Sara and Lara Angha

"Mage Twins, you strive to be as great as your ancestors, yet you have no need to do so. Already you are both on the path to becoming just as great as they were."

"Mind Twins, you hold the balance of a great evil between you. Angel wings protect and destroy. Remember that when the time come, you must not allow the gate to be unbarred. To do so would allow the world to be swallowed up by the Demon."

"Twins, Sisters, know that thou hast been named the Angels of Midnight and Sunrise by Fate. Go, and fufill thy destiny."

- Sara and Lara's Naming

Sara and Lara Angha
AKA Angels of Midnight and Sunrise
Birthplace Pallas Athena Colony, Venus (Both)
Age 16 (Both)
Height 5'2'' (Both)
Weight 105 lbs (Both)
Gender Female (Both)

Sara and Lara Angha are a pair of characters in School House Rumble 2, a sequel to the first School House Rumble. The two are fairly close but have shown very different personalities with Sara seeking out others, extroverted and friendly well Lara is clearly introverted, more aggressive, and at heart the warrior of the two.


Sara has long hair, Lara has short hair. Sara has the Silver Wings, Lara has the Obsidian Wings. The wings are usually hidden, but can appear when the girls will them to.


They are descendant of the two Arcadian residents from 300 years age. A white angel who possessed the powers to heal vast cities and restore almost entire continents and a dark warrior angel who had the power to cause ultimate destruction and possessed the power of Hell itself. Legend states the white angel kept the dark angel from turning into a monster and the warrior kept the white angel strong and confident. The white angel and the dark angel eventually became instructors at Arcadia, as well as its protectors. Keeping the world safe until they died of old age.

In every 2nd generation of their descendants, one child is born with the ability to manifest either the Obsidian Wings or the Silver Wings. Sara and Tara were the first in their family history to be able to manifest both wings.

There is also a family legend of a great, demonic beast that hides within the soul of those born with the Obsidian Wings of Destruction and Damnation. It is also believed that only the one with the Silver Wings of Healing and Purification may restrain the power of the beast should it ever again awaken. So far, the Great Beast has not yet reawakened.

Though both of their parents are scientists, their Father, Jonathan Angha, is well trained in the magical arts passed down through his family. He was the one who began training the girls in magic and in using their powers. They grew up on legends of the Arcadian Academy. When the summons came, the two sisters jumped at the chance to follow in their ancestor's footsteps.

Equipment, Abilities and Stats

The two share a good number of powers and abilities but each one possesses her own unique abilities.


Current Point Allocation
Sara Angha
Strength 02
Speed 12
Intelligence 09
Agility 07
Durability 06
Stamina 06
Fighting Skill 08
Magic 85
Psychic 25
Tech 05

Silver Wings reflect the bearer’s innate magical talent/abilities related to healing, supportive, and protecting magic and charms. The wings can also detect holy or unholy beings or items. Sara bears the Silver Wings.

Healing {Magic}

Sara knows healing magic and can use it on several people at a time.

Shield {Magic}

Sara can create a magic shield, it can be small enough to cover one person, or large enough to protect several. It's appearance may vary with it's size and strength.

Whispering Soul Spheres {Magic}

A varient of her shield spell, Sara can conjour magical spheres that obey her will. These spheres can be sent flying towards a target, puncuring a hole in it, or imbedding in the target and enlarging from within then exploding outwards.

Healer's Sight {Magic}

Now that Sara has used her magic to heal someone who was seriously injured, she has started developing the Healer's Sight. It is an innate magic, inherited from her ancestors, that allows her to see the energy flows and points pf strength and weakness within a person.

Never Yield {Magic (Song)}

Master Control Crystal

While Sara sings this song, this allows her chosen alley to continue fighting, despite crippling or mortal injury, also allowing them to ignore pain. This will not actually heal the target, but keep them going. Of course, the longer they fight while so injured, the greater healing magic it will take to fix them afterwards. If the wounds are indeed mortal, the target may in fact die once the spell cuts out, so Sara has to really use her proper judgment as far how far she will let her target push it.

Puppetry {Magic (Song)}

Basically, a step up from never yield being a magical Biokinesis, where Sara directly control the flesh and bone of the opponent. Can only be used on someone weaker than herself. When they hear her song, she gains control over their body for as long as the song continues.

Master Control Crystal {Tech}

Alien Crystal which grants control over nanites/nanomachines. The extent of it's control is still unknown. It is known that it grants the ability to see these nanites in a host body. Sara wears it around her neck like a necklace/pendant.

Second Skin {Tech}

Can use the nanites in her body, or in another person's body, to form a layer of organic metal over their own skin. It is very maliable, yet very durable and strong. Can be used as armor, or in healing to reattach limbs or as a bandage to cover open wounds until healed. Can also be used against a person.

Soul Seeker {Psychic}

Can psychically enter a person's mind/soul to seek out that which is hidden there. Normally used for paychological healing, it can also be used as a means of attack.

Illusion {Psychic}

Can alter the mind's perceptions, causing a person to experience Things that aren't real. Can also be used to create the illusion that Sara is someone else, or that she is invisible.

Transference {Magic}

Sara gains the ability to transfer her powers and abilities into a 'vessel', another person. Alone, she can do up to a 2:1 transfer. This means that she can transfer her powers and abilities (all total stat points) and the powers and abilities of one other into another person.

example: Sara can transfer her powers and abilities, and say Juni's powers and abilities into someone like James. he would also gain the knowledge to use these powers/abilities, but it would only last til the spell is ended.

There is also an exponential effect. If Sara and another person of equal or greater magical ability, say Alice, do this, then they can also transfer the abilities of 2 others regardless of how much or how little ability they have. It would be a 4:1 transfer ratio. If a 3rd magic user, say Lara, joined in, then it would increase exponentially, up to 8:1. If a fourth strong magic user joined in, then they can do a 16:1 transfer. Of course, the human Vessel has to be string enough to handle such an increase.

The downside is that, it leaves Sara and those who are in the transference circle vulnerable. But once the spell is broken, the Human Vessel becomes his/her normal self, and those in the transference circle would regain their full abilities.

Sword of Heaven {Magic}

A magical sword imbued with the power of purification and healing. Can chase out evil spirits from possessed people, heal souls corrupted by evil, and is a very effective weapon against demons.

Renewal: {Magic}

In the same way she can regenerate blood, Sara uses this spell to regenerate ENERGY (Bio, Magic, Psychic, Tech, even Soul) by affecting those bodily systems that generate or channel energy. A person at near 0 Energy Reserves will quickly return to 50% normal Energy Levels. She can use this spell on multiple people at once. She can also use this on herself. However, using it more than twice on the same person in the same week, could cause serious damage to that person.

Heaven's Spiral: {Magic}

An attack spell which channels the excess energy released during battle into a massive vortex. All those sucked into this Vortex disappear. Once the Vortex dissipates, those sucked into it fall from the sky like rain. Those released from the Vortex have most of their ENERGY sucked out of them.

Aura of Roses: {Magic}

A spell that compliments her sister's similar spell. Grants Sara a defensive aura which places everyone that comes within Melee range of her to lose consciousness and/or fall asleep. It is an extremely difficult spell to defend against or resist.


Current Point Allocation
Lara Angha
Strength 12
Speed 02
Intelligence 11
Agility 02
Durability 08
Stamina 08
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 10
Magic 85
Psychic 25
Tech 02

Obsidian Wings reflect the bearer’s innate magical talent/abilities related to true offensive, defensive, destructive powers and curses. Lara bears the Obsidian Wings.

Fiery Soul Sword {Magic}

Lara can conjour a Sword of Fire, said to be hotter than hell it's self. The flames of teh sword can be shaped into various forms, such as the Hell Serpent, or the Fire Dragon. These fire creatures can be controlled and used in an attack.

Ball Lightning {Magic}

Lara uses a spell to conjour up lightning, usually in teh shape of a ball, which she can control by thought and will.

Aura of Thorns {Magic}

Grants Lara an offensive aura, in which those that get within melee range start to be damaged; those within the aura are assaulted by cuts and slashes, faster and deeper the closer one gets. Its could be a good way to literally walk through a room of very low-level enemies and shred them, but also force opponents to keep their distance.

Chains of Sorrow {Magic}

Lara conjures ethereal chains to surround the opponent. The chains do not physically hinder the target, but weigh down on their soul. Only those with sufficient willpower or whom are driven by overwhelming emotion can overcome the crippling effect of apathy, sorrow, depression and uselessness.

Black Lightning {Magic (Song)}

Lara’s song acts like a curse spell, causing the one it hits to be engulfed in waves of pain and misery, as if they were in hell it's self. Their body is engulfed in an black aura that jumps and moves around them as if they were surrounded by highly charged electricity.

Telekinesis {Psychic}

Simple telekinesis. 3x Lara's physical strength.

Demon Lightening Spear/Staff {Magic}

A Spear, or sometimes it appears as a Bo or Staff Weapon, that channels lightening and electricty through it. It can create effects such as the 'Electrical Storm', or 'Living Lightening'.

Fear {Psychic}

Can psychically tap into a person's fears and bring them to the surface forcing the person to experience it.

Angel's Hand {Psychic}

A mild form of psychic precog, like a danger sense, which warns Lara of approaching danger, or of impending attack. Only works up to one minute in the future.

Angel's Sight {Psychic}

Another form of psychic precog. This one gives Lara the ability to see a movement, up to one minute, before it happens. Will become stronger and more effective as her speed increases.

Phase Shifting {Magic}

A spell she mastered quickly after receiving it from her boyfriend Tim, after he received it from a mysterious man. A fully mastered Phase Shift, not only allows Lara to move through solid objects, but she can also move others with her, or destabilize something physical to cause it to collapse.

Phase Sight

A by-product of Phase Shifting, allowing Lara to see through walls or solid objects as if they were made of glass.

Sword of Hell {Magic}

A magical sword imbued with a dark power. The sword can tear an interdimensional rift between the realm of the living and the dimension of Hell. The rift only lasts a short time, and is only about 6 ft long, but it is enough to drag a person into Hell. It's power is strengthened by the wielders anger, yet those with pure or near pure souls are immune to this effect. As a weapon, it is most dangerous to those with dark or evil souls.

666 (Mark of the Beast) {Magic}

A cursed mark that appears on a person's body. The mark gradually drives a person insane with fear and paranoia until they cause their own death.

Psychic Shield {Psychic}

A psychic barrier that protects against psychic attacks.

Pale Shadow: {Magic}

A spell that allows Lara to achieve differing degrees of invisibility. With it, she can become faint, like a shadow up to completely invisible. It also allows her to make multiple copies of her 'presence', her psychic, physical and magical energies that appear to the Non-Talented as multiple shadow-like outlines.


Angel Scream

Omnipedia/Staff of Angha

Although its forgotten where this ability was first learned, it has been in the family for 300 years. The sisters can each channel their power in their throat and release a powerful blast that can destroy almost anything, piece by piece. The strength of these blasts is tied to the strength of their powers. Attempts to use this power excessively greatly weaken them to the point of exhaustion.


Able to use magic to teleport anyplace they think of. Cannot teleport between planets, however.


Strongest when communicating with each other, they can also use it on other people, unless those people have mental barriers against it.

Omnipedia/Staff of Angha

The legend of the staff begins with the marrage of Tamiko Kessler and Justin Slight. Soon after their marrage, they worked together to create a magical book they called the Omnipedia. The purpose of the Omnipedia was to serve as a family record, recording the history, knowledge and magic of them and their descendents. About 100 yeares later, shortly after the family took the name of Angha, the book was transformed into a staff which retained all recorded knowledge and continues to do so.

Sight Seer (level 1)

Working together, the sisters can astral project their spirits to travel forward in time to observe events that will occur. Usually they will need to anchor themselves to another person and travel along that person's Life/Fate Line/Thread. Doing this means that they are limited to observing only those events associated with the Anchor.

Sight Seer (level 2)

The added magic allows the sisters to expand their range of view and to even communicate with one person so long as that person has a strong enough level of Psychic or Magical ability. Sight Seer (level 1)

Working together, the sisters can astral project their spirits to travel forward in time to observe events that will occur. Usually they will need to anchor themselves to another person and travel along that person's Life/Fate Line/Thread. Doing this means that they are limited to observing only those events associated with the Anchor.

Sight Seer (level 2) {Magic}

The added magic allows the sisters to expand their range of view and to even communicate with one person so long as that person has a strong enough level of Psychic or Magical ability.

Awakened Wings of Wrath and Harmony {Innate/Magic}

Can only be achieved once the Swords of Heaven and Hell are in their possession. Also can not be fully realized until granted the Soul-Fire sigil of Elohim. Their wings transform, grow and evolve into even more angelic wings. Sara's become the purest of white. Lara's become the purest of black. Once these wings manifest, they enable the the Sisters to physically merge into One being. This one being, known as Ara, Angel of Balance, has four wings, two Black on the Right side and two White on the Left side. Their swords also merge into a single sword of great power, a true sword of Heaven. In this merged form, ALL of their Powers become INNATE, and as such can be used with just a thought. Their stats and powers are all combined, then all Stats equal to 50 or less are doubled, with a limit at 100.

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Current Point Allocation
Archangel Ara
Strength 28
Speed 28
Intelligence 40
Agility 28
Durability 28
Stamina 28
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 40
Magic 100
Psychic 100
Tech 14



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