Revya Amano
Revya Amano
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 15
Height 5'8
Nationality Legally unknown, considers himself Japanese
Gender Male
AKA Twilight Dragon

Revya Amano is a character in School House Rumble 2, a sequel to the original School House Rumble.
Unlike what his superhuman physique would lead some to believe, Revya is actually quite reserved, and prefers to avoid talking to people with whom he is not familiar. He is however quite kind, and will help others if he can.
However, this tendency to help others is offset by his tendency to react with annoyance/frustration when met with people who talk more than necessary.

Equipment and Stats

Current Point Allocation
Strength 20
Durability 20
Stamina 20
Speed 20
Agility 20
Fighting Skill 20
Chi 45


Absolute Defense Area: As a result of his training and chi, Revya has formed a constant bubble that extend twenty feet around him. Within this area, he can feel any movement by the disturbance sent through the air and his chi aura. Granting him forewarning against any attacks launched inside.

Absolute Offense Area: By amplifying the Chi waves contained within his perpetually active Absolute Defense Area, Revya can turn it into a literal weapon. When this is done, the zone affected diminish by about 66%, and instead of forewarning him, anything entering within the zone will be suffering constant attack by his Chi waves. (The attacks are less powerful than regular Chi attacks of his level, but can become very damaging if one stayed in the Area for more than a few relative(to Revya) seconds.

Space Slash: Revya's sword tip cut a hole through the air, sending a pressure slash that can hit a target from a distance equal to his Chi score in meters.

Burst: Revya rise into the air and unleashes a wave of Chi power into his Absolute Defense/Offense Area(Whichever is used at the time), damaging and throwing back whoever is in it.

Perfect Defense: By condensing his Chi in his Absolute Defense Area, Revya diminish it's size by 75%, but makes it dense to the point that it can stop physical attacks while allowing his own to go through. (Essentially a shield)

Twilight Blade: Concentrating his Chi into the form of a sword, Revya creates a weapon of pure energy. This weapon possess incredible cutting and hitting power, beyond what Revya's own strength would suggest. In addition, Revya can split it in two, creating a red sword and a blue sword.

Suppression Aura: Through condensing the energy of his Absolute Defence Area around an enemy's attack, Revya can negate it entirely. He can do this to any non-physical attacks that enter his Defence Area as long as it is not superior to his own power. (Fire, energy, wind and the likes are considered non-physical.)
Should it be superior to his own power, then he can still compress it, allowing him to dodge it with greater ease.

Power Output: 10%: Revya covers his body in an aura, which makes it so that his hits create an explosion equal to a Chi attack of half his Chi score.

Power Output: 20%: Revya's aura turns into a cloak which provides physical protection to the parts of his body that are covered by it. Also the aura add two feet of length to his sword(s). (A blade of energy emerges from the tip of the sword)

Power Output: 30%: Revya's aura lash out around him, creating a furious wind which makes the cloak float, while also pushing back and/or putting off-balance his opponents. Naturally, projectiles are affected by this, deviating from targeting him. Due to the energy nature of the 'wind', even things that don't rely on wind(like energy blasts) are affected.

Power Output: 40%: By chipping off part of his Cloak and Aura, Revya can create explosions within a distance of 20 feet of himself. Those explosions are not 'launched' from him. Rather, they simply explode at the targeted point due to Revya detonating the flow of his energy that pass through that area.

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