Kekowa Hasegawa

Kekowa Hasegawa (長谷川 ケコワ) was a character in School House Rumble: A New Generation of Fighters. A zealous fighter notorious for his questionable moral code and headstrong personality, he dedicated his life to the taste of victory

Kekowa Hasegawa
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 16 (Beginning of SHR1)
Height 6'0" / 183 cm.
Weight 200 lbs / 91 kg
Blood Type O-

Character Concept/Creation

Fictional Character Biography

Pre-Arcadian Years

Kekowa came from a normal family, his father a factory worker, his mother a teacher, his parents worked hard to put food on the table and raise their son. Unfortunately they couldn't pay as much attention to their son as they would like. When Kekowa was ten years old he observed a bully on the play ground beating a kid up. Kekowa tried to help but the bully pummeled him on that day he promised himself two things: one that he would never lose again, and two that he would be the greatest fighter in the world and use his strength to help those in need. till he was thriteen he bounced from master to master gobbling up as many different styles as he could, all the while working on his amazing speed and strength. At 15 not only did he rule his High school, but made it a point to go to other schools and prove his dominance, amassing a flock of followers. By the time his letter arrives at 16 he is know as the "Demon king of Tokyo". After getting the letter he realizes his skills are not yet what they could be, he appoints someone in charge of his flock and heads for the school.

Arcadian Semester

School Tournament Arc

Sylph Dorm

The Avatar of Time

In Between Rounds

Norn Dorm

Dragons Through Time

Island of the Null Mage

Battle Against Solarius

World Tournament


The Lilith Wars

Spring Break

Mithisar the Mirror: XKS Triumvirate

War Against the Primes




Powers and Abilities

End-Game Point Allocation
Strength ??
Speed ??
Intelligence 05
Agility ??
Durability 15
Stamina ??
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill ??
Ki/Chi FOUR??
Magic ??
Psychic ??

Kekowa's main form is of Kempo/Karate however he has a limited knowledge of Kickboxing and Kung fu, as well as more than enough skills in Japanese swordsmanship, favoring the kodachi, though he is proficient with katana and tanto as well.

After a trip to the spirit world Kekowa is the sole heir and master of the holy god fist. A technique so powerful that for 2000 years its only been passed to one successor at a time.

Chi Injection

Kekowa can inject a portion of his chi into his opponest causing parts of their body's to shut down or rupture from within

Stat Boost

A point for point transfer. Basically He can dump his chi into one of his physical stast(stregth, speed, durabilty) to uncrease for taht many points his dumps into it

Chi Shield

Kekowa can make a wall of curved Chi, the effect being to block and or throw back an enemy's attack.

Healing wave

Kekowa shoots a white wave from his hands striking one or more poeple and healing them of injury. The damage healed and number being healed depends on how much Chi Kekwoa uses and who he intends to heal. He prefers to do it up close as to not fail and only help one at a time. If use uses it too much and helps to many he'll tire and have to take a breather.


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The picture is Daigo Kazama from Rival Schools

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