Samantha Cattal

Samantha Cattal was an NPC in School House Rumble: A New Generation of Fighters. The Captain of Sylph Dorm in the 2008 Arcadian semester, she was as skilled and deadly with a staff as she was with magic.

Samantha Cattal
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 16 (Beginning of SHR1)
Height 5'10" / 177 cm.
Weight 135 lbs / 61.5 kg
Blood Type Unknown

Fictional Character Biography

Due to her half fae pedigree, Samantha was made part of the exclusive Sylph Dorm, home for warriors of curious lineage. Not much is known about her past or the class, but some time during the term she was made Captain, seconded by her lover Gilbert.

School Tournament Arc

Samantha and the rest of Sylph Dorm made their most notable appearances early in the story.

Lion Dorm

In the first seeding, Samantha would lead Sylph Dorm against Lion Dorm in a battle royale. While Lion had outnumbered them 20-10, as they were all conventional fighters the magically endowed Sylphs had the advantage in mobility and firepower. Soon, there were at an advantage with only the Captain, Janos Tantalus, on the opposite side. However, Janos refused to forfeit or yield despite the disadvantage and continued to fight. One by one he began to plow through seven members of Sylph before Samantha and the two strongest under her command engaged him. It took three shots of their combined power to put down the bloodlusted Lion, but victory was theirs.

Dragon Dorm

See: Wei Levi

Mithisar the Mirror: Dark Natalie

Samantha and Gilbert were among the number that survived Dark Natalie's purge of the Arcadians. They were unceremoniously killed off panel as noted by that reality's Ramus.

War Against the Primes

She would show up near the end of the story. Amassing the remnants of the Arcadian students, Samantha led their charge into battle against Grinthorn. Unfortunately, as they did not undergo the Ascension ritual, their efforts fell to naught. Along with the other forces, she was killed in front of the returning Dragon Dorm.

She would be revived by the Grand Master.


In SHR2, Samantha was hinted at having some role in establishing the Arcadian Institute with Director Kagura Ise-Smith. It would appear that in the peacetime years following the defeat of the Cabal,

She also had a daughter named Sylvia, who was among the first students of the new institute, and her family would continue to attend until the time of the Cybermancer Bradenberg Cattal,

Powers and Abilities

End-Game Point Allocation
Strength ??
Speed ??
Intelligence ??
Agility ??
Durability ??
Stamina ??
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill ??
Ki/Chi ??
Magic ??
Psychic ??

Due to her half-fae lineage, Samantha possessed inherently greater strength and speed than normal human beings, as well as a superior command of magic. She was also incredibly skilled in the use of a staff. With her genetic gifts she would master physical and magical prowess in a deadly combined fighting form.

In addition, she was the first noted wielder of the legendary Ruyi Jingu Bang, the staff of Sun Wukong, and used its size-changing capabilities to deadly effect. After being defeated by Wei Levi, she would impart the staff to him in honorable recognition of his strength.


Her appearance was based loosely after Lyndall Jarvis; the same model provided the rendering inspiration for Laughing Octopus in Metal Gear Solid 4

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