Order of the Knights Templar

The Order of the Knights Templar is an international organization of warriors and magicians, born forth from the ashes of the original Knights Templar, working to protect the world from great threats.



Early History

see: History of the Knights Templar


Silent War: Juraquille and Alucard

In 1965, the Knights Templar tapped Gretel Kroneberg of the Zeitgheist Sisterhood, requiring her experience in the matters regarding the fallout from the war. It seems that the Thule Society wasn't the only ones dabbling in forbidden powers, and that the Schutzstaffel had brought their operations to Vichy, France.

The Knights had information that a man named Juraquille, former member of the Sturmabteilung and lover of its leader Ernst Rohm, had been using dark magic for his own dark purposes.



Knight Templar in Training

Allowed only the barest of training, they are seen more as friendly outsiders than actual members. This is normally used as a trial period, to see if the person is both worthy of being a knight and loyal to the order.

After that set amount of time, they are allowed to properly join as a Squire.


The lowest true rank of the Knights Templar, they are trained and taught by a ranking Knight. This is the training period for all Knights, allowing them to learn without fear of death before being deemed 'worthy' to engage in battle under the banner of the Knights Templar.

After passing a test given by the Elders, they are given a tattoo of the Seal of the Knights Templar and allowed the title of Knight, Third Rank.

Knight, Third Rank

Knight, Second Rank

Knight, First Rank


Grand Master


Samuel McClane

See: Samuel McClane

Lady Charlotte Dartonay

See: Lady Charlotte Dartonay

Selma St. Johns

See: Selma St. Johns

Similar Organizations

Zeitgeist Sisterhood

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