalant Dodge - Thanks to the Defense Area.
Only Sane Man
Razor Wind - Space Slash.
Super Mode - The various Power Output stages.
The Stoic

Sara and Lara Angha:
Barrier Warrior - Sara.
Black and White Magic
Black Magician Girl - Lara.
Different As Night And Day
Morality Pet - Sara is this to Jason.
Odd Couple - Sara and Jason.

Aureole Roxana Edith:
Battle Aura
Lady of War
Power Glows - Golden Armor.
Yamato Nadeshiko-She may have a few personality characteristics of one, but other then that she branches off.
Does not understand sarcasm
The Messiah-Aureole badly wants to be this.
Heroic Willpower Has tapped into this more than once.
Beam O War How her first tournament fight ended

James Flint:
Lightning Bruiser
Space Western
The Big Guy

Juni Ivis:
Teleporters and Transporters
Teleport Spam
Beyond The Impossible-If you ask a physicist, Juni's space powers make no freakin sense.
Impossibly Cool Weapon-Juni's Drill Knuckles
Hammerspace-Juni has her own private universe which she uses, among other things, to store all kinds of stuff. She even calls it hammerspace
Unstoppable Rage-Against Jason once

Claude Thorne:

Clancy Jones:

Dory St. Johns:
All There In The Manual - In her backstory, much like Liu.
Axe Crazy - Do I need to explain this one?
Beyond The Impossible - Dory and Drake once cosplayed as Kamina and Simon respectively and Dory made a long Beyond The Impossible speech in true Kamina style.
Continuity Nod - She's a descendant of Selma St. Johns from the first SHR, who shows up in a new form.
Cosplay Otaku Girl - Dee more than Dory, from anime/manga characters to movie characters and even ancient warriors. Once got Drake into the act, creating a rather insane scene.
Genki Girl - Dee.
Hollywood Cyborg - Definitely fits.
Macross Missile Massacre - Though not often seen, her missiles left fits.
More Dakka - Her Machine Gun Right.
Morph Weapon - Her Nanites.
My Name Is Inigo Montoya - Actually does a modified version of the Princess Bride scene while sleepfighting Claude
Power Trio - Much like Blitzwing, she IS the Power Trio. Her (Id), Dory (Ego), and Dee (SuperEgo tending towards Id)
Unstoppable Rage - Her seems to be the embodiment of this for Dory.
We Can Rebuild Her - How she got her abilities.
You're Insane! - Pretty much everyone's opinion of Dee, including Dory.
Hopeless Boss Fight - Dory's fight against Lamen Xamon definitely qualifies as this.

Book Dumb
Heroic Wannabe
Mysterious Animal Senses
Raised By Wolves
Ralph Wiggum

Gilander Gatlain:
Ass Kicking Equals Authority - The Nevadians, and by proxy, Gilander, follow such a philosophy.
BatmanGambit - Gilander pulls one off on the Necromancer.
Can't Catch Up - Nowhere near as powerful as the other Nevadians, and does not appear to be getting any closer.
Proud Warrior Race Guy
Vegeta and Kakarot - Him and Jason.

Marcus Hester:
Gun Fu
Improbable Aiming Skills
Super Soldier - Side-effect of cybernetic enhancements.

Alice King:
Cute Witch
Dysfuntional Family
Glass Cannon
Squishy Wizard
Witch Species

Liu Lan-Yue:
All There In The Manual - Liu's backstory.
Boring But Practical - Fairly mundane skill-set that is unsuprisingly efficient.
Continuity Nod - Xanatos Mk III, a polyalloy weapon starting off as a staff, made by the legacy company of SHR1's Xellos Raveneye, who used a multi-purpose collapsable staff.
My Kung Fu Is Stronger Than Yours - Pretty much the only thing keeping her aloft.
Shut Up Hannibal - Most conversations with Jason end this way
Team Mom Tries to settle matters and advocates for her classmates. Her over-eagerness to do so and nosiness may put her in more of a sisterly role
The Strategist
Weak But Skilled - Relatively low levels of energy and physical power, yet still holds her own in duels with Edan and Jack the Ripper
Chinese Girl - "ah?"
Waif Fu - Subverted; she has a lean, muscular build and uses economic motions
Liz Lemon Job - "Liu, you are Team Captain." Both times.
The Aragorn - Liu's Prophecy seems to suggest a future along these lines

Emanulle Santos:
Friendly Neighborhood Vampire
Our Demons Are Different
Wise Prince
Cool Coat
Van Helsing Hate Crimes-Specifically, how he was treated in the dimension Eliza lived.

Ramza K. Schneider:
Casual Danger Dialogue
Dark And Troubled Past
Fighting Spirit - Last Regrets, which was a rip-o—er, homage to the stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
Kiss of Death - He tricked the Ice Mage Beth into kissing him. He promptly electrocuted her. Unfortunately…
Post-Kiss Catatonia - She returned the favor and both fell unconscious.
Nigh Invulnerability - Ameratat renders him extremely resistant to damage from someone observing him.
Power Overhaul - At one point, he died and resurrected with a powerset that bears only a nominal similarity to his old one.
Promotion to Parent
Psychic Powers
Running Gag - Whenever he gets a new ability, something almost always gets broken.
Savvy Guy Energetic Girl - Ramza is physically average for a human, while Celia is easily superhuman
Shock and Awe
Super Speed
Urban Legend Love Life

Jason Sun Lin Jian Shen:
Ax Crazy
Bad Powers Bad People
Blood Knight
Crazy Prepared
Evil Is Easy
Evil Is Not Pacifist
Ineffectual Loner
Healing Factor
Kick The Dog - Jason has customized venoms designed to kill all of the Arcadians, including Sara.
Mad Scientist
Mask Power
Morality Pet - What Sara and Jason's brother are to Jason.
Nietzsche Wannabe - Subverted in that Jason does at least seem to appreciate life.
Odd Couple - Sara and Jason.
Pet The Dog - Jason's interactions with Sara.
Screw Destiny
Self Made Orphan - While not responsible for the death of his biological mother, Jason did wind up murdering both of his foster parents.
The Lancer - Jason is this to Liu.
Vegeta and Kakarot - Him and Gil.
Token Evil Teammate

Drake Vargas:
Crazy Awesome
Death Ray
Dogged Nice Guy - Currently with Liu.
Gadgeteer Genius
Macross Missile Massacre
Morph Weapon
Rapid Fire Typing
Spirited Competitor
Techno Wizard
What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome

Aloof Ally
Chaotic Neutral
Mysterious Protector
Talking In Your Dream

General School House Rumble 2 Tropes:

Artifact of Doom - The Necronomicon; Possibly Tesla's Last Masterpiece.
Calling Out Your Attacks
Cosmic Horror - Mind Burner
Elite Mooks - Ice Giant
Fan Service - Of the Hot Springs variation.
Guns Are Useless - Averted with Marcus and Jason. Played straight with everyone else.
Heroic BSOD - An appreciable fraction of the cast went through this after the Milo Incident.
Hopeless Boss Fight - Uber-Espers.
Incurable Cough of Death - Edan suffers from this.
Inevitable Tournament
Monster Of The Week
Nikola Tesla
One-Liner - Walker's 'Fire Is My Ally'.

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