Lilith Vargreaves
Lilith Vargreaves
Also Known As Lily, The Broken Puppeteer
Birthplace Staffordshire, England
Date of Birth February 19
Age 12 (Beginning of SHR1)
Height 4'7 / 140 cm.
Weight 71 lbs.
Blood Type O

Introduced during the dorm tournament arc of School House Rumbles 1 as the captain of the mysterious Shadow Dorm, Lilith, or "Lily," as she prefers to be called, would appear to be nothing more than a small, frail girl in a wheelchair. As the story progressed, several students, including Natalie Schroeder and Janos Tantalus would find that, not only was her body broken, but so was her mind. Although captain of her dorm, only three puppets she controls with her powerful psychic abilities were her only company, yet they would only assist her in her downward spiral to insanity and ruin.
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