Name: Lilian Talbot Edith
RPer: Guy1
Age: 25
Style: Evil version of Edith style martial arts.

Bio: Born as a prodigy, Lilian had phenomenal potential. Mastering the Golden Armor at age 5. However, she was not satisfied with it. She wished for strength. Not to protect, but for herself. As such, she began twisting and changing her own ki behind her parents backs. Within two years, she had changed it, corrupted it. Lilian had created a ki that actually responded to her opponent's pain, allowing her to draw power from it. She named this SouKi.
Her parents eventually caught onto this and tried to help her, make her see the evil of what she was doing. Lilian didn't listen and continued with her personal training. Sir and Madame Edith took her to the best therapist they could buy. No good. Even as her parents tried to help her, she continued to corrupt herself. When she was nine, she got in a fight with an out of town martial artist, an older man who had won a few tournaments. Lilian fought the man equally at first, but soon overpowered and beat him bloody. Her parents arrived in time to prevent her from killing him.

It was after this that they used their resources to have a group of doctors and therapists work with her to try and curb her blood lust. She was placed in a facility with the hopes that they could help her. Her parents visited frequently. Four years later, she escaped, burning the building down. Sir and Lady Edith spent months searching for her, but she was not found.

Lilian herself has spent her time training, she has become extremely powerful, enough that she can defeat multiple fighters without a sweat. Her SouKi has been developed to an aura that can even burn people alive if they are not able to match or withstand high ki. Her location is unknown. She moves around frequently without a set goal.

Sadistic, she cares for nothing but the fight and her own enjoyment.


Strength: 20
Speed: 30
Intelligence: 15
Agility: 30
Durability: 20
Stamina: 15
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill: 15
Ki/Chi: 55


5)Burn Aura: Not necessarily an attack, but Lilian powering up. Surrounding an entire room with her ki. This can burn people alive.

10)Thunder Hard Bullet: Produces an explosive orb of SouKi to fling at her opponent.

15)Net Seal Seizing: A pressure point strike to the back of the neck that works by forcibly drawing Ki from the user's body, transforming the Ki into a reactive poison. Tends to be fatal if the victim has large amounts of Ki.
This technique can be defeated by the victim working their own ki exactly to expel the poison from their body.

20)Transport: A mid-range teleportation technique.

25)Pulse Drive: Lilian fires a a large and powerful beam of purple energy from her palm. Upon impact, a second, larger column of purple energy erupts from target causing a double hit.

30) Double Blades: Lilian creates two energy blades, one in each hand.

35) Rapid Hard Bullet: Lilian holds out one hand and fires several Thunder Hard Bullets one after the other rapidly.

40) Mouth Blast: Lilian fires her at the opponent in the form of a piercing beam.

45) Shade Twister: Lilian spins rapidly, briefly creating a large, cutting tornado around herself. This has a small charge up time, and she is left briefly vulnerable to attack at the end of it as she recovers from the technique.

50) Omni Midnight Flash: Lilian focuses all of her ki, and turns it into an orb around her body. Lilian then releases it as an explosion that demolishes the area around her. While very powerful, this technique exhausts her, so she only uses it as a last resort.

55) Infinite Violent Waves: Her ultimate technique that sends SouKi rushing through her entire body, bringing her fighting strength and durability to triple it's standard level. However, this is briefer then the Ascension Armor, is it can leave her insides messed up if used for too long. Furthermore, this has the side effect of burning away her humanity each time it used. As with the Midnight Flash, this is a last resort move. Unlike the Golden Armor used by the Edith's, this does not increase her speed any.

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