Sonderbar…it's as if that light is beginning to eat away at him…and yet he seems to be more at peace than before.

Julien studied at Arcadia from 2008 to 2009, and was part of the Dragon Dorm during the battle against the Primes.

AKA The 14th Knight, The Dream Swordsman
Birthplace Montréal, Canada (?)
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 16 (First Appearance)/22 (Last Seen)
Height 6'1 / 185 cm.
Weight 145 lbs / 65 kg
Blood Type AB



Very little is known of Julien's history before his arrival at Arcadia. He claims to come from Montréal, Québec.

He confided in Natalie that he did not remember anything of the first few years of his life, nor of his real parents. He said that he woke up in Montréal one day when he was about eight years old. This means that he could be younger or older than his official birth date, since his age is only an approximation.

It is however known that he always had an interest in Martial Art, and that he learned from all those who were willing to teach him.

He apparently took those lessons to heart, and by the time he arrived at Arcadia, he had the basis for his own fighting style, which he would complete over his year at the school.

Part 1

Time at Arcadia

While he received the invitation at the same time as the other students, he missed the boat that would bring them to the academy, and as a result attempted to find his own way there.

How exactly he located the academy is unclear, but it is known that he swam there, demonstrating an incredible tenacity and perhaps a lack of common sense in the process.

Dragon Dorm and School Tournament

Upon arrival, he entered the Dragon Dorm and did not appear to be behind the other students in term of power.

He helped in the defeat of Hilda, by distracting her so that his teammates could blast her out of the ring. (While he was proven to be faster than her, he, much like every other Dragon, was unable to harm her.)

When Sol appeared during the Tournament, his Sight allowed him to immediately detect that something was wrong with the man, however, instead of alerting others, he simply engaged him in a friendly conversation, which (much to his regret) came to an end when the other Dragons noticed Sol. Following this, he admitted that Sol was most likely Solarius (later proven false), but that there was little to worry about when there were so many fighters around.

Following Solarius's intervention near the end of the Tournament, he was flung into the past along with Django and

Middle-Age and Knighting.

Arriving in the Middle-Age, he and the other Dragons quickly came upon a battle involving a man(revealed to be King Arthur) and fae.

Siding with Arthur, he and the others assisted him in his battle against Morgan Le Fay. In the preparation for the battle, Julien received his sword, which he would carry until the fall of Grinthorn, and perhaps afterward.

Despite his skill and speed, he proved little match against the Fae's magic and flight(Which might have influenced his development of distance attack later), and as such mostly battled beasts while letting the others handle the flying foes.

Ultimately, Morgan was defeated by the effort of the three Dragons and Arthur.

His Sight revealed that Arthur's aura was as pure as possible, and as a result Julien accepted to be knighted, effectively acknowledging Arthur as someone he would willingly accept orders from.
(Something that he has not done with anyone else over the story, and in fact appear to be reluctant to do even when it would be to his advantage to do so)

Julien, Django and Levi were then sent back to Arcadia by Merlin.

Null Mage's Test

Shortly afterward, they were sent to confront the Null Mage in an attempt to draw out their true potentials, and upon defeating him, entered a world of illusions.

In this world, mysterious persons revealed that the time at Arcadia(and, in fact, the Dragons's entire lives) were just a test, a preparation for the battle against a great threat.

Julien showed little surprise or shock at this, and instead accepted the idea as 'Possible' immediately. (Perhaps owning to his lack of early memories.)

However, shortly afterward, he concluded that this 'True World' was, in fact, the illusion, since it "made too much sense to be real".

This turned out to be true, and the Dragons eventually returned to reality.

The Battle Against Solarius

Julien played little role in the battle, helping to push back the hordes that were invading Arcadia.

He battled Solarius alongside the other Dragons, but it is ultimately through Daichi's sacrifice that the fallen instructor was defeated.
(Julien later commented that Daichi's actions were both "Foolish" and "Admirable".)

World Tournament

During the World Tournament, Julien battled Kuan, and while having trouble against a fighting style so close to his own, he ultimately won by allowing himself to be severely wounded in order to land a ki blast inside Kuan's body, causing a wound that would have been fatal had the medics not rushed into the arena immediately after the match's end.

Lilith Wars

Julien was part of the group that faced Hilda, and upon seeing her through his sight, he commented that she was "Incredible".

Following their hard fought victory against Hilda, all the Dragons united against Lilith(now armed with the Ring of Will) and barely defeated her thanks to outside help.


Following Lilith's defeat, Syn emerged into the world, and while he could not wield the Ring of Will, proved more than a match for the Dragons.

During the battle, Julien teamed up with Janos, and together, they executed the "Psycho Reppuken", destroying Syn's outer armor.

Halfway through the battle, Julien gathered what remained of his strength, and (thanks to a distraction by Ramus), managed to rip out Syn's heart. This proved insufficient in defeating the Prime, who proceeded to send Julien crashing into a wall, knocking him out for the remaining of the battle.

Summer Break

During the Summer Break, Julien appeared in London, briefly battling Jon. It is unknown what he was doing there, but he showed remarkably little care for civilian casualties during the fight.

Part 2

Mithisar the Mirror and the Primes

Upon their return from Summer Break, the Dragons were confronted by Mithisar, the second Prime, who had apparently destroyed most of Arcadia.

She proceeded to send them to another dimension, from which they managed to come back.

When confronting the surprised Prime, Julien calmly talked to her, and demonstrated surprising knowledge of the manner in which dimensional portals worked. While he was more interested in talking with her than in fighting, he agreed that they had to fight due to their opposing dreams.

Following this, the Null-Mage battled Mithisar, and defeated her.

Two more Primes arrived, and were barely defeated. During the battle, Julien defeated a mind-controlled Ilias, and before collapsing, both of them agreed that their battle was 'magnificient'.

The Strongest Opponent, Grinthorn.

Following the defeat of the four Primes, Grinthorn the Golem started to enter the dimension.

Heralding his arrival, thousands of Nanospiders attacked, during the battle, Julien unlocked his Seventh Seal, showing the true extent of his KI powers by destroying dozens of them and ravaging much of the landscape in a single attack.

Following this, the Dragons ascended to a higher dimension(thanks to help from the Incarnations of Reality), and battled Grinthorn there.

During the battle, Julien unlocked all of his Seals, eventually going so far as to use his ultimate attack, the Astral Destroyer in order to help the other Dragons in pushing back Grinthorn's power.

During the close combat fight which followed Grinthorn's use of the Gaia Canceller, Julien noted that despite Grinthorn's claim to be 'Perfect', he was still able to feel anger, something that Julien considered a flaw in itself.

Thanks to the combined effort of the Dragons, the final Prime was ultimately defeated. After which the Incarnations sent them back to their own dimension.


After the Victory Party, Julien said his goodbyes to Ramus, and confessed to Natalie that he would die soon. (As a result of overusing his KI) He determined that since up until now, he had only lived by fighting and seeing the dark part of the world, he would seek out a reason why the world was worth living for before his death.

Following and Disappearance.

A few months after the final battle, he and Natalie met in Montréal, and she asked him what he wanted to see in the world. To which he replied that she had to decide, because he had no idea what could convince him of the beauty of the world.

Following this, he and Natalie presumably circled the world. All that is known is that he ultimately vanished from the face of the Earth in 2015, his last known location was Germany.


In the year 2310, the new generation of students at the Arcadian Institute have access to a database containing past information regarding the Dragons. However, since Julien vanished several years before the foundation of the Institute, it is unknown if any files contain information on him.


Relation with the other characters.

Julien was rather withdrawn during his time at Arcadia, however, he did develop a relationship with some of the other students and characters.


Ramus was the first student he met upon his arrival on the island, and the two of them talked several time during their stay at Arcadia.

Julien found him a idiotic at times, but he still seemed to respect him as a fighter.


Although they had very little interaction together, both respected each others, something that became obvious at the end of their battle(Ilias being mind controlled by a Prime), both agreed that it was "Beautiful".


Julien considered Kekowa fool and an hypocrite, something that becomes progressively more and more obvious through their interactions. He did, however, admit that Kekowa was a strong fighter.


While the two had relatively little interaction until after the battle with Syn, Julien apparently respected Natalie as a person, and commented that the world would be a better place if "There were more people like (Natalie)".

Ultimately, it is in her that he confided that he would eventually die, and asked her to help him find why the world was worth living in before he died.

Dream and vision

During his stay in Arcadia, Julien revealed to several of his fellow Dragons(generally upon being asked why he hated the world) that he felt that the current society was simply a sequence of war and hatred, which would ultimately result in the destruction of everything that mankind had built over the years.

This was shown with frightening clarity when Kekowa was (inadvertedly) drawn into Julien's vision of the future, showing a ruined and burning world where nothing lived. Something that Julien sarcastically called "Mankind's ultimate achievement."

For this result, he determined that the best course of action would be to "Burn down the world, and see what springs from the ashes", reasoning that anything would be better than the current world.

This line of reasoning is incredibly close to Grinthorn's own goal(of destroying the current world and making it in a new, 'perfect' world) however, while Julien himself admit that the two are similar, ultimately he intend to allow the world to choose it's own path and to continue to change, while Grinthorn intends to control it. As he put it during the battle against the nanospiders; Grinthorn sought to create a world that would last for an eternity, while to Julien eternity was the real enemy.

Ultimately, after Grinthorn's defeat, he acknowledged that maybe there was something worth leaving for in the world, and resolved to find it before his time ran out.

Powers and Equipment


Julien appears to be constantly wearing two layers of clothing, an ample, noble-like cloak, and a fighting outfit complete with protective gauntlets underneath.
Indeed, the only time he was not wearing these was on the day of his departure with Natalie, in which he wore a much more casual and normal outfit, which kept the dark color scheme of his usual outfit.
Additionally, ever since his journey into the Middle-Age, he constantly keeps the sword that was given to him by King Arthur hidden under his cloak, and the ring that mark his alignment with the Knights of Round.

Ability Growth.

Point Allocation during the battle against Grinthorn
Speed 40
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 25
Ki 100

It is unknown where Julien trained prior to his arrival at Arcadia, what is certain however, is that by the time he arrived, he had already created the basis of what would become his fighting style, which relied on sealing the means of attacks of his opponents and overwhelming them with his own.

Interestingly, his body actually became weaker during his stay at Arcadia, presumably because of the fragile balance of his Light and Darkness KI, which ate away at his physical frame.

However, the weakening of his body was nothing compared to the drastic increase in his power, which became evident following the defeat of Syn, in a matter of weeks, he became the most powerful of the Dragons in term of offensive power and energy manipulation.

His fighting abilities were also overwhelming, as he was easily one of the most skilled fighter in the world at the time of his departure.


Breaking Slash:

By focusing his KI on the tip of his blade(or his fingertips), Julien project a slashing wave through the air, going straight ahead with enough power to effortlessly slice through solid stone.
He can also drastically increase the number of slashes, at the cost of individual power.


By holding out his palm, Julien fires a blast of kinetic energy packing enough power to destroy a city block.
This is his favorite means of distance assault, and he possess the ability to chain two of them at once.


Julien use his KI and skill to cancel the kinetic energy behind his enemies attacks, allowing him to block and throw away people who should be able to easily crush him in physical combat.
The effect, however, is limited against blades, since while the kinetic force is cancelled, they can still cut his flesh.


Used either at the end of a four hit combo(for maximum firepower) or on it's own, this attack unleash a wave of KI in all directions, blasting away the opposition.

Body of Will

Possibly the ultimate show of his control over his own energy, Julien can recreate destroyed parts of his body with his KI, the resulting body parts shine slightly under daylight. (As if his skin was abnormally white)

Piercing Light

By focusing his KI into his right arm, Julien can make a blade of light coming out of his right hand. This blade is incredibly solid and destructive, bypassing almost any defense.

Encompassing Darkness

Through the act of externalizing his Darkness KI, Julien can created a sphere of darkness around himself. This sphere is barely visible in dark areas, but appear as a thin curtain of shadows under daylight. Any attacks crashing into it will result in the bubble exploding, negating the attack and blasting away the opponent.


Briefly turning himself into light, Julien can move himself to anywhere inside his vision range almost instantly (Even if there are walls in the way, as long as he has seen the other side). In this state, he cannot be attacked, but cannot act at all until he reaches his destination. This usually appear to be simple teleportation, given the speed of light.

Consuming Shadows

By gathering his KI into his left hand, Julien can surround it with shadows. Any living being coming into contact with this will find their lifeforce being sapped away, adding it to Julien's own.

Infinite Light

Allowing his inner KI to pass into the outside world, Julien cause a blindingly powerful flash of light, rendering anyone within it's range unable to see for a varying amount of time. It is so powerful that closing one's eyes merely diminish the disorientation.

Symphony of Light and Darkness (SoLaD)

A soft, distorded melody echoes through the area, Julien's KI power increase, and he gains two wings, the left one being black and possessing incredible offensive capacity, and the right one being white and possessing incredible defense capacity.

Eternal Dream

The melody intensify, and Julien's body begin to cover itself in soft flames, burning away anything that touches him. This further increases his power.

Destiny's End

A gigantic blade of pure power comes from Julien hands, washing away anything in it's path.

Seventh Seal: Pillar of Light

Julien rises up into the air, his wing growing, a pillar of light comes from the ground and rise up toward the sky, spreading outward until it cover a 30 meters diameter, tearing apart anything in it's path.

Sixth Seal: Heavenly War

Hundreds of weapons made out of energy appear around Julien, and assault the target of his choice. Julien can also control their movements to a degree.

Fifth Seal: Chaos's Lure

Hundreds of appendages come out of a portal opening in front of Julien, dragging down his opponent inside to be torn to shreds.

Fourth Seal: Terror's Rain

Julien lift a hand toward the sky, and thousands of blast of black light fly into the air, crashing down on his opponent and the surrounding area.

Third Seal: The Light

A soft aura of light begin to spread from Julien, consuming all it touches.

Second Seal: The Darkness

Giant tornadoes of pure darkness begin to appear around Julien, growing and spreading, destroying everything in the area.

Final Seal: Astral Destroyer.

The final manifestation of his KI power, Julien sacrifices the wings of the Symphony of Light and Darkness and the flames of the Eternal Dream, in addition to much of his power, creating a single shard of pure power which will then be sent at the enemy. The attack is so powerful that it appeared to distort reality around it.

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