School House Rumble 2 : The Last Generation of Fighters

School House Rumble 2: The Last Generation of Fighters or SHR2 for short is a sequel to the first game. Cleric of Hell's Brigade is once again the scenarist and Game Master.


Over 300 years have passed since the first SHR RPG. Now, in the year 2310, the Arcadian Institute, a privately run school outside of the United Earth's Coalition jurisdiction, has summoned your character for training in the useage of their "special" or "unique" powers/abilities. The Arcadian Institute wants you! That's right, you've just been sent a letter of acceptance into this super private Institute. Here, you will learn to harness your abilities and unleash your potential. The road is long, hard, and frought with peril as mankind's new technology clashes with old world magic, the human mind, and the energy of the soul. Welcome to the Institute!


300 years after the events of A New Generation of Fighters, a new class of students has been recruited into the Arcadian Institute. Rebuilt in the spirit of the old Academy - which fell to ruin by cataclysmic events - and founded by Dragon Dorm Alumnus Kagura Ise-Smith, the Institute is very much a futuristic update of what the old castle was.

Its towers suspended in the air by a series of anti-gravity engines, it's a high tech equivalent of the old wizard's castle.


Once again, the system of the game is text-based, strengths based on points allocated in stats in a character creation sheet. There is a new ability, tech, in lieu of the technologically based setting.

Character Stats Sheet
Strength Physical power, lifting
Speed Mobility
Intelligence Ability to think, invent, resist psychic
Agility Maneuverability, Reaction Time
Durability Ability to absorb damage
Stamina Endurance, resilience, hardiness
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill Weapon use, fighting ability
Ki/Chi One's own spiritual energy
Magic Ability to use foreign spirit energy (mana)
Psychic Ability to use mental abilities
Tech Technology-based weapons and abilities

Each category goes to 100 points, with the exception of Intelligence, Agility, Stamina, and Weapons Skill, which max out at 25 points.


Player Characters

Revya Amano
Sara and Lara Angha
Aureole Roxana Edith
Shamus Finnegan
James Flint
Gilander Gatlain
Laron Grand
Clancy Jones
Juni Ivis
Alice King
Liu Lan-Yue
Eben Roux
Ramza K. Schneider
Dory St. Johns
Jason Sun Lin Jian Shen
Claude Thorne
Drake Vargas
Emanulle Santos

Non-Player Characters

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