James Flint
James "Jim" Flint
A.K.A. Jimbo, Steadfast Rock
Birthplace Neo Territory Colony
Age 17 (Beginning of SHR)
Height 6'1
Weight 200 lbs.
Gender Male
Nationality US Citizen

James Flint is a character in School House Rumbles 2, the sequel of the original School House Rumbles.


He wears a T-shirt and jeans, otherwise as in the picture.


As mankind looked to the stars for more land, competition arose between various powers of who would be the ones to colonize and terraform habitable planets and sattelites. In order to bypass this the US started the "Neo Territories" project. They went out into the asteroid belt and smashed many of these asteroids, passing meteors, and other satellites deemed unusable for colonization, until they had a roughly Earth sized planet or "Neo Territories." After terraforming the planet into something resembling the earth, they opened it too colonization. James Flint hails from this world.

Jim was raised for the usual life of someone from Neo Territories, that of a pioneer farmer. He learned to fight, first by learning a few moves and tricks from his father, and then later in scuffles between other boys in the Neo Territories, (who have a tendency to get a bit more….out of hand then offworlders.) He grew to be uncannily strong, fast, and especially tough, and soon found himself winning most local wrasslin' competitions at fairs and festivals and so forth. About a year ago, a fighter, name the Blue Dragon, arrived from off world displaying strange techniques. He worked as an enforcer for some of the more unsavory individuals in the colony, and was suspected of. One day he strongarmed one of Jim's friends, beating him to a pulp.

When James found out about it, he chased this "Blue Dragon" down and fought it out with him. Jim was surprised by the skill and unnatural movements of the fighter, who seemed to defy conventional physics. However, even with his unnatural abilities the Blue Dragon was no match for Jim Flint.

Realizing this, the Blue Dragon jumped back, and spoke up, claiming to be a powerful "chi warrior." He then started to make strange signs with his fingers, and speak strange words. Jim halted his assault, because his opponent had apparently gone insane, and you weren't supposed to hit crazy people leastways his momma always said so. After the chant "Blue (Insert Foreign Here,) Dragon Wave!" he launched a baseball sized blue projectile at the stunned Jim. The ball hit Jim in the forhead, and hurt more then when Jim was kicked in the head by that angry metabull last spring, he however rallied and rammed his fist into the shocked and exhausted Blue Dragons jaw, knocking him out. The authorities later arrested the prone criminal.

About a week later Jim found himself opening an envelope from the Arcadian Institute. When he opened it, he found an invitation to join their offworld fighting school. He also found a thank you letter, for aiding in the capture of a former student who dropped out, and engaged in activities that tarnished the reputation of the school. Seeing this as a golden opportunity for a higher education Jim accepted, to his parents approval. What he didn't tell them was that the real reason he accepted was to learn more about the strange techniques used by the Blue Dragon.

Other: Jim has a strange personality, he isn't insane exactly, but things can't get to him. Death, blood, threats, they are all take with good natured amiableness. That doesn't mean he won't get angry or attack you. For example if you threaten him, he will respond by punching you in the face, and then be surprised that you didn't expect this.

Remember: You have 10 stat points to start out with. Unless otherwise stated, all stats max out at 100. Also, the baseline human ability is 0 in all stats (so if you don't add a point to Strength, then you are as strong as a regular human).

Equipment and Stats

Current Point Allocation
Strength 50
Speed 27
Intelligence 03
Durability 50
Stamina 25
Weapon Mastery/Fighting Skill 10

Style: Brute Force

Form: Rough and Tumble/Brawler (If pressed he will call it "The Defenestrating Fist of Wayne")

Comet Rider (Stamina)

Comet Rider: James temporarily gains a great increase in all physical stats. He hits harder, runs faster, jumps higher, and can take a much bigger licking than he was able to before (double prior stats).

In addition to this, while in this state, James has the ability to manipulate energy, and things that aren't solid, through physical contact. He can catch a magical fire ball and throw it back, knock an opponent's ki blast back at them with a club, ride up a streak of lighting, wrestle a tornado, or even grab a comet by its tail and use that to spin it around like a party favor, (Well assuming he had the strength for the last bit.)

As a side effect of using this ability, James's personality changes somewhat while its in use. He goes a little crazy you might say, seeing everything in a humorous light, he also grows more arrogant and boastful, and even more stubborn and ornery than he's ever been before, much like your archetypical American Folkloric Hero type. This gives him a bonus when resisting mental manipulation and so forth, but also allows him to do things that aren't exactly wise, and he's much more likely to go off on his own, or disobey a direct order.

After this ability burns out, James becomes exhausted, and has to rest for a bit before he can make any other meaningful contribution to the battle.

The Comet Rider ability is the power that all 'Frontier Heroes' and 'Big Men' throughout history have utilized. Think Davy Crocket, Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Baron Munchausen, Pecos Bill, Stormalong etc.

It is not something that can be given, or granted, or passed down, it must be earned. James achieved it by being a ornery, drunken, cuss of a hero, not through Satanic gift giving. (To put it in per spective he wasn't stopped from utilizing in the slightest while he had Holy Fire coursing through him.)

The traits James displays while using it are not inflicted upon him, rather they are a concentrated form of his normal traits, both virtues and flaws. Think of it as an exaggeration of his own personality.

Requirements for the Comet Rider are as follows.

  • One must not utilize Magic, Psionics, or Ki to any extent. The Comet Rider basically works by allowing ones inner Spirit/Soul what have you, to overpower such paltry things and supply energy to your body directly. However the body, even one as tough as James's, was not meant to to channel such powerful energies, hence why using the Comet Rider is such a drain on him. It's dangerous enough for people who don't use these energies to embrace the Comet Rider (think of what happened to John Henry or Stormalong, they held onto too much power for to long and it ended up killing them.)
  • One must rely on their own abilities, whatever they are, to get themselves out of trouble, or into trouble as the case may be. Independence and Individuality are a necessity.
  • One must exemplify the Frontier Spirit, forging new path ways, discovering new countries, continents, even worlds. Meeting their inhabitants and punching them in the face.
  • One must be confident in their own abilities, perhaps even a bit too overconfident, as well as having a stubborn streak.
  • One must be basically moral, they don't have to be a Saint or anything, but they generally have to be the type to fight injustices, right wrongs, and so forth.
  • It helps if they have the accent!
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