Maxwell Bernadotte

Maxwell Bernadotte is a character in School House Rumbles: Arcadia School of Old created by The Dog. The younger of two siblings, he was a student of Arcadia's 2008 Pheonix Dorm class.

Maxwell Bernadotte
Birthplace Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Birthdate October 10
Age 15
Height 5'7''
Weight 103 lbs.
Nationality English
Gender Male
Blood Type B+
Point Allocation
Speed 10
Intelligence 35
Durability 05
Stamina 10
Magic 60
Psychic 35


A man with black hair tied back in a ponytail, dark brown eyes, and a handsome face hiding a cruel intellect. All-in-all, he is deceptively normal in appearance, under which resides a true monster.

Dresses in a black vest over a white button-up shirt and tie, white gloves adorning his hands, black slacks, and black wingtips on his feet. Around his neck hangs the Pheonix Captain medallion, a sign acknowledging his strength, if not his sanity.



Loss of Danielle


Tournament and Selma's Torment

Escape and the Xanatos Assault


He puts up the front of a polite, well-read English gentleman, able to charm those who do not know him. But this is merely a facade, hiding a vindictive, revenge-bent madman with no concern for human life. He has shown a willingness to torment the loved ones of those he believes wronged him, and considers anyone who opposes him liable.

He only tolerates those around him for a long as they prove useful to him. But once they no longer do so, he has no reservations for killing, tormenting, and mutating them so as to make them 'useful' to him again. A fate which befell his entire dorm before he was forced to escape Arcadia.


Powers and Abilities

Wields the shadows themselves to attack his enemies, as well as teleport anywhere he wishes and as defense against attacks. He is also a powerful psychic, browsing the minds of others, using their worst memories against them.

Along with his magic and psychic might, he is considered to be a genius-level intellect, using science in combination to his sorcery to turn those he feels failed him into horrible abominations, forever suffering indescribable torment as they do Maxwell's work.

But what he deems to be his crowning achievement is Danielle, an gynoid who thinks of him as an older brother.


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