School House Rumble: A New Generation of Fighters

School House Rumble: A New Generation of Fighters, or SHR for short, is a Forum-Based Role-Playing-Game created by Cleric of Hell's Brigade in late 2007.


The ancient School of Arcadia wants you! That's right, you've just been sent a letter of acceptance into this ultra secret/private school due to your…unique abilities and skills. But, Arcadia isn't the only School around, and it's also the least liked. A Tournament will be held at the end of the school year to determine which school has the right to the Ring of Will, and ancient and powerful item with which one could save, or destroy, the world.Welcome to the new school semester!


Arcadian Dorm Houses

See: Arcadian Dorm Houses


The system of the game is text-based, strengths based on points allocated in stats in a character creation sheet.

Character Stats Sheet
Strength Physical power, lifting
Speed Mobility
Intelligence Ability to think, invent, resist psychic
Agility Maneuverability, Reaction Time
Durability Ability to absorb damage
Stamina Endurance, resilience, hardiness
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill Weapon use, fighting ability
Ki/Chi One's own spiritual energy
Magic Ability to use foreign spirit energy (mana)
Psychic Ability to use mental abilities

Early in the game, each stat maxed out at 25 point, with the exception of Intelligence, Agility, Stamina, Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill, which maxed out at five. Later the stat caps were raised, to 100 for the former and 25 for the latter.

Cast of Characters

Player Characters

Secondary Non-Player Characters


I would encourage everyone to collaborate on this section. Remember the details, scrutinize for objectivity, etc. - GrampaGen


Trial of Jericho Mourn

Trial of Lucia Bloodmoon

Trial of Anselm Batt

Trial of Thomas Kelly

The trial against Anselm Kelly was to see if the students (forget the group right now) could actually land a hit on him

Trial of Sophia Ruman

The Journey to Atlantis

Five Stones Arc

Team Xellos: Water Stone

Team Kagura: Earth Stone

Team Levi: Air Stone

Team Rhia: Fire Stone

Dorth and the Spirit Stone

School Tournament Arc

Wolf Dorm

Sylph Dorm

In Between Rounds

The Guardian of Time

Norn Dorm

Dragons Through Time Arc




Old Nevada

Ancient Maya


Qin Dynasty


Island of the Null Mage

Matthias Von Sepp

Battle Against Solarius

World Tournament

The Lilith Wars

Spring Break

Mithisar the Mirror

Dark Natalie

XKS Triumvirate

War Against the Primes

Shae the Puppet Master

Borgoth the Watcher

Grinthorn the Golem





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