Rhia Rohana

Princess Rhia Vali Rohana su Khanda was a character in School House Rumble : A New Generation of Fighters. Rhia was a happy-go-lucky, slightly ditzy and extremely optimistic girl. Her most prominent flaw is her general naivity about the world and tendency to always see the best in people. She is also very confident in herself, which can occasionally come of as arrogance to some.

However, despite her carefree behavior, Rhia will occasionally show signs of profound and genuine wisdom. While not smarter then the average teenage girl, she is very empathic and her training as princess included being able to understand people and relating to their problems.

Rhia Vali Rohana
AKA Kaur Rhia, Her Royal Highness
Birthplace Sovereign Nation of Khanda
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 16 (Beginning of SHR1)
Height 5'0" / 150 cm.
Weight unknown
Blood Type unknown

Fictional Character Biography

Pre-Arcadian Years

Rhia was born as the second child of the king and queen of the island nation of Khanda. In times of old, Khanda was an important trading port and amassed great fortune. This fortune was later used to develop an extremely clean and cheap energy source based on a mysterious ore called orikhan, which is almost exclusively found on their island. Fearing that other worldy powers would use this energy source to create terrible weapons, the Khandians decided to keep it a secret while waiting for the day the outside world is prepared to handle it. Because of this, Khandian technology is very advanced, albeit specialized, and the living standard is very high. The country is very peaceful and has no official army, relying on the Armored Royal Garde for protection.

In this utopian enviroment, Rhia grew up to become a carefree, compassionate and strong-willed young woman. Despite being a natural born martial artist, she innitially didn’t take her training seriously. This changed when her brother, Crown Prince Shamra Rami Rohana, used his formidable skill to save her life. Since that day, Rhia’s greatest wish was to become as strong and brave as her brother.

When Shamra turned twenty, he left the kingdom to travel the world, as is the tradition of the royal family. Rhia swore that by the time he returned she would be strong enough to face him and prove herself worthy as Khandian warrior.

Arcadian Semester

School Tournament Arc

Sylph Dorm

Norn Dorm

Island of the Null Mage

Battle Against Solarius

World Tournament

The Lilith Wars

Spring Break

Mithisar the Mirror: XKS Triumvirate

War Against the Primes




+Powers and Abilities

End-Game Point Allocation
Strength 13
Speed 15
Intelligence 05
Agility 10
Durability 16
Stamina 10
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 05
Ki/Chi 15
Magic 35
Psychic 05


Thunderstorm Cannon

Thunderstorm Talon

Thunderstorm Maelstrom

Thunder Clone


Sorcery Shifts

Void Sorcery

Titan Sorcery

Warp Sorcery

Esper Sorcery


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