Ramus Navila

"Catch me if you can"
Ramus Navila

One of the characters of School House Rumbles, Ramus Navila-Brazillian martial artist, had a carefree attitude that hid the nature of his upbringing.

Before Arcadia

Born to Maria and Janus Navila on the outskirts of Alligator Pond, Jamaica While Ramus was always an upbeat child, his life didn't match his demeanor for the most part. His father was obsessed with something that ran in Ramus family of speedsters(no pun intended) called the Godspeed, an ability to move so fast you could run on water and appear not to move at all, outspeed even the greatest fighters. This was what the Navila line thought about their fighting style, that speed kills, but not literally. Ramus grandfather didn't want to share the full knowledge of it with fear for what it would do to Janus, his son/Ramus father. Unfortunately, Janus murdered his father a few years before Ramus even found this news out. As Ramus grew up, he had to deal with his fathers ever increasing malicious nature, and worrying for his mothers safety. His mother tried her best to take care of him until his father decided to "train" his son. The training, involved things such as running with a large sea turtle on your back and leaping into the air with cement weights. HIs mother, not knowing the harshness of the training, wanted to figure out why her son always came home so tired and in pain. She went out to the beach to watch them train once and tried to interfere. Big mistake, as Janos, grabbed Maria's arm, faster than her or her son could react, snapped the joint in it and crippled her. Ramus tried, but to no avail, to fight his father right there. A ten year old against a 28 year old, peak of his prime fighter……..needless to say, it ended badly for Ramus, who was spared because of some shed of humanity in his father, and he respected that his son had the gall to stand up to him, even while he was vastly overpowered. He told his son to train someday and make it a REAL fight when he next sees him and sped off

Ramus remembered that, and while taking care of his mother, took on his father's training, as it was the only kind he was use to. He also took to watching other famous fighters and grapplers from his area and elsewhere.After a few good years of Ramus dominating his competition and his speed increasing, he got the leter from Arcadia, and felt he was prepared to take the next step.

Early Arcadia and Pre-Tournament Preparation

Seeing as he barely knew the other fighters, or English for that matter, he was quiet at first, until meeting Natalie Schroeder, who could read minds. Through a strange process, she helped Ramus able to speak effectively in English and understand English. Once he was o the same page with everybody, his mouth once again moved as fast as his feet.

School Tournament

Ramus met two major beings in his Arcadian life in the tournament. The first one being Jose, a fellow speedster, albeit a great deal more FLAMBOYANT than Ramus. He felt the fighter from Alligator Pond was beneath him and could not even compare his speed to his. Through a gory battle which soaked the first three rows of the competition, Ramus defeated Jose. Before the match he spoke with Natalie, who had earlier helped him out, and she settled him then eventually cheered as she watched him defeat his own issues and his opponent in the ring. AFter being given medical attention, he set out to his next fight only to find his mother had arrived at Arcadia. Her legs, she had healed through it seemed her own will, while her arm was taking some time. She also seemed, like her son, to be very mouthy and embarassed him through several instances("My boy why haven't you told me the girls here wer THIS beautiful?) even going to the point of hitting on and wanting to remarry one of his classmates guardians. Ramus next match had his eventual girlfriend, SHun in the match. It was a 3 on 1 match, as the Norn team was quite powerful in comparison to the dragons, so through teamwork with Selma and Kekowa, they defeated her, with Ramus helping to seal the victory by kissing the girl. Even though they won, he himself was badly injured, and was once again in the infirmary. Once he got out, SHun confronted him, asking Ramus why he kissed her. He told her (you're cute) and she left. He then wondered what he did wrong and started to wonder if girls liked being kissed

Dragons Through Time

World Tournament

Null Mage's Test

Lilith Wars

Against Syn

-- While he played a critical role in Syn's defeat, Ramus was also saddened by Daichi's death, remembering his few chances to get to know the epic hero

Spring Break

He decided for Spring break to hang out with his new found friend Kekowa Hasegawa, having an adventure in Kekowa's old hood

Mithisar the Mirror

Battle against the Primes



Later Years

--Later years, Ramus and Shun married, and then shortly afterwards had a child, named Cannon(Shun would've preferred the name Shan, but Ramus decided a compromise would be Cannon, since he liked it and it had the letters a and n in it) in their 30's. A few years after Cannon's birth though, Ramus fought in a battle against Lunarius with several other Dragon Dorm members such as Wei Levi, Dean Gatlain, Kagura Ise-Smith, and Janos Tantalus. Unfortunately, even though they defeated Lunarius, the Dragon Dorm fighters suffered losses o tehir own, such as that of Wei Levi and Dean Gatlain. He helped to console the families of those lost in the fight, and continued to raise his own son Cannon until after Kagura's disappearance, he became the director of the Arcadian Institute. He reached mach 25 while still in his teens, then in his later years was able to reach past mach 50 as he got older.


--He died at the age of 125, sleeping in with his wife.


--He left a legacy of speedsters around in SHR, with his son Cannon, Cannon's son Ziggy (and daughter Jin) and Ziggy's five children, one being a Nelma Navila. Ziggy's five children also had children of their own, leading to him having over 200 descendants total in SHR2, one besides Nelma that was notable being Peter Navila

Weapons, Equipment, and Stats

Current Point Allocation
Strength 40
Speed 100
Agility 25
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill

Due to Ramus training, he is inhumanly agile along with his superspeed made him a fighter to be reckoned with. While not a master of a significant fighting style like his classmates, an assortment of Jeet Kune Do, capoeira, taekwondso and jujitsu, with high levels of superspeed atics added to call it the Godspeed

Sonic Boom

Moving at superspeed, Ramus either makes a sudden stop and kicks/punches at his opponent, yet not hitting them, but sending a pressurized boom at them. It has bee shown to break boulders ad the like
Storm of Fists - [[size 11px]]Ramus takes a charge at his enemy while flinging his fists at superspeed, causing his enemy tot ry and block an army of punches

Phase fist-Ramus, able to superspeed his molecular process to phase through objects, can phase his hand or whole body through someone and either let it explode or rip something out of them

Hare beats Tortoise-Ramus leaps up in midair to attack his enemy, with a flurry of kicks aiming at certain points (knees/elbows) and everything else .

his other moves are a flurry of super sped up attacks as well


Daichi-while he barely knew the young hero, Ramus admired the mans love of lfie and fighting

Julien-Ramus was the first to welcome him to Arcadia. While he and Julien had vastly different personalities, and Julien found Ramus to be not that bright at times, Julien respected the fighter for his skill

Kekowa-While others found Kekowa boisterous and disrespectful all of the time, Ramus was enamored with the man and found him to be a great friend (although quite conceited at times) and felt he was truly honorable in spite of what others felt

Selma St Johns-Ramus had a thought about her and him, but he perished that noise

Dean Gatlain-Ramus respected the Nevadian and wished he could've figured out more about him. He also started the great lunch fry war wit Dean Gatlain, nailing the Nevadian in the back of the head with a fish bone

Forte-He first really got to know the mage when they were time tossed into an ancient jungle

The savage brothers-Ramus had a friendly relatioship, albeit competitive with one of the Savage brothers. He found them to be pretty funny

Natalie Schroeder-as one of the few male castmembers who didn't vie for Natalie's love, Ramus was..well an anomaly. He found her to be a very good fried for what she helped him through and held her in high esteem for that

Janos-The Lion Captain met Navila around the time of the World Tournament, and the two hit it off pretty well. Ramus is one of the few people who've made Janos laugh, several times in fact

Shun-his eventual girlfriend, after he saved the world, finally


*Ramus wore one of Bruce Lee's suits from his original filming of game of death

  • He was originally going to be a mute. how things change eh?. I don't know what changed it but it was an on the fly thing. I guess it worked for the best. I was going to have him meet his father or something but everybody else had their relatives of immense power show up so I pulled back on that

*Ramus captured the roadrunner for his son Cannon's birthday

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