Laron Grand

"Son of Hidden Blade, remember to think before you run fultilt into battle. Utilize your full power, and watch as you eneimes fall like wheat before the scythe."

"Man of Speed, your fate hangs on a Nail. Against it, you must not hold back. If you do, you shall be overwhelmed and never return."

"Child of Cybernetics, thou hast been named the Hidden Sword by Fate. Go, and fufill thy destiny."

- Laron's Naming.
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Laron Grand
Birthplace Lil' Haiti
Age 16
Height 6'3''
Weight 170 lbs.
Nationality Colony IV
Gender Male
AKA Hidden Sword



Laron Grand was born to a pair of young parents on the outer rim of Colony IV, in a sector called Lil' Haiti. This sector of the colony is by far the worst part of it, serving as a home for castoffs from society and other refugees. Laron's family was very close knit………at least he liked to wish they were. His parents were hardly ever home, and his main home was a broken down dojo where he fought this strange old man with gray eyes like his. The old man beat him down every day until Laron learned to fight back, and defend himself. Little did Laron know the man was testing the citizens of Lil' Haiti to find out which castoff would be the most adept for Project Mutil8. He found Laron the best candidate, being a young and speedy fighter, and negotiated a deal with his parents to sell their child into his custody. Laron saw this happened and naturally, was quite heartbroken, by being betrayed. The experiment, which bonded the nanites under his skin and enhanced his reflexes and overall senses and chi manipulation was a painful process. 8 years old and being made into a killer. After the bonding process was finished he went back to training with Mr Grey. After the first hour of his fight with Mr Grey, Laron was pushed into "overdrive mode" in which he felt his power surge into him and the nanites activate, and he ripped Mr Grey's lower intestine out with a rushing punch. As his over drive high died down, Laron realized what he did, and broke down. he later received a letter from the healed Mr Grey (stasis healing tube) from this Arcadia academy. The government of colony IV wishes for Mr. Grand to learn some self control, and better his abilities as a fighter

Other:Despite his rather………bizarre upbringing, Laron is a optimist, and prefers to look on the birght side of things. he feels if you don't…….then you're gonna realize how much your life DOES suck >_<


White T shirt with a black circle in the middle that has a smiley face, along with brown jeans and a blue 'jacket' with gray gloves. elbows have gray spores coming out of them that form into sharp blades
Tall, short braids

Powers and Abilities

Nanotech enhanced capoeira learned from an old government agent "Mr. Grey"

Form: Cybernetics

Overdrive Mode:
This is the foundation of the power given to Laron by Mr. Grey, from his body come terrible blades of chi, a mighty fusion of mankind's technological and spiritual might, the blades can cut through the vast majority of substances and come out when he strikes with his fists.

Overdrive Mode Advancement:
Laron's striking power from his fist's increases by his chi score, this does not equal true strength for anything but how much damage he can deal out, and how far his blades go in

Overdrive Mode Ascension:
Laron's overdrive mode goes beyond simple weapons. With this power his blades become arms of their own. Laron is able to gain an additional chi divided by four arms as he fights, all of which have access to his normal Overdrive Modes.

Chi Fist:
Laron can also propel a blast of chi from his fist out to his chi score in yards, striking with full power of his chi.

Chi Constructs:
Laron wields the ability to make solid objects out of his chi, with the durability equal to his chi score these weapons give range and defense to his melee attacks.

Chi Missiles:
Laron can create his magic score in chi blasts that he can direct to devastating effect, taking out small armies with them, they however are far weaker than his full power blast at about van busting and take far more out of him than a normal chi blast.

Chi Infusion:
A power something like a combination of acupuncture and knife throwing, Laron can throw a blade from his body to strike an enemy, if the blade penetrates the chi will infuse itself in the enemy's body, shutting it down for Laron's chi score in hours, this has the disadvantage of being hard on Laron's body rapidly tiring him out.

Chi Speed:
Laron gains the power to convert his chi score into his speed stat, speeding incredibly rapidly. However his agility is not similarly enhanced, limiting the effects somewhat.

Chi Blink:
Teleport. You know the drill.

Chi Suck:
Laron gains the ability to drain energy from enemies that use chi (external or internal) when his blade cuts them, draining their energy for his use.

Finality Vesuvius:
Both of his arms become turbocharged with chi, as he hits the ground and lets it erupt like the namesake. This converts the ground into an area effect chi burst that envelops all who stand within range.

Current Point Allocation
Strength 20
Speed 20
Agility 18
Durability 35
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 10
Ki/Chi 40
Stamina 20
Intelligence 2

edit: sadly I failed hard with this dude. I missed mad chunks of SHR2, causing him to have little to no personality

it' kind of sucked

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