Ilsa Schroeder

Ilsa Schroeder is the matron and elder adoptive sister of Natalie Schroeder. A Zeitgeist Sister First Rank, and later Mother Superior of the organization, she was a kind, compassionate magician, ever vigilant against both the mystical evils of the world and the goings-on of the life of her little sister. This became a path of common interest she shared with Prince Shamra Rohana of Khanda, whom she dated and later married.

Ilsa Schroeder
AKA Fraulein Mitternacht
Birthplace Berlin, Germany
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 27 (Beginning of SHR1)
Height 5'9 / 175 cm.
Weight 122 lbs / 54 kg
Blood Type O+

Character Concept/Creation

During the School Tournament arc, where the secret Arcadia Academy held an exhibition known to those in the know and other relevantly interested parties, including the parents of several students. While Natalie had already been somewhat of an oddball considering her upbringing, she required somebody to fill in the parental role. Ilsa filled the archetype well, equal parts cool big sister and worrywart elementary school teacher, at once wise and humored.

Fictional Character Biography

Early Years

Adventures during the Arcadian Semester


Powers and Abilities

Like Natalie, Ilsa draws her strength from the spirits of the Astral Plane, but due to her greater experience takes less time to invoke their power, instead utilizing several artifacts in her incantations rather than a truncheon or focusing tool.

Ivory Cloak of Ullikummi

Worn about her shoulders, complete with a hood, the Ivory Cloak was made from the essence of a Babylonian god of stone. While it may seem a plain white garment, it is very much alive, and made of very hard material. Used as basic protection, a prehensile limb, or even a magic carpet.

Ankh of Isis

An ancient talisman from one of the earliest magicians, Ilsa through the Ankh could invoke the powers of the Egyptian Queen Goddess of fertility and motherhood. Through it she projected healing energies and empathic signals.

Rope of Nu Kua

The Rope of Creation of Chinese myth, it is said that the rope was used as a measure to create Man in all varying flaws and qualities. Some of the residual powers remain, allowing the user to give life to the inanimate for a time, but it was used more often as a sealing tool for exorcisms.

Crystal Ball of Scrying

A 'Third Eye', used to project vision through a remote location. Ilsa used this most often to keep an eye on Natalie's status during her stay at the academy through the runes on her hat.

It could also be used in a more crude fashion as a mobile bludgeoning object, being enchanted to be nigh unbreakable


Much to the chagrin of the rest of the sisterhood, Ilsa had a penchent for openly - and often lazily - flying from one mission to the next on anything she could find, among them the stereotypical wooden broom. Natalie would later emulate this behaviour using her staff.

Given her sparse appearances during the course of the story, Ilsa's level of power was mostly alluded to in proportion to her younger sister. Word from the GM states that she was around the strength tier of the stronger Arcadian Instructors. Given her casual dispatch of a vampire lord with a toothpick, her sealing of a dead Mayan god, and her bemused reaction to Shamra Rohana as "a magical anomaly," this assessment seems accurate.


Ilsa's appearance was based on actress Alison Doody, most famous for her role as Dr. Elza Schneider in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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