Janos Tantalus

Janos Tantalus was a character in School House Rumble: A New Age of Fighters. A born soldier enamoured with the thrill of the fight, he was notorious for his relentless skill and never-say-die attitude in battle. He was the Captain of Lion Dorm in the 2008 Arcadian Semester, often coming into conflict and latter alliance with Dragon Dorm.

Janos Tantalus
AKA Captain of the Lions, Shield of Arcadia
Birthplace Laconia, Greece
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 17 (Beginning of SHR1)
Height 6'2" / 188 cm.
Weight 215 lbs / 98 kg
Blood Type O+

Character Concept/Creation

Fictional Character Biography

Pre-Arcadian Years

Arcadian Semester

School Tournament Arc

Sylph Dorm

In Between Rounds

Norn Dorm

The Dragon Slayers

Island of the Null Mage

Battle Against Solarius

World Tournament

The Lilith Wars

Spring Break

Mithisar the Mirror: Dark Natalie

War Against the Primes




Powers and Abilities

End-Game Point Allocation
Strength 32
Speed 32
Intelligence 05
Agility 10
Durability 40
Stamina 10
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 21
Ki/Chi 10
Magic 00
Psychic 05


Janos uses his chi to amp his stats only. The allotted damage potential is equal to whatever stat with chi stacked on it

Gore of Ares

Janos amplifies his strength with bursts of close range tearing and striking techniques.

Guile of Athena

With wide arcing motions, Janos slashes in front of him and is able to hit targets at a medium range. The most effective range is about two feet; after that the power behind the blow diffuses to merely the strength of his chi. (*follows the same principle as Ramus' Sonic Boom or Dean's Thunderclap)

Psycho Crusher

An all-or-nothing move, Janos spirals through the air towards his opponent and smashes into them. It's a high risk maneuver which can damage him if the setup is bad.

Kinetic Charge

Janos amplifies the cutting power and resilience of anything he is using as a weapon, or creates a crude frag grenade from anything in the environment.

Tactile Deflection

Janos uses telekinesis to buffer or redirect a blow, making them miss their marks or simply reduce effectiveness.

Psychic splints

By sheer force of will, Janos can act as an immediate medic unit, applying psychic binding to hold the body together or temorarily alleviate internal affliction.


Prime Tactics

Having trained all his life to dismantle the human body, Janos is able to fight with an experienced instinct that borders on a sixth sense, a subconscious 'autopilot' that allows him to strike with extreme proficience and dodge with impeccable timing. This conditioned reflex, however, comes with a price if it is not controlled.

The White Room

Janos enters a berserker state, in which his healing factor is pushed into active overdrive. Strength and speed are increased by his chi while durability is increased by his psychic abilities, and he is able to regenerate from lacerations and broken bones very quickly. While able to fight at an increased level, his mind is pushed into a violent fight-or-flight response which makes him dangerous to enemy and ally alike. The state of blind insanity lasts only as long as his body can hold out, as this burns a dangerous amount of energy (time limit = stamina; 10 STAM = 10 minutes)


Super Soldier

Possessing a latent healing factor, Janos does not physically tire during a battle. He may be incapacitated by injury, but as long as his will burns he will continue to fight tirelessly


The Ripple

A combination of Chi energy and Psychic stability.

- Ripple Defense: Janos increases his defense, and reduces damage to his own body by redirecting the force into the environment (ie, standing on stones, stones take the lot of the damage)

- Hertza Haeon: Janos causes ultrasonic vibrations to reverb through what he strikes. This will at worst scramble innards with the vibrations, or at least throw off the rhythm of what he strikes (like stopping hearts)


Janos is skilled enough that, with proper form, he is able to increase his individual striking power by 25% in optimum conditions


Dean Gatlain

Kekowa Hasegawa

One of the great conflicts Janos had with Dragon Dorm sparked with an encounter with Kekowa. Between rounds of the Norn vs Dragon block of the school tournament, Janos encountered Selma St. Johns, criticized her technique, and fought the much more mobile fighter to a stalemate. Following this, Kekowa entered the fray, calling down all sorts of fury and esteem, to which Janos brushed off as the hot air of a braggart, and turned to leave. When Kekowa lost his temper and threw a boulder at him, Janos would engage him in battle, defeating him by punching him in the chest with the Ripple. The formerly undefeated Kekowa burned ever more after this in disgrace, and sought for any opportunity, any excuse to reprimand his loss, even if he swore to leave the bloodshed in his past behind and become a man that fights for justice.

His opportunity came after Janos challenged Levi for the title of Captain of Dragon Dorm. Heavily injured, Janos was still able to give Kekowa the fight of his life even at a disadvantage. Having spent a large sum of his energy against Levi moments before, he stopped just short of decapitating him and slicing into his heart with the Gore of Ares. However, fighting an armed opponent in this state eventually left him succumbing to several sword lacerations and a severe blow to the head. While Janos appreciated his fighting spirit, he reprimanded this 'new man' and his petty desire for victory, remarking that he once again would resort to murder in order to avenge something as trivial as a win record.

While Kekowa told himself that he had avenged his loss and salvaged his undefeated record, he knew it to be a hollow victory. Ironically, Janos never took this one-sided rivalry personally, and while he never liked Kekowa as a person, he was still magnanimous enough to set his bones for Tamiko to heal during the fight with Syn the Bringer, citing a man down is a man down. Kekowa never did challenge the Lion Captain again.

Wei Levi

In the fallout of Solarius' invasion of the Academy and the World Tournament looming over the horizon, the fallen Dragons were a source of much mourning and weeping. Even the stoic Captain Levi was not above this. Janos confronted him and offered his sympathy, but also remarked that a Captain of Arcadia must be firm for the sake of his comrades. Levi's passive stance as a leader was a source of ire, and the divided way Dragon Dorm operated, despite being the school champions that would go on to represent Arcadia on the world stage aggravated the Lion. Undecisive and stuck in mourning, Levi's attitude, perceived as lacking, led Janos to provoke him into a challenge: one that would decide if the captainship of Dragon Dorm was a station he truly deserved.

As Levi was depleted of his chi and blinded in one eye, after testing his abilities Janos honored this handicap as he telekinetically sealed one of his own and left it as a contest of skill. What followed was among the most brutal fights among the students, both Captains going blow for blow and drawing blood. The tides seemed to change when Levi's chi returned, prompting a summoning of the Qing Long scales, but it was swiftly countered by Janos' Psycho Crusher. Now with the stakes of the battle escalating, the two continued for hours until both were depleted of energy, falling to two proud warriors grinding their fists into already too bloodied flesh.

Impressed, Janos complimented Levi on his spirit, stating that maybe there was hope for him after all. After warning him of the Dragonslayers - traitors from other Arcadian houses that were all too eager to reek their vengeance on Dragon Dorm - he departed. Kekowa Hasegawa, witness to this battle in the twilight hours, followed him into the night.

Janos would later prove to be a valuable ally to Levi, taking a hard air of command to coordinate Dragon Dorm members where he could not, especially among the more maverick members of that class. Where Levi was fluid and adaptive, Janos was stoic and decisive. Indeed, their clashing personalities would continue even into their older years, their fights still things of legend even in the 24th century.


Janos' powers were loosely based off of the Hamon Ripple from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Psycho Power from Street Fighter. A picture of Joseph Joestar is used in this profile.

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