Liu Shi-Hui (劉實慧)

Liu Shi-Hui (劉實慧) (Pinyin Liu Shi Hui lit ) is the father of Liu Lan-Yue, former commander of the Feng Huang division of the C-VIII Liberation Forces and current Commander-In-Chief of Colony VIII's Self-Defense Forces.

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Liu Shi-Hui (劉實慧)
AKA The Phoenix General
Birthplace|Bei-An, Colony VIII|Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 44
Height 5'11" / 180 cm.
Weight 165 lbs / 75.0 kg
Blood Type A+


A former general in the Eastern Segregation, now commander-in-chief of the C-VIII defense forces. Having finally brought an end to the war which had been fought over nearly three generations after the establishment of the satellite state, he seeks to rebuild and move forward to maintain a peaceful world his daughter and future generations can live in.

While begrudgingly gifted in the arts of war, he holds a silent guilt for every life extinguished in the dying days of the war, and is working to repair relationships with the UEC.


Shi-Hui possesses no superhuman powers besides a gift for strategy and diplomacy. During the war, he was feared for his great skill in handling aerospace fighters and mech-frames, but he hasn't stepped inside of one for years.


  • Shi-Hui's appearence is based on actor Russell Wong
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