Liu Lan-Yue (劉藍月)

Liu Lan-Yue (劉藍月 Pinyin liú lán yuè Lit. "Blue Moon Liu") is a character in School House Rumble 2: The Last Age of Fighters. A specialist in hand-to-hand combat, she utilizes traditional internal-style martial arts and several associated weapons styles.

劉藍月 Liu Lan-Yue
AKA Lulu, The General's Daughter
Birthplace Bei-An, UEC Colony VIII
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 16 (Beginning of SHR2)
Height 5'8 / 172 cm.
Weight 125 lbs / 57 kg
Blood Type AB+
Table of Contents

Character Concept/Creation

Liu was created as a character based on practical skill before enhanced powers, her skill set focused more on diversity of application than any one overwhelming strength. Personality-wise she plays something of a straight man and an idealist among the crowd, trying her best to inspire others by leading by example, but also has no problem admonishing her classmates in the same way. Attentive yet forceful, amicable yet nosy, her dutiful and assertive nature is a source of both support and dislike among her comrades.

Fictional Character Biography

Liu Lan-Yue comes from an affluent military family, one of Colony VIII's foremost and finest. The fierce independence of the colony, referred to by some extreme jingoists as "Xin Ming Shr", or the "Neo Ming Dynasty", is due largely to the Liu family's contributions to the war efforts in past generations. Though the colonists regard them as heroes, it is a burden of both pride and shame that theirs is a history of washing away blood with blood.

Her great grandfather was a separatist radical in Terran China who started a movement of independence when the satellite city was in its infancy; her grandmother, with the weapons of cunning mind, charismatic voice, and a husband assassinated, sparked the nationalist revolution that threw the colony into shaky ground with the whole of the United Earth Coalition. By her parents' generation, the fighting had ceased, Colony VIII fell under its own jurisdiction under the UEC, and doors reopened. Productivity in arms manufacturing boomed with the interests of Terran business, and things finally seemed to be stable on the surface.

The main philosophy her family ascribes to is that whatever one believes in must be earned, that life is a series of struggles that one must always be steadfast and ready to overcome. Even a semi-spoiled only child can appreciate the devotion of her forefathers, and so she tries to live up to her name, and do the best she can to maintain this bright new future while being ever vigilant to stamp out the embers of corruption. Yet in peacetime, it is hard to gain a sense of appreciative understanding for that sort of atmosphere.

To gain a sense of understanding even in the most arbitrary sense, she began training in the traditional arts of her people at a young age. She had a natural affinity for these arts of war, cultivated in thousands of years of philosophical foundations based on harmony. She thought it rather puzzling, that the understanding of serenity that brings forth domination of the opponent. She struggles to follow the path of what a self-actualized human being ought to be, yet finds a thrill in the momentary confrontations for survival and the glory of victory.

She was starting her sophomore year at the Military Collegiate for Girls when the Arcadian Institute sent out its summons. As a gesture of good will from the Liu family and in the pursuit of learning all she can to protect the delicate balance of the world, she accepted and boarded the first earthbound shuttle to the vicinity marked within.

Before Arcadia

- She was the childhood friend of David Hasegawa, often visiting his homestead. Admiring his strength, she often joined him in his play with the local kids, and learned a kenjutsu form from him. She looked up to him as an older brother figure, though he jokingly demanded to be called her sensei

Arrival At Arcadia

In the Court of the Ice Giant King

The first major mission of the new class was to assist Moira, and associate of Edan's, in protecting a local village by exterminating a local infestation of ice giants. With no real powers to speak of at the time, Liu used an army knife to climb onto the shoulders of an ice giant, thrusting the point of a staff into its temple to incense it in attacking its companions, which worked to surprising effect. Later, she would assist Aureole in coming to grips with the situation, assisting her in taking down another one in retribution for injuring Alice and Drake. In the aftermath, she helped to patch up the wounded with rudimentary first aid where Sara Angha was not available.

The Milo Incident

Milo Incident Aftermath

The Phoenix Squad

One idle morning after the broadcast detailing the return of Bradenber Cattal, General Gunner and the Phoenix squadron arrived at the institute. The general himself came forward to question the Director about a certain pertinant issue, much to Liu's chagrin, as she felt they were blowing time off from their duty of looking out for the UEC, particularly the colony sattelite states. Not unexpected from her estimation, however, as the Phoenix Squadron had left Colony VIII to fend for itself on numerous occassions despite its membership. Old grudges die hard.

In a three pronged attack along with Marcus and Juni, Liu fought the self-styled combat precog Bridgestone. Despite his advantage, she managed to hold him back on sheer skill, enough to occupy him for Marcus and Juni to deliver the finishing blow with a portal-shunted guided laser, immolating his personal shields and knocking him out.

Django and the Celestial Maidens

Along with the other Arcadians, they met Django, one of the legendary Dragons. To her shock and surprise, she found that this Django was a six foot, bipedal, talking canine, something which she has yet to get used to. Here, the class received their destinies.

Afterward, the class were treated to a sumptuous banquet. Liu revealed herself to be quite the hearty eater, especially relishing in seafood, eating several dungeness crabs. When Juni incited a food fight, Liu silently toed her way out of the room and spent the evening shooting the breeze with Eben, and discovering another talking canine in Lain - though it turned out, Lain was much less amicable than Django.


The Funeral of Hunter Marcino

Unable to sleep the night before, having spent several hours at the shooting range to test out the weapon she had found (which she dubbed the 'Keychain Dragon'), Liu found that the energy network supported by the Khalenian Nanomachines directly sapped her energy reserves, and thus at the early hour of the wake, she was barely awake. Liu managed to hide this fact by literally sleeping on her feet during the entire procession.

When a scuffle broke out between Alice and Nelma Navila, Liu seemed to spring into action, cocking her pistol, but it was soon revealed as a reflex action she took in her sleep. Drake would later unfortunately discover that Liu continued to fight even through slumber, taking him down and twisting his leg in a heel lock while still unconscious. She released him when Marcus roused her from her stupor, sleeping on the shuttle ride back home.

Training for the Tournament, Part 1: The Wild Wild West

On their return to Arcadia, Director Edan had designated the class into five designated teams. Liu was appointed to a team with Drake, Jason, Gilander, and Ruby, much to her distress. In addition, she was placed in command of the mission, a defensive seige on a desert town.

Walker Gabriel

More Field Trips: Mindburner, Dragons, and Devourers

- In an abandoned villa, the Arcadians discovered an abandoned seaside town, home to a corpulent abomination that hod between dimensions. Calling itself 'Mindburner', it attacked the Arcadians from its hiding spot. Using her newly attuned energy senses, Liu managed to stab it, but was nearly crippled by the psychic backlash. Torn out from her fear by the sound of a gunshot from Marcus, Liu blasted the otherworldly horror with the Keychain Dragon, ripping a hole in its bloated body with the remnants of her reformatted psychic energy, giving the class an opening to exploit in its defenses. Shortly after, she fell comatose.

- Liu and Team Wolf led a charge on the battlefield, diverting the Wyvern army and downing the great Black Dragon. Liu shred shred its great wings with Drake's assistance, and the Arcadians managed to blnd it and turn it around, crashing its corpse into the land-based attack of the enemy forces, changing the tide of the battle.

Bradenburg and the Technomancers

- Abducted by Charlie Tyme and the Incarnations of Immortality, the class was starting to get tired of being jerked around in space and time by 'Fate'. Liu confronted 'Charlie' about this, whose answers began to make less sense as he went on. Having enough, she took a swipe at him, causing him to cast off the charade, revealing himself to be Sylvia Silver, one of Bradenburg Cattal's henchmen. In an ultimately futile effort, the Arcadians were defeated and the archives were ransacked.

The IBT is Almost Here!: Last Minute Training

The Interstellar Battle Tournament

Round One: Team Nightcaster

- In the final bout Liu fought 'Twilight', revealed to be a revenant Jack the Ripper. Gradually, Liu began to fatigue, losing blood and mobility due to many deep, surgically precise cuts. However, she managed to close the gap and strike a Ci Jia Zhang on his brow, psionically incapacitating him and knocking him out, carrying Arcadia into the next bracket.

Round Two: Team Crimson Sun

Round Three: The Unusual Bastards

The Conspiracy

The Grey City and the Eternal Bazaar

- Upon discovering the Arcadians displaced in space and time, Liu trained in swordsmanship with Thomas Kelly
- Exploring the bazaar, she found three masters of Souther Shaolin kung fu. The terms of the exchange being one of abilities, she managed to keep her abilities sharp and acquired some new skills.
- In the assault on the High Guard's complex, Liu fend off sevral members of the Ogun clan, incapacitating them without killing a single one. Back to back with Wong Kei Ying, she learned the basics of Hung Ga Kuen off the cuff.
- Later she dove into the battlefield, and led her class in engaging the Kraden Commander. Though she managed to fend him off for a time, the sheer power of the cyborg commander required a collective team effort. Realizing a good portion of his strength came from his energy, Liu used her qi to pluck the energy field off of his back, after James had struck a mighty blow that pierced through his armor.
- In the later collective effort, Liu used all of her energy abilities to wrest the commander's essence out of Clancy, ripping out portions of the malevolent spirit. In a three pronged attack with Drake and Aureole, they finally managed to kill him for good.

The Ruins, The Desert, and the Legacy of the First

The Village Hidden in the Leaves

- Aided by Aburame Yoko and her accompanying ninja squadron
- Discovered a world in peril under the mysterious cult of 'The Queen', leading to a massive hypnosis and enslavement
- Met The Scanner, a mimic using a soul absorbing engine to collect the energies of the world for return to the Queen
- He absorbed Alice's means of communicating with Dreamers, James' fortitude, Sara's psychic abilities, and Aureole's Golden Armor. In the middle of a group attack, Liu cut through his copied Golden Armor as Juni destroyed his engine, leaving him temporarily vulnerable for James to finish him off
- in the evening, the Queen's temptation in their dreams. Liu was protected by the illumination of the Jade Lantern


- Bailed out Gerard St Johns from a Solaran Mecha attack
- When the Arcadians, namely Alice, botched the negotiations, took charge with a forceful bit of rationalization
- Trained with Gilander, wrestled to a stalemate with James,
- Has a discussion with Alice, which left both uncertain about the future
- grew increasingly tired and lost her motivation to lead the Arcadians.

Space Bugs and Superheroes

- Arrived in a strange new reality, with Drake, Aureole, Ruby, and Emanulle still bottoming out and questioning her ability to lead
- Rescued Paragon, a superhero from the DCU RPG. Paragon then went on to sort of muscle his way into leading the Arcadians, which provoked Liu to lash out at him for belittling her and her comrades' capabilities, before concluding that considering the track record, it probably wasn't far from the truth,
- Aang, the Last Avatar, granted her knowledge of Spirit Bending

Hell and back again

- At Arcadian High, Liu was a straight A student, class president, and succumbed to the pressures of being smart and popular. In this reality, she didn't practice martial arts, but instead was an aspiring ballerina dancer. An intervention via her memories of David Hasegawa, her childhood friend and rival, spurred her to awakening.

- Confronting Lucifer, Liu was beaten down by his power, but stood defiantly before him, chiding him for his manipulations, for he for all his nigh omnipotent influence was unable to change the course of things to come. Finally she had rediscovered her resolve to lead the Arcadians.

Julien's a Jerk

- This is an official title.
- When Alice escalated the scale of the fight, Liu backed away with Ruby and Marcus to plan a setup. Because it was unlikely that they could beat Julien in a straight fight that played into energy and close combat since he could predict everything and match them step for step, she set Ruby and Marcus up to charge in and ambush Julien outside of his line of sight

The rescue

- upgraded institute by prompts left by Edan
- went to rescue Hilda from a Nevadian transport; followed back on board by an invisible man
- went to rescue Edan from The Wall
- established contact with Django, the maidens, and Moria, Django psionically interrogates the invisible man and drains off his power, revealing him to be a corrupted human being

Rescuing the Bastards

- Led a team into the Graveyard of Metal, a slagged aftermath of military flotillas made into an armored space colony about a hundred years ago. It lies just before the mars in the peripheral orbit of Earth

Powers and Abilities

Status Points
Strength 00
Speed 22
Intelligence 10
Agility 25
Durability 05
Stamina 12
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 25
Ki/Chi 28
Magic 28
Psychic 10
Tech 00

Neijia Kung Fu (內家功夫)

In addition to military applications she had studied at the Xuanwu Men Military Academy, Liu has had extensive training in the internal-style systems of Chinese Kung Fu. In contrast to other martial systems which rely on acrobatics or direct power generation, the Neijia styles emphasize a cultivation of inner power and a holistic use of body mechanics.

Bagua Zhang (八卦掌)

A style based on rotational power and circular footwork, Bagua Zhang relies on captivating the enemy with deceptive motions and using an opponent's momentum against them.

Due to its passivity and broad width of applications, it is usually Liu's opening stance.

Xingyi Quan (形意拳)

Based on simultaneous attack and defense, using in-close striking and grappling. The Xing Yi blows are dealt with every facet of the body for power generation in order to end engagements as swiftly as possible. It's a precise style based on sequential timing and strategic hitting.

Baji Quan (八極拳)

A style with seemingly soft movements leading up to a hard clashing blow, Baji Quan is a brutally efficient close-combat style. Characterized by sudden energy generation and powerful strikes carrying power generated from the whole of the body, it is the most aggressive of Liu's styles.

Pigua Zhang (劈掛掌)

Relying on fast hands, swift rotational power and quick changes of momentum, this style deals with exploiting vulnerabilities and taking charge of the counter-attack.

Taiji Quan (太極拳)

A soft, passive style, Taiji Quan is rooted in Taoist dualism. Taiji is in reference to "Absolute Form". In combat applications, by passively giving oneself up to absolute form, the path to a solution will ease itself out naturally in a deadly counterattack which uses the opponent's force against them.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Currently, Liu is working on improving her technique by incorporating additional elements from other styles. In the Bazaar, she had a crash course in the Southern Systems of Wing Chun, Choy Li Fut, and Hung Gar Kuen.

Chi Techniques

Nei Jin (內勁)

As a practitioner of Internal-style martial arts, Liu has already been utilizing a theory of power generation that relies the body operating in harmony with all of its elements. It wasn't until recently that she discovered that the spiritual roots of these practices have begun to manifest in practice.

A flexible essence, the Nei Jin is a relaxed force that manifests itself with full commitment to explosive striking power (+ strength) or a buffering defensive power (+ durability).

Sān Bǎo (三寶)

In Taoist theory, the San Bao are the three cornerstones of internal energy skills; chi (vitality) jing (essence), and shen (spirit).

Chi (氣) - Vitality Restoration

The first of the San Bao. While the vital force can be used to increase energy and martial power, when cultivated within, with some concentration it can be used to heal wounds inflicted and replenish the body anew and allowing her to fight longer, or persevere in less than optimal conditions.

Jing (精) - Spiritual Essence

The second technique, coinciding with her rather green abilities in magic. With concentration, Liu can sense and interact with free-form energy, dispersing or redirecting it with some skill.

Shen (神) - Autonomy of Soul

The third technique. Turning her attention inward, Liu can ascend to the spiritual plane to combat psionic entities by using her chi to amplify her mental defenses (+ psy). This allows her to directly combat energy beings and affect essences with physical attacks

Gang Zhang Bo (剛掌波) "Rigid Palm Wave"

Focussing her qi as an invisible aura over her body, Liu is able to strike at a range beyond the reach of her limbs (approx. 2 meters)

A versatile medium range attack, she is able to strike a bombardment of concussive force in the area before her with her palm; projected through her fingertips, she is capable of deep-reaching slashing attacks with great penetrating power.

In addition, when applied with qi gathered from her environments to 'color' her own, the qi wave gains certain elemental properties

Jintou Jing "Internal Agony Strike"

Jintou Jing

A striking technique used to affect an opponent from within. Liu strikes her palm onto an opponent, and her chi causes a vibration by bouncing about within the opponent's body, usually manifested in a ringing in the ears causing disorientation or a dulled sensation where struck.

Applying a successive strike in this manner effectively triggers two chi empowered blows, one from within, and one from outside.

Huang Long (黃龍)

The head of the Si Xiang, and the fifth beast of Taoist Cosmology representing the Earth element. Summoned from within Liu as a projection of her mastery and willpower. Yang technique with Yin elements, the essence of the technique was taught to her by Wei Levi.


Wu Xing Ba Gua "Five Elements Eight Trigrams"

Using her Jing ability as a guideline, Liu can draw energy from the environment and utilize it to 'color' her chi with elemental properties to boost her own power. How much Liu knows of the specific details of this process is unknown.

Jin - Metal Element

Yin chi drawn from Bai Hu (白虎); Rigid force, Conductive energy. Imbues a conductive property to her qi

Shuei - Water Element

Yin drawn from Xuan Wu (玄武); Buffering force, Yielding energy. Imbues an absorbing property to her qi.

Mu - Wood Element

Yang chi of Qing Long (青龍); Generative Force, Projecting energy. Imbues an expanding property to her qi.

Huo - Fire Element

Yang chi of Zhu Que; Consuming Force, Destructive Energy. Imbues a destructive property to her qi.

+++The Manifestations of Huang Long

Elemental chi drawn from the diety Huang Long, the Hornless Dragon of the Earth. Given the power of the celestial diety, it requires a great deal of focus and discipline to master

The First Manifestation of Huang Long 貔貅 (Pi Xiu)

A juvenile form of the Dragon, it is a creature that consumes malediction to create fortune in its wake. Thus, it is an expression of a Yin aspect.

Using this technique of Yin elements, Liu is able to absorb incoming energies (Mag/Psy/Ki, and kinetic energy under certain circumstances) and use them to her advantage in combat by syncing up her jing ability with it, thus gaining an immediate boost in chi for herself to use on contact. Given time to prepare by drawing energy from the environs, she can hold up to 1.5 times her magic score in extra energy.

The Second Manifestation of Huang Long 麒麟 (Qi Lin)

The harbinger of righteous fury. Yang elemental.

The Third Manifestation of Huang Long 鳳凰 Feng Huang

The bringer of fortune and grace. Yin technique with Yang elements. Celestial equal and counterpart to the Huang Long


Currently Liu is growing in understanding her ability to call upon psychic powers, and thus has a basic skillset which can be invoked. She has a sort of 'danger sense', an intuitive sense of things like emotional content and strong intentions, and a minor level of tactile telekinesis activated subconsciously in striking power through her martial arts forms.

Chi Shou (黐手) "Sticking Hands"

When she lays hands on an opponent, Liu is able to feel the mechanical force and energies that course through them by telekinetically sticking to them with her hands or forearms in a close guard. This enhances her ability to test their resistances and find gaps in their defense.

An enemy's force can also be manipulated harshly against them by her using their own body mechanics, such as subtly guiding a limb's force against or beyond its inteded range of motion.

Ci Jia Zhang (刺戛掌) "Stabbing Lance Palm"

A psionic attack based loosely on pressure points. While the blow does not bypass durability or cause any actual injuries, it shocks the nerves causing extreme neuropathic pain for those without any psychic ability or mental resistance of their own for a few minutes.

Yì Zhì Gong (意志功) "Will Skill"

A tactile telekinetic field which increases Liu's mobility (+ speed). It also allows her to stick to surfaces, allowing her to gain footing on nigh any terrain. With the right thrust, it also allows her to glide into the air in great leaps. Applied in conjunction with an enemy's movement, it also enhances her ability to dodge and counter.

Qi - blended energy

In game terms, the main 'innate' energy disciplines are termed ki/chi, magic, and psychic. In playing Liu, and in reference to her ability to sync and manipulate each type of energy, 'qi' in this context refers to the total pool of energies, both internal and external, that she can wield. Therefore, many of Liu's techniques can be mixed and applied to each other across disciplines.

Dragon Phoenix Mirror

The highest expression of heavenly and earthly elements. Liu is able to absorb and mimic the power and nature of an opponent's ability using the Phoenix form as a stat drain, and the Dragon form is an energy re-distributor. Within her combined capacity of chi and magic (56), Liu is able to use the total pool to buff 1.5 times into redistributed stats (84)

Wu Yi Zhuan 無想転 "Nil Intent Transmigration"

In the Taoist and Buddhist traditions, 'wu' means void/nothingness. While Yin and Yang refer to the duality of all elements that exist under heaven, 'wu' is a primordial power that refers to the eternal void that preceded creation; that which is nothing, and that which is without limit

By tapping into the Void, Liu is able to suppress an opponent's abilities by interrupting their energy flow. Partaking the Void within herself, it allows her exist briefly in a paradoxical state of 'non-being'; she becomes unreadable to extrasensory abilities and able to phase through an opponent's attack. Combined with her skill, this would allow for a perfect setup for a counter attack, provided that she can get into hand to hand range for a second or so.

The downside is that, obviously, it is extremely draining on her - she remains, after all, mortal. A cost of [B]3 stamina points[/B] is required for the application of one sequence, so in a prolonged fight she would not be able to use it more than three times before requiring supplemental healing.


Xanatos PGA Mk. III

The Xanatos Polyalloy Gauntlet Armament Mark III is a portable weapon which assumes a number of forms. At resting state, the lightweight polyalloy matrix rests on her arm in a gauntlet until it is activated by neural command. Originally meant as an espionage weapon contracted by Colony VIII scientists, the project was abandoned when complex machinery - such as firearms - could not be simulated. Thus the Mk I and IIs have gain popularity as recreational wushu items.

While staying in the midst of Django's realm, with her further tuned faculties of qi and energy it was revealed that the PGA seems to have some metaphysical properties, which draws spiritual energy into itself.


  • Staff ("gun" 棍) "The Grandfather"

The PGA's default expansion form. Two meters long from end to end. Light weight and flexible enough to absorb a good amount of shock.

  • Dao (刀) "The Soldier"

A basic sword configuration, the PGA's Dao Form is a single edged broad, curved blade 80 cm long and 15 cm at its widest. Its construction's emphasis is on cutting and slashing power.

  • Jian (劍) "The Noble"

A Chinese sabre configuration, dual edged and tapered to a point with slightly concave hexagonal cross-section, 85 cm in length and 6.5 cm wide. Hard edged with a flexible core, it's a weapon of finesse.

  • Spear ("qiang" 槍) "The King"

215 centimeters long with a hardened piercing tip. Its structure is much more flexible than the staff which give it somewhat 'elastic' handling, allowing for finesse cuts with a wavering rebound on the point.

  • Guan Dao (關刀) "The General"

200 centimeters long from tip to tip, with a broad blade 65 centimeters long and 24 centimeters wide. A relatively heavy weapon, the increased leverage provides superior cutting and hard crushing power

  • Miao Dao (苗刀) "The Patriot"

140 centimeters from pommel to tip, 6.5 centimeters wide. A single edged straight blade with a long two-handed grip, it provides leverage, momentum and greater range of motion behind its slashing power without sacrificing the benefits of a piercing tip.

  • Butterfly Swords ("hudie shuang dao" 蝴蝶雙刀)

35 cm long by 8 cm wide blade with a hand guard and a notch above the dull edge for trapping blades. A famous Southern chinese weapon Liu learned to use from Ng Mui of Wing Chun and Wong Kei Ying of Hung Gar in the Grey City

  • Rope Dart
  • Garrote Wire


A decent pair of regular field binoculars. Used by Liu to see situations from afar before charging in.

Energy Pistol

Keychain Dragon
Found in a box

Found among the Khalenian ruins, one of many post-humous prizes won by Hunter Marcino in his final battle.

It is a small armament capable of high power shots in a short range bursts, hence its nickname. Utilizing Khalenian nanomachines as an interface between the host's energy network and the charge of the fuel cell, the Dragon is a miniaturized particle cannon which runs off of the user's natural energies. Condensing energies into a burst shot (Tech + Psy + Mag + Chi) with a blast radius of 1.5 meters, it has an optimum firing distance of 50 meters before the blast will seize and dissipate.

In theory, the ammunition could be infinite, but the major drawback of running off of vital energies is that the number of times it can be fired is directly related to physical stamina (Stam = effective magazine)

The Compass of Huang Di

The Compass of Huang Di
A guiding light

A celestial artifact confiscated during the Chinese Cultural Revolution by a Party officer, Liu came across it in the Grey City by coincidence. Exchanging a recipe for a bowl of noodles saved a man's reputation.

While designated as a compass, it is one in utility only. It would be more accurately described as an ornamental jade lantern that at first glance holds no light. Through the bearer's will as a medium, the lantern will show the true path to what is near to the user's heart. However, it requires intensive focus and determination to use, and will not illuminate for one that has occluded thoughts or turbulent emotions.


From Konoha, Liu has taken a liberal amount of Shuriken and Kunai from her ninja hosts, as well as the explosive tags. While currently unable to reproduce the latter in a reliable manner, she was taught by Special Jounin Aburame Yoko how to activate them.

From the CHROME universe, Liu managed to acquire a carbine from the barracks. Its ammunition was stated to be useful in a pinch against Mech armor, implying something unique in the bullets' construction.


Revya Amano

Drawn to Revya on the first day mostly because he was a standoff from the group, his reserved silence and constant complaints of headaches roused Liu's concern briefly, but later she decided that he was just and introverted sort of person. Often Liu tries to crack jokes and get him to lighten up, feeling he takes himself too seriously outside of battle. She would discover another side of him, however, when she became curious as to what it was he kept in his briefcase, and tends to wander into sparring matches with him. As such, she was the first person who ever persuaded Revya to voluntarily use his sword in single combat. Oddly enough, they have a silent sort of respect for each others' abilities

Gilander Gatlain

In the first few days of the Arcadian semester, Liu had become fascinated with the exploits of the first Director, Kagura Ise-Smith-Gatlain. When she discovered that a living descendant was among her class, she hardly expected somebody like Gilander. With a lofty reputation of the legendary Class of Dragons in his lineage, she finds his behaviour disrespectful of such a legacy, and his confrontational attitude frustrating.

Marcus Hester

Liu and Marcus have a common background in conventional military training. While their relatively normal abilities set them somewhat offcast from the others, right out of the gate the two were able to coordinate and work together, Liu's up-close combat ability made for creating shot openings for the deadly accurate sniper incredibly easy.

Alice King

Due to Alice's great power coupled with her childish nature, Liu has elected to keep her eyes on her in a sort of sisterly relationship. When regarding her, she heeds her needs and assertively addresses them with a gentle touch. However, she is quietly vigilant, should the need arise to neutralize Alice before she has another episode of getting out of hand.

Jason Sun Lin Jian Shen (孙林健神)

Jason's abrasive nature, couple with his tendencey to verbosely make his shifting convictions known are a source of ire for Liu. She perceives that his need to arrogantly postulate himself above his peers by denoting their moral fallacies while holding no solid standards of his own as needlessly aggravating. While she does know he possesses a dangerous mind, she doesn't overtly dislike him, and will tolerate his nature so long as his locus of control remains limited. Recently, their relationship has become openly, and mutually, caustic, as Jason's abilities grow and his fear of the other Arcadians dies down.

Drake Vargas

Liu has a somewhat antagonistic relationship with Drake, due in no small part to his initial desire to challenge her over trivial matters. Over time, this became a strange plea for affection from him, which Liu remains oblivious to, though she finds his quirky nature amusing. As a friend, while she respects his creativity, technological prowess, and intellectual insight, she has little patience for his impulsive attitude which has often led to him getting into trouble - a fact that she is often the first to confront him about.


Event Artist Song
Liu Lan-Yue Theme Soul Calibur III Water Dance
Training 1 Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Bonus Stage (Arrange)
Training 2 Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Ryu's Meditation
Battle Theme 1: "Default" Kenji Kawai Balsa Hashiru
Battle Theme 2: "Team Wolf" RE: Code Veronica A State of Emergency
Bloodlust Contra: Shattered Soldier Slave Beast Taka
Strategy Advance Wars Days of Ruin
A Declaration of War Mozart's Requiem Dies Irae
Pride of Colony VIII Tak Matsumoto The Road of Lords
Victory(?) Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger To Be a Winner
Forlorn Ballerina Final Fantasy VI Coin of Fate
The Captain Gyakuten Saiban Great Revival 2009
Building a Better Future Flow World's End


  • Liu's appearance is based on Taiwanese model Lin Zhi-Ling; a picture of Lin is used in this profile
  • Her creator imagines she might be voiced by Alyson Court, the actress that portrays Claire Redfield
  • Her martial arts are derived from the classic Wudang styles
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