Optimus Pinetree

"It's……it's………IT'S OPTIMUS PINETREE!!"
Drake Vargas

Optimus Pinetree's return as Omega Pine

What happens when the remains of an antique semi and earth magic meet? School House Rumbles 2' first meme.


When Drake emerged into the future, he didn't come alone. Due to the failed program designed to impress his classmates and instructors which involved a semi truck, both he and the vehicle were brought into the future. Although at first when it had crashed in front of Arcadia, there were little parts to be salvage, when Director Edan chose to estimate the students' initial abilities, it proved to be very useful as Eben Roux's magic combined the wreckage with nature, creating the giant golem of earth and mechanisms. Unfortunately, Edan proved to be too powerful for the construct and it was quickly destroyed. However, it would not be the last time it appeared.

Omega Pine: The Return

When the class was transported suddenly from Arcadia by Charlie Tyme, they found themselves greeted by a creature later dubbed as the "Uber-Rex." With their powers cut in half, they found that individual attacks did nothing but briefly distract it, save for a well-aimed shot in the eye courtesy of Marcus Hester. Recalling their initial fight with Edan's robot, Drake enlisted the help of Eben to once more summon a golem of plant-life. Since they lacked the semi-truck from before, Drake plunged himself into the golem's chest and used his Mod spell to cover the golem's surface with steel. Deciding to add his own touch to the construct, Ramza K. Schneider leaped onto it and created two lightsabers into its hands. With the three's combination, the construct was quickly able to overpower the Uber-Rex, which was promptly killed by Jason Sun Lin Jian Shen and Ruby Auditore. After the conflict, Eben ceased control of the construct after rooting it firmly to the ground, allowing it to remain in an almost statue-like fashion, its hands held overhead, holding the decapitated head of the Uber-Rex. Although created in the same vein of Optimus Pinetree, this version was quickly named "Omega Pine."

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