Naming Ceremony

The Naming Ceremony in SHR2 was an interesting side adventure where the Last Age of Fighters were taken to a the Fates and given their True Names, in an excellently done set of posts Cleric of Hell's Brigade laid out tanilizing pieces of the Destiny of the Last Age of Fighters.

Shamus Finnegan

"Son of the Fae lands of long ago, you seek a balance between man and nature. As you mature, remember that you cannot be either man or animal, but you must be both."

"Son of Guardians, hear me. You shall travel to a land unknown to you. There, you shall find an animal whom thou shalt learn under. Under it's tutelage, only then can your true power be unleashed."

"Child of the Wild, be at peace. Know that you have been named the Prince of Animals by Fate. Go, and fulfill that destiny."

Jason Sun Lin Jian Shen

"Son of Sorrow, you have lived a life of cold and stark reality. Right and wrong. Strong and weak. You are as strong willed as the mountains themselves."

"Man of Cold Armor, know ye that one day, the fate of your most hated nemesis shall be in your hands. When that day comes, the very fate of the world will also rest in thine hands."

"Warrior. Killer. Know that thou has been named the Slayer in the Shadows by Fate. Go, and fulfill that destiny."

Alice King

"Daughter of Magic. You come from a long line of the same witches, but seek to break free from your prison of familial duties. Stay the course, and you shall find your path."

"Witch Child, know ye that you shall lose something you hold dear. Yet in doing so, you shall gain much more in return. Watch for the day of three suns, for then must you choice."

"Elemental Girl, know ye that thou hast been named the Last Queen of Witches by Fate. Go ye, and fulfill thy destiny."

Aureole Roxana Edith

"Child of Light, you seek strength to protect eveyone around you. While you seek strength, remember to seek wisdom aswell, for strength without wisdow is weakness."

"Daughter of the Sun, know ye that a time shall come when you stand alone against the tides. When that time comes, shine forth your light and hold your ground."

"Child of Gold, thou hast been named the Bringer of the Sun by Fate. Go forth, and fulfill that destiny."

James Flint

"Man of the Earth, you are strong and steadfast. With a single mind, you make your choices and never look back. Thus, doubt does not plague you."

"Son of the land, in the near future, it shall be up to you to lead those closest to you through the untruth. Without your guidance, they shall surely die."

"Man of the Country, know ye that thou hast been named the Steadfast Rock by Fate. Go, fulfill that destiny."

Clancy Jones

"Son of the Fist, you have a path in life that is straight forward. You let your hands and feet carry your emotions. Thus, when you fight, you always fight with all your heart."

"Warrior, thou must one day make a stand against your opposite. When you do, show him mercy, and you will win. Show him your fist, and you and all around you shall surely perish."

"Son of the Arts, be thou named The Protector, by Fate. Go, fulfill thy destiny."

Drake Vargas

"Time Traveler, you are cocky and overconfident. Yet your skills and cleverness have won the day many times. Your cleverness is your greatest weapon."

"Man of Science and Sorcery, the Fate of millions rests at thy finger tips. Know that a day shall come when, with a push of a button, you can bring down or save the UEC."

"Child of Cybermancy, know ye that thou hast been named the Silicon Sorcerer by Fate. Go, and fulfill that destiny."

Gilander Gatlain

"Man of Nevade, you are stronger then you know. Though your strength come from without, instead of within, you are still a worthy Nevadian, like Dean and Garthin of Old."

"Son of Galtain, you shall rise above the rest of your kind. However, to do so, you must cast away their teachings and follow the true path of Nevada."

"Son of Garthin, thou hast been named the True Scion of Old Nevada. Go, and fulfill thy destiny."

Claude Thorne

"Man of Daggers, you doubt yourself and your usefulness. Yet, without thy aid, many would not be here. Remember that you are integral to your team."

"Son of Knives, you disdain your power, yet with it you shall save the lives of your friends. When all have lost what is theirs, you shall be the one to save them."

"Knife Wielder, thou hast been named the King of Blades by Fate. Go, and fulfill thy destiny."

Eben Roux

"Vagabond, your carefree attitude bellies a more subtle and powerful nature. Remember thy roots, and you shall always prevail."

"Wanderer, in thy hands rest the fate of the oldest part of nature that still thrives. Go ye to the deep heart of the world and find the World Tree. There, you shall unlock thy potential."

"Son of Nature, thou hast been named the Gaia-Mancer by Fate. Go, and fulfill thy destiny."

Liu Lan-Yue

"Daughter of Soldiers, you are strong willed and intelligent. With you a calmhead always prevails. With you guiding them, your team has the potential to rival anyone."

"Woman Warrior, you shall find your fate upon the battlefield. On the day of your greatest battle, it shall be your mind that either leads you and yours to victory, or leads you and yours to your doom."

"Sister Warrior, thou hast been named the Master of Soldiers by Fate. Go, and fulfill thy destiny."

Ramza K. Schneider

"Mind Son, your heart has been hurt by the sins of the past. Know that you are not impure, for impurity is judged not by one's deeds alone, but by their intentions."

"Vector Master, your fate will be decided when the Wolf fights the Tiger. Choice wisely, which side you favor, for one shall save you and one shall slay you."

"Lord of the Stand, thou hast been named The Invisible by Fate. Go, and fulfill thy destiny."

Sara and Lara Angha

"Mage Twins, you strive to be as great as your ancestors, yet you have no need to do so. Already you are both on the path to becoming just as great as they were."

"Mind Twins, you hold the balance of a great evil between you. Angel wings protect and destroy. Remember that when the time come, you must not allow the gate to be unbarred. To do so would allow the world to be swallowed up by the Demon."

"Twins, Sisters, know that thou hast been named the Angels of Midnight and Sunrise by Fate. So, and fulfill thy destiny."

Juni Ivis

"Red Mage, under your carefree and creative attitude lies a dangerous power. Wisdom tampered with creativity shall make thy power a threat your enemies cannot overcome easily."

"Window Sorceress, thy fate shall be met in a place that is not a place, and in a time that is not a time. There you shall either go mad, or find the truth behind thy power."

"Hammerspace Enchantress, thou hast been named the Lady of Doors by Fate. Go, and fulfill thy destiny."

Marcus Hester

"Brother Solider, your eyes are sharp and true. With them, you protect your allies at a distance.Your profesionalism is the backbone of the group."

"Solider of Eyes, your fate shall be found at the end of a gun. In a single moment, your bullet shall make or break the tide of an upcoming battle. If you miss, they shall surely perish."

"Sharpshooter, thou hast been named The Centurian by Fate. Go, and fulfill thy destiny."

Dory St. Johns

"Daughter of Machines, you are headfast and brave, yet reckless as well. Temper your lusts and your power with planning and forethought, and your effectiveness in battle shall increase."

"Child of Metal and Bone, to reach your true potential, you must first meet yourself and your shadow. Only then, when you acknowledge them shall you truly bloom."

"Cyborg Woman, thou hast been named the Balance of Justice by Fate. Go, and fulfill thy destiny."

Revya Amano

"Son of the Lost, you are quiet, yet brave. You gladly take upon yourself as much as you can, so others don't have to burden themselves."

"Child of the Sword, you shall find what you are missing on the Island of the Lost Wind. Go there, and unlock thy true potential."

"Man of the Blade, thou hast been named the Twilight Dragon by Fate. Go, and fufill thy destiny."

Laron Grand

"Son of Hidden Blade, remember to think before you run full tilt into battle. Utilize your full power, and watch as you eneimes fall like wheat before the scythe."

"Man of Speed, your fate hangs on a Nail. Against it, you must not hold back. If you do, you shall be overwhelmed and never return."

"Child of Cybernetics, thou hast been named the Hidden Sword by Fate. Go, and fulfill thy destiny."

Ruby Auditore

"Daughter of Magic, assert yourself and push foward. Do not hide in the background and let others outshine you."

"Daughter of Technology, your fate lies in the eye of a Raven. Find it, and your potential shall be unleashed. If you don't, your allies may not survive."

"Daughter of Fire and Lightning, thou hast been named The Tempest, by Fate. Go, and fufill thy destiny."

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