Natalie Schroeder

Natalie Schroeder is a character in SchoolHouse Rumbles: Arcadia School of Old created by GrampaGen. A Second-Level Acolyte of the Zeitgiest Sisterhood later promoted to First Rank, she was a student of Arcadia's 2008 Dragon Dorm class.

Natalie Schroeder
AKA The White Witch, Das Wunderkind
Birthplace Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 15 (Beginning of SHR1)
Height 5'5 / 165 cm.
Weight 105 lbs / 48 kg
Blood Type A

Character Concept/Creation

Natalie was based on numerable influences, of note Dr. Strange, Shelke from Berserk and the titular character of Kiki's Delivery service. She possessed great knowledge of the arcane and mystic, but as a sheltered young girl was rather naive at a point in her life. She was something of a well intentioned little sister figure for several of her peers with a strange world view.

Fictional Character Biography

Born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, Natalie was an orphaned infant, adopted by a twelve-year old Ilsa Schroeder, then a witch in training herself. Circumstances surrounding her orphaning have not been detailed, but her adoption was a matter of some burgeoning between Ilsa and Gretel Kronenberg, then Mother Superior of the Zeitgiest Sisterhood. Feeling that adoption of a child, especially at her age, would impede Ilsa during her undertaking of The Mission, Gretel could nevertheless not find the heart to cast off the child. However, as such, Ilsa's progress was delayed by her need to raise the child.

Growing up in the convent, Natalie had a relatively normal, if magically-laced and societal-deprived childhood with her sister. However, when Ilsa reached seventeen years of age, she had to leave to complete her training. It was here Natalie began her training under Adelheid Deitrich.

Pre-Arcadian Years

As Natalie grew in her training, she was acknowledged as a dedicated, passionate student, even if not the most talented. When she became eligible for testing, it was a point that her sister was quite soft in the judgment, and in fact quite a nepotist in the training - indeed, it's thanks to Ilsa that Natalie has her trademark hat with the Rune of Scrying on it. Nonetheless, her training in the mystic arts was well rounded, and at the age of thirteen she set out in the world for the first time.

In an unfinished side story, Natalie's first year was spent with her attempting to resolve the suffering and uncertainties of mankind by preaching about the existence of spirits in the city of Hamburg. Similar to the door to door talks by members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, she went door to door preaching her cause, often being rejected. In between days she would silently do deeds of good, such as saving people with magic, fighting with local bullies, and the like. Being homeless at the time, she did this while feeding herself on bricks she alchemically turned to bread.

At some time in her witching experience, she also had an encounter with a swarm of gremlins, diabolical creatures that thrive on mischief. The experience harrowed her, implanting within her an irrational fear of them which did not go away, even at the end of the story

Some time after this, she received the letter from the Arcadian Institute, and head - with nothing but the clothes on her back and a wand up her sleeve - to the harbor where the ferryman would take them.

Arcadian Semester

Upon arriving on the ferry, Natalie was swift to make friends with just about everybody she met. She was fast friends with the giant, seemingly unapproachable Daichi Yamada moments into conversation, marveling at his training regimen. Later she would make the acquaintance of Hunter Marcino and Rhia Rohana. When hearing of Alexia Desacozca's withdrawn fear of even a friendly touch, Natalie's overeager nature manifest itself and she proceeded to attempt to dispell what she assumed was a demonic malediction. Having caught cold in the pouring rains and being underdressed, however, she sneezed during the incantation and cast an alchemical charm that blew her across the room into unconsciousness. Nonetheless, she left a mostly positive first impression.


Upon arriving at the Arcadian Academy, the teachers were swift in throwing the students into a gauntlet of combat to assess their abilities, both individually and collectively. When it came time to confront Instructor Anselm, Natalie coordinated with Dean, Ramus, Hunter and Xellos to subdue the instructor. With Ramus and Hunter running interferance, Dean managed to plow a path through the various projectiles the Instructor conjured up and threw Natalie towards him. After slipping on Xellos' ice, Natalie cast a Zertstauben charm on it, resulting in a hydrogen explosion. Binding Anselm with the Astral Avatar, they concluded that test, though afterwards the witch was completely worn.

Afterwards when choosing roomates, she was approached by Selma St. Johns and the two became fast friends. Later on they would discover a shy Tamiko Kessler, and would invite her to stay with them as well.

The Journey to Atlantis

Five Stones Arc

As a prerequisite to banishing the Ring of Will, five elemental stones of water, fire, air, earth, and spirit were required to open a void to the nether realm, which would banish the ring for eternity. The Arcadian Instructors, perhaps overestimating the potential of their students, tasked their students towards this endeavor as their second mission.

Taking a different approach, this time five students with complimentary abilities were selected, and a leader was delegated. Natalie was designated under Xellos Raveneye with whom she worked with before in the early trials, as well as Hunter Marcino, Henry Savage and Sirius Savage. Together they were tasked to find the Water Stone hidden in the depths of a vagrant Norweigan mountain range.

School Tournament Arc

Held once a year between the different dorms of Arcadia Academy in a friendly sporting contest, it seems that the tournament came a lot sooner this year for two reasons: Jericho Mourn had suspected a mole, and the dire matter of the Ring of Will.

Wolf Dorm

Natalie fought against Mei Ling, Captain of the Wolves, in the penultimate match. An earlier encounter with the girl over a matter of Daichi's soul spurred Natalie to anger and judgment, though the pity she had for the girl who used power she didn't understand showed throughout the battle.

Initially Natalie did well, dispelling Mei Ling's fireballs and matching her magic with her own. However things quickly turned for the worst when she stopped playing around and decided to cruelly take the witch apart bit by bit. Utilizing pressure point strikes, Mei Ling methodically disabled the chi flow that sustained the living actions of her limbs. Natalie fought back by summoning Franer, guardian of the Water Stone, on a prepared runic incantation. However, Mei Ling's greater experience required only one opening to which she quickly suspended her energy output and dispelled her summon.

With all her weapons diminished, Natalie would turn to the lessons taught to her by Levi earlier and for the first time use Taiji Quan in battle. Sensing Mei Ling, who had underestimated her, sure of her victory, move in slowly, Natalie was able to intercept her with a shoulder blow and stun her for a moment. In that space of a few seconds, Natalie declared that "Using Daichi as a sacrifice [was] unforgivable" and fired a Sonderstrahl Kanone into her chest.

Sending Mei Ling straight into the arena wall, it was unfortunate that she was not put out for the round. Returning before the countdown was completed, she made short work of Natalie, shutting down her remaining chi pools, paralyzing her, and knocking her unconscious. The Zeitgeist Sister had lost, but set the stage for Daichi to take the victory home.

Sylph Dorm

Her fight with Mei Ling left her immobile, so Natalie did not fight during this round (though Instructor Kelly insisted this was no excuse and threatened to send her in if they were short of available students).

In Between Rounds

When Selma St. Johns came under mental attack, a forces reliving of her childhood's worst traumas, Natalie came upon her friend to console her. With her psychic powers increasing, she noticed immediately a foreign power at work, and dove into her friend's mind where she encountered Maxwell Bernadotte manipulating her memories. More than a bit annoyed at his callous actions, Natalie immediately dismantled his astral body and guided Selma towards his direction, but he was rescued by his companion, Yubari Ishii, before they could find him.

Dorth and the Astral Plane
The Guardian of Time
Tamiko's Curse

Discovering her friend and roomate incapacitated when she had withdrawn into herself, Natalie helped Justin bring her in to Instructor Bloodmoon to see what was wrong with her. Following Bloodmoon in a psionic expidition within Tamiko's mind, she found a dark seal within her, Bloodmoon identifying it as one of Solarius'. It seems that it was a seed festering deep in corruption, feeding off of fear, anger, negative emotions, draining them off from Tamiko in order to use her body as a subliminal assassin.

Pulling out of the mindscape, it seemed as if it was too late, and the possession was complete. Bloodmoon, however, would not be held back. Assisted by Natalie's restraints on her friend, the instructor then literally pulled Tamiko's form and essence apart before merging them together into a whole being.

Awed, Natalie would take note of this for the future.

Norn Dorm

Partnered with Hunter Marcino, Natalie fought against the first of the Norn warriors, a magician and summoner. The two were quickly separated in the melee, as Hunter fired Void Bullets which were quickly dodged and the Norn managed to deflect Natalie's Sondestrahl Kanone. When the Great Minotaur summon was roused, Natalie countered by summoning Battra and moving him into a flock of magical butterflies. Using this living cloud, she was able to block and guide the axe of the Minotaur nearly to cut its own master in half. A combination of a Void Bullet and a Zerutten spell dispelled the summon and, the medium drained, victory was claimed.

It was short lived, however, as the next Norn, a speedster named Shun, made short work of them both.

Dragons Through Time: Themiscyra

Hurled through time by Solarius, Natalie fell unconscious when she hit the ground, waking to find herself in a forest accompanied by Rhia, Selma, and Alexia. After a disagreement with Selma over a matter of her cyclical self-pity, Natalie chased a trail of mana while Selma went in the opposite direction out of spite, leaving Rhia and Alexia to chase after either, respectively. Soon they were captured by masked figures that moved among the trees.

When they were brought before their queen, they discovered that they were among legendary company, the Amazons of Themiscyra, and the one addressing them was none other than Hippolyta. They learned from Hippolyta that a fallow curse had fallen upon the land, causing life to wither and riveres to dry and silenced the voices of the Grecian Pantheon. They called it the Taint, and Hippolyta had summoned her lover Heracles to journey to the heart of the problem, and for days yet he had not returned.

Trying to discover the center of the problem, Natalie and the others went to the village's oracle. The witch offered to loan their collective prowess to try and reestablish a rapport to the goddesses, and she linked the collective mana of the group within herself. Suddenly, the image of a woman shroud in darkness, garbed in bloody chains and surrounded by monstrous creatures flooded her senses and sent a great negative backlash. It would be moments later that Natalie would come to two conclusions: the Amazons were assailed by Lilith, the Mother of All Monsters, and the Taint had stripped the witch of the ability to use her magic.

Days passed, and the four girls trained under the Amazons, growing stronger in body, mind, and sisterhood. Natalie struggled at first, being unsuited to physical combat, but with the aid of her psychometry, learned how to use a spear with some proficiency.

One day, the armies of Lilith assailed the city of Themiscyra. In full knowledge of their prowess, Hippolyta sent the four around the battlefield towards the center of the taint, giving each of them one of four daggers, of Sun, Moon, Phoenix and Dragon. Natalie took up the Moon dagger, and remarked not only on its unusual composition (steel in the bronze age), but on the holy properties within it.

At the center of the taint, the girls encountered Lilith, who had taken Heracles hostage and was slowly draining his life force. With great efforts, they were able to free Heracles, and once free of Lilith's chains, used his might to hold her down. Seizing the moment, Natalie sprung forward and plunged the Holy Lunar Dagger into Lilith's chest. When the three followed, the Tetragram powered spell countered her fell darkness and destroyed her. Soon after a ripple in time began to manifest and the Arcadians soon returned home.

Island of the Null Mage

Battle Against Solarius

World Tournament

The Lilith Wars

Spring Break

Mithisar the Mirror: Dark Natalie

War Against the Primes





Because of her open mindedness, friendly personality, and passionate dedication, Natalie became the object of many a fellow student's affection. Over the course of the story, it became a contest among many of the student body to gain her attention. Of note were Daichi yamada, Xellos Raveneye, Selma St. Johns, Sirius Savage, and Kekowa Hasegawa. While a number of them were quite forward in their affections, Natalie was rather passive, largely due to a general lack of understanding and also because she did not want to hurt any of them by spurning them.

Powers and Abilities

End-Game Point Allocation
Strength 01
Speed 07
Intelligence 10
Agility 04
Durability 04
Stamina 13
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 05
Ki/Chi 30
Magic 61
Psychic 30


At the start of the story, Natalie had been trained in spiritual communion by the Zeitgeist Sisterhood, and as such had access to what she described as "an ancient way of magic". ]
Her primary specialties was a spiritually-based magic, similar to shamanism where she would invoke the powers of the spirits to provide their energy. Using this energy, she would mould them into a spell or even summon them from between the planes


An alchemical charm, Natalie used this to dissolve matter into its component parts. Initially, this was weak against things that came apart into volatile components (ie: water into readily combustible hydrogen and oxygen gas), but as she grew in strength, so did her control


Attacking the astral conveyance of an object or essence, Natalie could shatter their anchor in this world.


Absorbing projected mana by using the body as a conductor, Natalie was able to redirect energies back at her opponent


A blast of pure, clear mana which could be 'coloured' by the essence of a patron spirit, and thereby become an elemental blast.


Teleportation by means of projected portals. Natalie hurled a bolt towards her target and the destination was determined within her line of sight.

Das Klosett

A room held between interdimensional space. Natalie used it as an emergency bunker and an unkempt storage space filled with a number of accumulated magical paraphernelia she found on her various adventures at Arcadia. In the battle against [[Grinthorn]], she used every item within it in an attempt to neutralize it

Magic Mirror

Defensive, reflective constructs which absorbed kinetic force and reflected it. She could create two at a time


Mystical black bands used as magical restraints, or an improvised shield comprised of revolving rings on an axis.


Natalie's signature. Contacting a spirit, she acts as a medium in creating a corporeal magic body to summon an astral guardian to aid her in combat. Several guardians came into play for her during the conflicts at Arcadia






Si Xiang


Summoning the spirits of the departed, Natalie took their essence within her in a controlled possession. Loaning her power to be guided by the skills of deceased friends, allies and masters, she used this technique to reinforce the battlefield in a more direct manner.


In addition, she was able to utilize spiritual energy to call forward a tangible astral body of her essence, which she referred to as her Astral Avatar. This entity float beside her and act as an agent of her will, granting her a guardian with incredible strength and heightened perception in spiritual matters.

An-Jin Shuei

Based on the taijiquan principles she learned, Natalie projected an aura which allowed her to anticipate movements, then with passive inuition move to counter it.


Her psionic powers developed slowly but steadily. Initially she had an ability to perceive strong emotions from her piers, but later this developed into a full array of mental abilities. With some effort, Natalie was able to communicate with others telepathically and lift several tonnes telekinetically. Later, she developed the ability to fly - on brooms - with telekinesis



Natalie developed psychometry, the ability to read the 'user memory' of an object, and gain knowledge of its uses and applications. She used this to gradually learn spear and staff styles from the Amazons of Hippolyta. It also had esoteric uses as well. When Maxwell Bernadotte attacked her using a psychic projection, by laying her hand on it Natalie was able to read the mind of the much more powerful psychic.


With the unity Dragon Dorm had grown into by the end, Natalie was able to subtley influence the tide of battle. Her strength became their strength, and their strength became her strength, as the will to fight burned in each and every one of them, so did their power increase in unison.

Fighting Skill

Ever eager to learn, Natalie was utterly fascinated by the martial arts of her classmates and their outward uses of chi energies. Stymied by her inability to perceive fast opponents, she began to feel helpless without her magic, and as such, she learned martial arts from her peers, most notably Wei Levi. After training extensively in Taijiquan under Levi's training regimen, Natalie became a world-class martial artist able to hold her own against opponents ranging from the disciples of the Yamada dojo to the vagabond lich, Tsurugi.


As part of the Zeitgeist Sisterhood's internationally based operations, Natalie was taught to communicate in several languages. She primarily spoke German and English, and along the storyline she had communicated to varying degrees in Mandarin, Japanese, Latin, Greek and Aramaic.


Alexia Desacozca

Dean Gatlain

Fast friends on the first day, Natalie with wide eyes held Dean to be the very hero he professed himself to be. Captivated by his stories of Old Nevada and the great warriors within, she was the tethered support holding steady the young man's already well insulated ego. They held a mutual respect for one another. Often Natalie's enthusiastic beliefs in Dean's heritage would spark anew a desire to fight within in.


While seeming to have sparsely anything in common, they did share an appreciation for the world, through all its faults, by the time Grinthorn met his end.

It was Natalie who Julien sought to be by his side to figure out what made life worth living.

++Kagura Ise-Smith
++Tamiko Kessler

Lin Xing

Hunter Marcino

Forte Richards

Rhia Rohana

Henry Savage

Justin Slight

Wei Levi

The two had a platonic, amicable relationship, and often monk and witch would seek each others counsel on several matters.

While by no means a physical fighter in either training nor build, Natalie was nonetheless quite insecure of her ability to defend herself, having been on the receiving end of an attack while in the midst of a spell preparation. As such, she sought help from her friends. At first approched by Daichi Yamada for pointers in a high-powered Muay Thai session, from a quiet corner the unassuming former Shaolin Student Wei Levi loaned his counsel.

Teaching her that martial arts have both a physical and a metaphysical aspect to them, he taught her the using the Taoist concepts of yin and yang to start from a more familiar foundation, then leading into him teaching her a Taijiquan form along with a gentle training regimen. Natalie was so elated by this experience that from that point on she would refer to him as "Wei Shr Fu", or "Master Wei."

Later when Levi began to succumb to the Curse of Samael marked on his family line, the master and student relationship reciprocated itself when he sought her out to teach him about magic. Through some working, Natalie taught Levi how to channel the fundamental elements through the Eight Trigrams (Ba Gua), culminating in his learning of the Yin Fist.


Kekowa Hasegawa

Xellos Raveneye

Sirius Savage

Selma St. Johns

Daichi Yamada


Maxwell Bernadotte
Lilith Vargreaves

Other related characters

Sol Raveneye


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The Mission Gurren Lagann Ten Wo Tsuke
Battle Theme 1: "Default" Stravinsky Firebird Suite: Infernal Dance
Battle Theme 2: "Sorrow and Retribution" Fiction Junction Hikari No Yukue
Witch Psychology Sarah Slean Day One
Reminiscence and Grief Yasuroni Mitsuda Star Stealing Girl
Destiny of Darkness Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Vampyra Missa
Zeitgeist Sister, Second Rank Sydney Forest Soaring
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