Emanulle's Ties

Various NPC's that Emanulle knows, I put them here more for background information then anything else, really.

Name:Jerod Taylor
Birthplace: U.S. Citizen
Age In his twenties
Height: 6'0
Weight: 178 bs.
Gender: Male
Nationality: US Citizen
Personality: Very mature and despite his hardships seems fairly easy going and easy to get along with. It's only every once in a while you can see him in deep thought with a air of sadness about him. Doesn't usally smoke but will if he gets upset. It's actually his rough life that has caused him to be able to have great empathy and compassion for others instead of making him a bitter and jaded person.

Physical Appearance: (He's the blue-haired man but the family picture fit obviously. Komiko is with the orrange hair and Aiko with the blue. The other girl in the picture is naturally his deceased wife.)

Family Picture

History: Jerod grew up a poor neighborhood with his single father. They didn't have too much but they did what they could for each other. But both he and his father both had a Big love for baseball with his father and later Jerod being a owner of a nice collection of the stuff. He played when he was younger but nothing seriously, mostly out of fun but he wanted to play professionally. So during his childhood Jerod did his best in school so he could get enough grades to go to a college without paying since the two had so little between them. After many rejections, Jerod was finally accepted in a nice school and from there he continued his drive to work for a professional baseball team.

At first it seemed hopeless but eventually he was able to land himself in a team and did quite well for himself, making a good amount of money. Jerod's father never got to see his son become a successful star but Jerod dedicated some of his victories and such to him. For a time things went well for him and eventually after staying in Japan for a while he met and married his wife Izumi and had two beautiful girls between them. This shattered one day when a drunken driver ran into them, luckily neither of his daughters were seriously hurt, though since that day Kimiko can't or refuses to talk, having not said a word since that day. Izumi wasn't so lucky and died shortly after while Jerod was wounded.

When faced with tragedy it usually makes a person better or worse, for Jerod it made him better.

Instead of becoming a bitter person after his recovery, he's grateful for what he has and what's more has decided to help out when he can to give back. But its not easy when taking care of two girls but they are what keeps him going. Emanulle has met and befriended him and his family on one of travels to other realms when he was a bit younger, before his stay at Arcadia.

Time will tell what the next chapter in his life will bring.

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