Jason Sun Lin Jian Shen (孙林健神)

"I'm a monster. Like these creatures. Honorless, pitiless, and cold-blooded."

孙林健神 Jason Sun Lin Jian Shen
A.K.A. The Psychopath, Slayer in the Shadows
Birthplace Tung Wah Hospital, Southern Hong Kong
Age 17 (Beginning of SHR)
Date of Birth November 4th, 2292
Height 6'
Weight 155 lbs.
Gender Male
Nationality Hong Kong Citizen
Blood Type O+

Jason Sun Lin Jian Shen is a character from Schoolhouse Rumble 2: The Last Age of Fighters. A man of decidedly amoral persuasion, Jason possesses an abrasive personality that has earned him the ire of most of his peers.

Character Concept And Creation

When I first started creating a character for SHR2, I wanted to keep in mind that even though it would be an effective sequel to the events in SHR1, I did not want to do anything related to Xing, who as far as I was concerned did not need to be brought up in SHR2. That said, about the only idea that stayed from the beginning to the end of the creation process was Jason's use of poisons and acids. Initially, Jason would have been a much more sympathetic character, losing his parents in an accident that would give him powers which would unfortunately lead him to an early death. I soon realized that this was too similar to Xing's situation and scrapped the idea, though I liked the idea of a 'Poison-User' enough to stick with it.

Eventually, I decided to play with the idea of giving Jason 'Super-Villain-esque' traits, which is basically what eventually lead to the foundations on which he has since been built. Naturally, most of the inspiration from Jason's character came from pre-existing super-villains such as the Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, the DC Universe's Scarecrow and Hush (who possibly had the greatest amount influence on Jason's character). Initially, he was meant to have a very short temper and while intelligent enough to build most his equipment, possessed very little common sense and would have been prone to react purely on instinctive wants. In fact, at one point I'd decided that Jason's technological upgrades would eventually have mutated him to the point that he'd resemble a Resident Evil-esque enemy, though that idea was eventually scrapped when I decided that trying to relate Jason's personality to his appearance would have been cheap.

In creating him, I wanted to make someone that was thoroughly despicable without resorting to anything dynamic as far as his personality. went.


"Some people make it possible for the face to be worn over the mask."

Jason is perhaps one of the most easily identifiable members of Schoolhouse Rumble 2 cast due to his trademark attire. Wearing a gas-mask, and a garbadine coat, his physical appearance has on occassion been likened to Metal Gear Solid character, Psycho Mantis. Jason is himself very rarely seen without his mask, or indeed, dressed in anything other than his usual attire. To date, Jason has only been seen three times without his mask.


Before Arcadia

"Mommy… Why did you lie to me?"

Jason Sun Lin was the illegitimate child of the wealthy owner of SunTech Industries, Patrick Sun and the former head of Suntech's R&D Department, Sarah Lin. He was born in Tung Wah Hospital, and for the first five years of his life, raised alone by his mother. Unknown to anyone at the time, Jason's physiology was mutated while developing in the womb, a result of an attempt on Sarah's life by Patrick Sun's wife, Martha Sun, exposing her to an experimental performance enhancer. Although Jason suffered no visibile ill effects from his mutation, Sarah's body began to suffer dangerously from her exposure to the gasses. Unable to find a cure for her condition, Sarah eventually passed away a few weeks after Jason turned five, promising her son a better life despite her abscence.

Jason would later be adopted by Patrick (who was unaware that Jason was his biological son). However, Patrick, feeling that his older son, Alex, was an unfit successor for his company, decided to 'groom' Jason into becoming the perfect heir. To those ends, Jason was subjected to a series of painful injections, meant to increase an individual's cognitive abilities. The tests were successful, and whats more, due to his unique biology, offered him superhuman intelligience, though at the price of driving him insane.

Years later, he became one of the most intelligent children in the country, but had also grown to hate humanity, despising the unkind lifestyle he'd been led into, and furthermore having felt betrayed by his own mother, fully aware that what he had now was not a better life as she had swore to him.

By the age of 12, Patrick had formally announced that in the event of his death or disappearance, Jason would be offered the position of SunTech's President once he reached adult age. Fearing that this had earned him the ire of his foster mother, and realizing that it was only a matter of time before she took measures to see that he was out of the picture, Jason decided to act first and sabotaged the brakes of the family car, effectively murdering both his foster parents the next morning when they went out for a drive.

With Alex in the role of Acting President of SunTech until Jason came of age, he was allowed access to SunTech's labs, and it was there that he displayed a natural understanding and proficiency in the ways of the development of bio-chemical weaponry. He would later invent a variation of the performance enhancer which he was subjected to during his youth (which coincidentally, was itself a variation of the one that Sarah Lin was exposed to), testing it on himself, the effects of which allowed him superhuman strength. It is presumed that during this period of his life, Jason had met fellow Arcadian student, Gilander Gatlain, although the details of their encounter have yet to be revealed.

Years later, the psychological effects of the performance enhancers began to take their toll, and while walking out one night, Jason murdered a drug dealer. Although SunTech's lawyers were able to convince the court that Jason merely acted in self-defense, Jason began to realize how much joy he received from acts of murder. A week later after the incident, Jason received an invitation to the Arcadian Institute, commending him for his technological expertise. Recognising the Institute's reputation in breeding some of the most powerful warriors, Jason accepted the invitation and joined the Arcadian Institute.

Arrival At Arcadia

"It's been awhile, Gatlain."

Arriving at Arcadia, Jason would once again encounter Gilander Gatlain. Although having been able to veil his identity at first, Gilander would later discover who Jason was behind the mask, and the two have since resumed their enmity towards one another.

During this period, Jason would develop an initial interest in the Portal Mage, Juni Ivis, due to her teleportation abilities. This interest was later abandoned when he realized the futility of attempting to manipulate her, and attempted to attack her while she was engaged in a sparring match with Gilander.

The Milo Incident

"Do you know what this is, children? It's a gun…… Now you're going to tell me what's happened, or I'll give you a demonstration of how this thing works."

While on a mission investigating the mystery behind a colony which had been seemingly abandoned by its inhabitants, Jason would furthur earned the ire of his classmates when he threatened a pair of twins that seemingly survived the incident. The twins would later be revealed as the instigator of the disappearances, having mutated the inhabitants into zombies.

While surrounded by the zombies, Jason was caught in his own gas without the protection of his mask. When he realized that his gasses had no effect on him, Jason became suspicious of his own physiology.

Milo Incident Aftermath

"We're not parts that can simply be put together, my dear girl. We're individuals."

After the Milo Incident, Jason became increasingly disturbed by his experience on the now-decimated colony. While attending a meeting set up by Liu Lan-Yue and Juni Ivis meant to coordinate the entire class into an effective task-force, Jason rejected the offer to co-operate and left the meeting.

Later, Jason would be approached by Eben Roux, who, having gathered Drake Vargas, Gilander Gatlain, and Ramza K. Schneider wanted him to be part of an agreement between the five to not interfere with each other's plans. Finding the idea of promising anything to be useless, Jason rejected the offer as well.

Jason would later confirm his suspicions of his unique physiology, and has since began mutating his body furthur to take advantage of his abnormalities.

Abilities and Stats

Current Point Allocation
Strength 05
Speed 04
Intelligence 25
Agility 03
Durability 04
Stamina 05
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 05
Tech 30

The performance enhancer devised by Sarah Lin mutated Jason while he was developing within her womb. Although fatal to his mother, the drug altered Jason's immune system, giving his body the superhuman ability to eradicate any threats that should attack it on a physiological level. Perhaps more spectacularly, Jason's body is capable of locking in on any potential benefits a substance could provide him, and improving on them, essentially allowing Jason to undergo spontaneous evolution.

Although he remained oblivious of this ability for most of his life, Jason eventually became aware of his powers and has since engaged in attempts to take advantage of his mutation, altering his body (mostly through the use of nanomachines) in order to place him on an even playing field with the rest of the Arcadians. The results of these alterations have granted Jason a number of abilities.

Primary amongst them is Jason's ability to generate heat from his hands, essentially allowing him to superheat air within a straight line. Due to the nature of the ability, the blasts of heat are invisible to all but those who have the ability to view entities within the infrared spectrum, making it useful for suprise attacks. Initially, there were a number of issues that had forced Jason to use the ability to sparingly. The nanomachines used to generate the heat was powered by his own natural resources and hence, had the tendency to very easily exhaust him. Not being invulnerable to the heat, the blasts would also damage him with prolonged use. Recently, however, Jason has developed the ability to absorb heat, a factor that not only makes him invulnerable to his own blasts, but allows for the possibility of an alternate power source, presuming he has consistent access to a heat-source.

While in Khalen, the Arcadians entered a secret chamber, absorbing nanites that lurked within it. Due to Jason's mutated physiology, the nanites were altered when they entered his body, giving them a uniqueness unfound in any of the other nanites. Primary amongst their function, is the ability to generate a chemical that promotes his cell's abilities to regenerate, offering him an advanced healing factor, capable of repairing small wounds instantaneously, while reducing the time needed for more serious wounds to heal. In a manner similar to his ability to generate heat, the nanites are capable of absorbing heat in order to increase the rate at which Jason's wounds can be healed.

Another of the unique powers Jason has acquired is the ability to see anything within the electro-magnetic spectrum. Among other things, Jason is now able to see in the dark, locate sources of heat, and so on.

Jason had also developed a drug during his early teens that had, due to his mutation, given him superhuman strength. Although having never trained in any form of martial arts, he is nonetheless a capable fighter, utilizing his super-strength to maximum efficiency and fighting with a savagery that is often intimidating.

However, Jason's greatest ability is perhaps his superb intelligience. Drugged with a performance enhancer by his father, Jason is capable of processing information with greater efficiency than most humans. Combined with his natural inquisitiveness, Jason is the owner of a vast paraphernalia of knowledge, especially in areas concerning biological organisms. While at heart, a practitioner of the physical sciences, Jason is not adverse to the boons of martial science as well, and while not as physically impressive as most of his peers, is a dangerous combatant nonetheless. Although lacking speed and agility, Jason is often able to safely avoid damage on the basis that he is outstandingly accurate in his predictions of any number of isolated events, often making almost impossible assumptions that are rarely proven wrong.


While highly intelligent, Jason's physical prowess have much to be desired for. Although not at a want of physical strength, Jason is nowhere near as powerful as a number of the other Arcadians. As one of, if not the slowest student of Arcadia, Jason is thoroughly incapable of avoiding damage by reaction alone, and often needs to rely on accurate predictions on his part to act accordingly. Added to the fact that he is not as well-built as most other students, it typically requires very little force to defeat Jason. Without his equipment or intelligience, Jason may as well be the weakest of Arcadia's lot.


As perhaps the most intelligent Arcadian of his class, Jason is a competent inventor in his own right. While nowhere near as elaborate with his inventions as fellow scientist, Drake Vargas, a testament to Jason's genius can be noted if one considers that most of SunTech's products over the last few years have been of his design.

While most weapons in his arsenal have been of his own design, Jason has recently acquired two items of alien origin, both of which he has made attempts in readjusting. The only other notable weapon not of his design is the handgun which Jason received from his brother.

Browning Hi-Power P35 Mark III

While a weapon that is neither of his design, or even of conventional use in his era, Jason has often found the weapon to be of fairly convenient use over his time in Arcadia. A gift from his brother while in Taiwan, it is likely that Jason has kept the weapon out of sentimentality rather than practical use. A keen sense of pragmatism on Jason's part however had allowed modifications to be made on the handgun, redesigning its mechanisms to operate on a similar level to 31st century firearms. Standard bullets are used for ammunation and though a non-threat to the usual class of enemies Jason has taken to facing, are more than powerful enough to pierce through less than adequate defenses.


A multi-purpose headgear accesory, the A-B08-052 has undergone numerous adjustments ever since the date of its manufacture in 2308 AD. Jason's own variation of the 'Uber-G-Mask', as it has been comically dubbed by the military, is unique, receiving heavy-duty customization to synchronize its capabilities with those of the other equipment within his vast arsenal.

Along with the obvious advantages of masking his facial features as well as providing suitable cranial protection, the A-B08's lenses have been adjusted to allow Jason perfect vision, even in the presence of his gasses. A speaker within the mask also allows him to direct commands to the W-B10-007 and the vials which contains his gasses and acids. Specific codes which Jason has memorized allow Jason to automatically shift the W-B10-007 to a particular setting, or allow any one of the vials to detonate, releasing their contents, as well as allowing for the possibility of causing a significant degree of damage to any individual within the rather limited blast radius.


A gauntlet-like device attached to Jason's right arm, the W-B10-007's potency is only best appreciated when used in conjunction with the CP-B09-987 and CP-B10-676. With a single nozzle centered at its head, and two circular pits located at its tail, the W-B10-007's primary function is to act as a medium with which Jason can release his gasses and acids. The slots on the gauntlet's back are designed to house cylindrical tubes containing the chemicals, and with a miniature switch on the gauntlet, Jason is capable of switching between which one he wishes to utilize.

Various other switches are located to control the flow of acids or gasses that are produced allowing them to be released in short spurts or a continuous stream. Made of heavily reinforced titanium, the device is highly durable and would require excessive force to destroy.

The gasses/acids are released by tapping a pad hidden within the palms of Jason's gloves. A signal is transmitted to the gauntlet which unlocking a valve, releasing the substances according to Jason's specifications.


In its regular state, a green transparent liquid, any sudden change in atmospheric pressure or temperature will result in the CP-B09-987 evaporating into a thick gas-like state. Capable of covering great distances in seconds, the gas is highly toxic, inhalation typically arousing drowsiness in victims, with prolonged exposure leading to death. Adding to the danger is the thickness of the gas, causing a significant decrease in visibility, and making it extremely difficult to navigate through without proper equipment.

The gas is stored in numerous vials of Jason's design, made from artificial plastics which make them nigh-unbreakable. Furthermore, these vials are stored in heavily reinforced packets in Jason's coat, suitably supplying Jason with easy access to them.


Colored with a darker shade of green than its gaseous counterpart, the CP-B10-676 is no less potent, if not even more dangerous due to the immediacy of its effects. A dangerously acidic solution, the CP-B10-676 is capable of corroding most materials, melting easily through flesh and metal alike.

Like the CP-B09-987, the CP-B10-676 is stored in numerous vials, made from the same plastic and stored in similar packets. Furthermore, Jason has treated his clothing an armor with a chemical that prevents the acid from reacting on them, reducing the risk of damage to himself.


Designed similarly to the W-B10-007, the W-B10-001 takes the shape of a gauntlet positioned on his right arm, designed from reinforced titanium, allowing it to function as a suitable arm-guard. This is only perhaps the most unremarkable of its abilities, the W-B10-001 having been redesigned for far more since its early days. Like the W-B10-007, a simple tap to the palm releases a hidden ten-inch blade within the W-B10-001, sharpened to near perfection and more than capable of severing flesh with the greatest of ease. However, recent adjustments have allowed the blade to absorb kinetic as well as other forms of energy on contact, enhancing the blade's cutting ability.

Venom Matrix

One of many weapons retrieved by the Arcadians from Khalen, the Venom Matrix was originally rather unremarkable, even by the standards of Jason's usual weaponry. Vaguely gun-shaped, a slot on the back seemed to demand that some foreign object be inserted. After days of pain-staking modifications, the device has evolved to better suit Jason's use. If in the possession of any form of organic material, Jason is capable of inserting it into the Venom Matrix, and develop a venom designed specifically to eliminate the entity from which the organic material originated from. Should the venom hit its intended target, it only requires a few seconds before it kills the enemy, although it works just as well on entities which are genetically similar, despite typically taking far longer to take effect.

Due to the immense energies necessary for such a feat, the Venom Matrix is only capabe of manufacturing a venom one every 24 hours, requiring the time to recharge its energies.

Alien Ring

What was once believed to be little more than a family heirloom has since been revealed to be a treasure trove of now only extraterrestrial but Earth-based information. Designed by an unknown species of symbiotic lifeforms, the Ring possesses all the knowledge they have gathered over their years of travel. Typically directing the information to Jason's mind rather than processing the information on a visual or auditory scale, the Ring is capable of providing accurate and detailed information on the history, culture as well of life on any given planet in the known universe, a testament to the far-reaching journies of the Ring's original owners.

Shadow/Alien Symbiote


Based off genetic sequences found in his Ring, and making use of his own DNA, Jason created a bizarre creature, taking the appearance of a viscous black liquid. Presumed to be of the same alien species that gave Jason's grandfather his Ring, the inclusion of Jason's own DNA notwithstanding, the creature is a symbiotic alien which instinctively requires a living host. Requiring neither sleep nor food, the creature does have a significant weakness; solar radiation. Once it has found a suitable host, the symbiote will essentially have what one might consider a 'second-skin' to protect it from the lethality of its one weakness. In return, the symbiote will enhance its host's natural capabilities, an insurance that would ensure its host's, and by proxy, its own survival.

Jason's own symbiote, named in ironic reference to the name offered to him by the Maidens, while possessing what is akin to 99% similarity to its ancestors, possesses subtle differences due to the inclusion of Jason's DNA; abnormalities which unfortunately does not allow it to benefit Jason as much as its ancestors would have. However, the symbiote is completely obedient to Jason, and can almost be literally defined as an extension of his own will. Only having been 'born' after a week, Shadow is not yet mature, and is unable to provide its host with the full boon of its abilities.

Currently, the Symbiote seems capable of serving Jason as a psychic buffer, providing Jason with temporary invulnerability against mental assaults, although suitably powerful espers have been suggested to be more than capable of ignoring this buffer. However, should Jason choose to 'expose' the Shadow, his resistance to psychic assaults seems to increase, and indeed, appears able to last for a longer duration.

Strangely, however, whenever Shadow is exposed, Jason is unable to use any of his natural abilities, save for his invulnerability against physiological invaders. In fact, it is likely his superhuman ability that is the cause of this disadvantage, an attempt by his body to prevent his body from exerting too much energy after experiencing what can effectively be described as 'Spontaneous Genetic Evolution'. This effect appears to last for only a minute, after which Jason is capable of utilizing his abilities again. Another weakness while in this form, is obviously, Shadow's vulnerability to sunlight. Due to the powerful link between both Jason and Shadow, the longer Shadow is exposed to solar radiation, the more damaged Jason becomes once it retreats back into his body.


"How foolish are the men that try to lure that which does not exists to their hand. Destiny is the lie and excuse humanity uses to place their failure in a different light. And honor? Honor is its dirty little cousin that prevents humanity from becoming all that it can become."
- Jason

As far as his personality goes, Jason's character could almost be described as appropriately conflicted; not so much out of a consistent state of uncertainty on his part, but due to the way in which his personal philosophies and his own upbringing appear to contradict each other in subtle ways. While often described as a psychopath, it is perhaps more appropriate to describe Jason as a sociopath, his antisocial behavior stemming not from any intrinsic temperamental differences, but through the mostly negative effect his upbringing had on his mental well-being.

A man of amoral persuasion, Jason seems incapable of making ethical decisions, driven solely by a philosophy of self-interest. Despite his inability to fathom an objective definition of the dichotomy between good and evil, Jason considers the lack of development in that regard an acceptable loss, content in the belief that such abstractions are by far too subjective by nature to exist. If anything, Jason believes that man, and indeed, life is by nature driven to act by an instinctive need to fulfill its wants, and to subject moral alignments to those wants is a fruitless campaign.

A nihilist, following existentialist sentiments, Jason despises concepts that have little materialistic basis. Jason's relationship to the belief in Honor and Fate, in particular, are interesting. Naturally, Jason is skeptical of both ideals, demeaning Honor as both an excuse to justify's one's actions, and a self-imposed barrier set up by individuals to retard their own development, and accuses Fate as serving a similar role to the latter denunciation. As should be expected from his antagonism towards Fate, Jason's animosity extends towards a distaste for determinism; a factor which has made him a powerful advocate of the belief that life is by nature, far too chaotic and complex to be fully controlled. Jason believes that life's choices are not determined by fate, but by life itself; those seeking to disgrace such a theory being those unable to accept what responsibility they'd played in their own actions.

Oddly, despite his disdain for the abstract, Jason's appreciation for life is understandably difficult to comprehend. Jason has postulated that all life possesses equal value; a philosophy which claims that however undeveloped or 'morally flawed' a lifeform is, its value is neither greater nor lesser than that of another. Despite this, Jason admits that he finds the compunction to kill highly stimulative, though he is admittedly unsure of the reasons behind his adiction.

Aware of his own standing amongst the Arcadians, Jason does not seem to mind that his beliefs make him dislikable. To an extent, he finds the discomfort he generates arousing, and while eager to ensure that his own life is not at stake, enjoys the oppurtunity to taunt the Arcadians for whatever faults they might possess, regardless of whether it conflicts with his beliefs or not.


Sarah Lin

Though currently deceased, Jason's mother had a tremendous effect on his life, existing as the sole figure of love and care during his early years, and viewed in his later life as an abhorrent witch who pushed him into a life he did not truly want. In an almost direct contradiction to his typically focused character, Jason is capable of behaving irrationally when questioned about his mother. Certainly, Jason is quite unable to offer any convincing arguments to justify his vendetta, switching between excuses at his leisure, while conveniently ignoring any evidence to the contrary, though he is vehement in denying his errors in the matter.

Perhaps the most accurate reason for Jason's hatred stems from the last words shared between the two: "I promise you'll have a better life." Considering the years of pain Jason had to endure under the misplaced affections of his foster father, it is likely that Jason found himself desperate for a scapegoat to blame, choosing his mother, blaming her for her 'lies'.

Despite the magnitude of his hate, however, Jason retains a shred of affection for his mother. One might almost describe Jason as suffering from an undeveloped Oedipus Complex, wishing to seek a substitute personifying the attributes attached to his mother, knowing how powerless he is in attempting to forgive her.

Alex Sun

By law, his foster brother, and though unknown to either, by blood, half-brothers, Jason's and Alex's relationship is amazingly at an almost complete lack of holisty, despite the younger Sun's natural compunctions towards aggression. It is likely that the years Alex had spent defending him from the verbal abuse of his foster mother had been a strong contribution to Jason's benign attitude towards Alex.

After Jason secretly murdered Patrick and Martha Sun, Alex would spend the next few years taking the role of an acting parent for Jason, while handling official SunTech business until Jason was old enough to be able to legally take the role his father left himself. It would be during those two periods that their relationship was enhanced, with Alex providing Jason more freedom and oppurtunity than Patrick had ever allowed him, and Jason using his own intellect to usher an age of prosperity for SunTech.

Despite the friendly atmosphere between the two, however, Jason does not fully respect his brother, aware that the man is thoroughly lacking in ability and would be no use to him as a long-term ally.

Gilander Gatlain

While the reasons behind their mutual animosity are as of yet unknown, the magnitude of their hostility is hardly a mystery. Ever since having remet in Arcadia, the two have taken the oppurtunity to renew their mutual aggression, making little effort to conceal their hatred for the other. Unfortunately, circumstances have often forced the two to cooperate, a factor which, at least on Jason's part, seems to have reduced the tension between them.

Indeed, despite their hostility, there is a mutual recognition between the two of the other's strengths. Essentially the two have learnt to respect the other for his skill, without loosing the want to humiliate, and if possible, kill the other.

Liu Lan-Yue

In a similar fashion to Gilander, Liu serves as a foil to Jason, though unlike the Nevadian, her opposition to him stems from philosophical disagreements rather than through personal dislike. As a disciplined soldier, Liu stands in direct contrast to Jason's nihilistic sentiments, which has fostered mutual resentment between the two. Whereas Liu believes Jason to be uncooperative and a threat to the stability that comes with a cohesive unit, Jason views Liu as a boorsih hypocrite reducing life into a simplistic system rather than accepting the inherent complexities behind it.

Sara Angha

While their first conversation did not end in friendly terms, the two would eventually come to grow closer to one another, ultimately cultimating in a romantic relationship between the two. Although Jason is unaware of where the attraction originates from, he appears to possess what may be a genuine degree of care for Sara's well-being.


  • Due to his unique mutation, it is suspected that at one point in Jason's life, he will eventually stop physically aging, as his body will likely continue to provide him with healthy cells, meaning that he essentially is unable to die from 'old age'.
  • Jason's creator has imagined his voice to be provided by voice actor, Clancy Brown (Lex Luthor, Wolf, Long Feng), and seiyuu Terasoma Masaki (Hidan, Shadow Moon, Kintaros).
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