Juni Ivis

"Red Mage, under your carefree and creative attitude lies a dangerous power. Wisdom tampered with creativity shall make thy power a threat your enemies cannot overcome easily."

"Window Sorceress, thy fate shal be met in a place that is not a place, and in a time that is not a time. There yoy shall either go mad, or find the truth behind thy power."

"Hammerspace Enchantress, thou hast been named the Lady of Doors by Fate. Go, and fufill thy destiny."

- Juni's Naming

Juni Ivis
Birthplace Singapore
Age 16
Height 5'7''
Weight 120 lbs.
Nationality Singaporean
Gender female


Juni grew up in a relatively well to do family. Her powers first manifested at age 5, when she teleported to save her teddy bear from being crushed beneath her mother’s foot.

Despite her powers and her growing control over them, her parents insisted that she attend school as any other child would. She exercised with stunning physical results, had friends, somehow contrived to be late for school and otherwise led a relatively normal, if exciting childhood. Her biggest notable deviance was studying the art of explosives creation. A naturally taboo study subject for non-professionals, she was nonetheless fascinated enough to train herself in secret. She was contemplating setting up a courier business when the Arcadia Invitation arrived in her mailbox.

Powers and Abilities

Juni’s portals work by accessing a pocket universe she calls Hammerspace, transporting the target through it and accessing the original universe via another portal. While she experiences no problem transporting objects in and out of Hammerspace at will and sensing their location while in that realm, these portals behave differently when taking in living energies. As yet, she has been unable to slow herself down enough while teleporting to actually stay in there. She thus has a limited understanding of it and is unaware that she is its creator. It gets worse with foreign living beings. She tried to portal a rat once. The feedback put her in a coma for a week, and the destabilised portal splattered the poor animal all over the closet she was experimenting in. She’s come closer to success since then, but the technique is far from battle ready.

Juni is a formidable combatant, utilizing a fighting style that exploits her unique attributes to the fullest. In addition, her Arcadian Student status has finally freed her to apply her knowledge of explosives, and she stores them along with various other items in Hammerspace ready for summoning.

Current Point Allocation
Strength 03
Speed 28
Intelligence 02
Agility 25
Durability 12
Stamina 25
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 02
Magic 65


Juni’s oldest and most casual technique, she instantly teleports from one point to another in the blink of an eye. She is able to teleport up to 200 meters.


By opening 2 portals in hammerspace with no distance between each other, Juni opens up what is in essence a prolonged wormhole that allows instant transport of up to[b] 5 cubic metres of matter per second from one point to another. After training with Skarzy, Juni has finally broken the living organism barrier, allowing her to use this to transport others as well.

Space Origami

Juni is rapidly mastering how to fold space to her whim. By opening portals in the fabric of space, she can bend the positions of her surroundings and opponents, folding their parts into locations of her choosing. This technique is incapable of direct physical harm and cannot materialise solid objects into one another.


Juni can store and summon objects through hammerspace up to truck in volume to a maximum of 50 metres from her person


By harnessing the unstable ripples caused by opening holes in the space time fabric, a.k.a. portals, Juni can create a lethal vortex near her that rends asunder whatever it contacts.


Juni has finally mastered the art of slowing herself down enough to stay within Hammerspace, rendering her safe from outside harm while retaining sovereign power over her realm.

Shuffle Space

Juni manipulates the values of space like a pack of cards. Directions change randomly at different points. Positions are impossibly swapped. Body parts separate, up becomes left at the knee, but backwards at the elbow. The dirt on the ground replaces the brain, which has migrated to the ass. None of this actually physically harms the opponent and they are returned to normal when the spell is over. However, they become hopelessly disoriented when Juni makes their space shake around like bits in a rattle.

Packed Space

Juni manipulates the amount of space that is contained within a certain volume. She can stuff a lot of space into it, forcing anything that enters the space to have to travel a vast distance despite hardly moving and slowing down its progress to a crawl. Conversely, she can take space out, diluting the distance objects have to cross within it and speeding their progress along. Note that because the object’s ‘speed’ is never affected by this manoeuvre, merely the distance it has to cross within the Packed Space region, it returns to normal speed upon exiting the Space with no side effects.


By harnessing the unstable ripples caused by opening holes in the space time fabric, a.k.a. portals, Juni can create a lethal vortex near her that rends asunder whatever it contacts.

Space Paper

Juni creates a primitive universal boundary to wrap around her target, the transparent film quickly lowering a physical dimension and flattening itself like paper. This flattening doesn’t fully happen physically; a lot of the effort is concentrated on the dimensions. Thus the target is not harmed by this. However, it can then be folded and manipulated like paper into whatever the mage desires.


All universes have their boundaries. Juni can create universal borders, incredibly durable compressed bands of reality to do her bidding.

Big Bang

Juni creates a short lived, extremely unstable mini-universe within Hammerspace. The mix of cosmic and explosive force unleashed by this action can be channelled through a portal to obliterate her enemies.


Juni creates a stable private universe outside Hammerspace, extending her sovereignty into areas of universes not her own.
Sovereign (Juni’s techniques normally let the universe go back to normal after they finish, aside from the effects she renders through those techniques, Sovereign techniques permanently affect the universe directly)

MORE Space

Juni increases the amount of space present in a given space, turning solid objects into fine grains while diffusing liquids, gases and energy.


A variant of MORE Space, Juni specifically targets the vulnerable electrons of masses within a space. She drastically increases the space between them and their host atoms, effectively stripping all the electrons from any atoms present. The mass or masses effectively become giant ions, containing massive electrical potential.

Space between Space

Juni creates a space between the threads of the universal fabric. The universe cannot detect this space, causing anything approaching to go around it as if it wasn’t there. This space is relatively small, barely the size of a small truck, as straining too much against the threads of the universe will cause this undetected space to merge with normal space and cease to have any special effects.

Omnispace: Spell amplifier

Juni creates a large area of space which will duplicate whatever ability she uses but completely fills up that space. So if she used shuffle space, then everything within the omnispace would undergo shufflespace. She can move the location of this space with her will. However, she is only able to have omnispace duplicate one of her abilities at a time.


Juni summons a Nebula from Hammerspace. The seemingly endless cloud of gas hinders the senses of enemies. While their vision is obscured by a dazzling hue of ambient colour, they are bombarded by radiation, X-Rays, Gamma Rays and other emissions that Nebula generate. Large amounts of force can briefly blow away the gases from the immediate viscinity, but the empty space is rapidly filled up again soon after. As the Nebula hails from the universe where Juni is sovereign, allies are protected from the emissions and their vision is not nearly as obscured. Instead, they simply see as if looking through lightly tinted glass.


Juni can now sense even the tiniest spaces within herself, allowing her to sort out her own atoms as she wishes. She is thus able to abandon poisons within her and can shapehift, though this latter ability is limited by her mass, the fact that she can’t change one type of atom into another (thus she can’t grow more hair for example) and that she can’t change colour.

4th Dimension


With a greater understanding of time provided by her experience cooperating with Drake to go back in time, Juni can now manipulate time as well. Sunlife occurs with Juni using one of her nebulae to simulate the life cycle of a sun in a matter of seconds.

Compressed Time Loop

Juni coils time up like a spring, making each second repeat itself over and over in the same time frame, thus amplifying every effect inside.

Present Limitations

Unable to summon objects from Hammerspace into solid matter. She can’t summon a spear into your gut. She needs to summon one, then stick it there.

Must be at least partially physically manifest in the real world to affect it. As the creator of Hammerspace, her limit does not apply there, thus allowing her to summon objects from it without having to reach in.

She cannot ‘partially teleport’ while leaving her limbs in wormholes. If she teleports, the wormholes close and her limbs appear wherever the rest of her body goes.

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