Grinthorn's intrusion upon your reality will begin breaking the foundation upon which it is built. Up and down, forward and backward, all shall shatter like ice if he manages to bring all of himself into your reality.

Indeed, what I seek is the power to not just recreate this world and this reality, but the power to remake ALL worlds and ALL realities. Imagine it, a reality where Fate doesn't decide for you. Where Time doesn't cruelly age you. Where Nature doesn't strike at you violently and without warning. Where War has no power or hold. A reality where Death has no dominion. That is my dream.

The creator of the Primes, and the mightiest opponent ever faced by the Dragon Dorm, Grinthorn was a Golem created by the five Incarnations of Reality.

AKA The Golem, The Strongest, The Final Prime
Birthplace Higher Reality
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Incalculable (Predate all known form of magics)
Blood Type N/A


Story and Goal

While the exact condition surrounding his creation are unknown, Grinthorn was created in a Higher Reality by the five Incarnations of Reality. Eventually, throughout the millenias of his existence, he came to hate and despise the worlds that they had created, and resolved to obtain the three Omega Keys, which would allow him to destroy and recreate everything.

For this sake, he recruited four powerful beings (Syn the Bringer, Mithisar the Mirror, Shae and Borgoth), granting them their wishes and making them utterly devoted to him, forming the Primes.

Following this, he began his campaign, eventually resulting in his arrival in the world of Arcadia, where the Omega Keys were hidden by the Incarnations.

Unable to cross into this Lower Reality easily, he first sent Syn, the Bringer, to open the doorway. Syn in turn manipulated Lilith, the Mother of All Monsters into bringing about his arrival, but was then defeated by the Dragon Dorm before he could allow Grinthorn entry.

However, the barrier was now weakened, allowing first Mithisar, and then Shae and Borgoth to enter. Mithisar was eventually vanquished by the NullMage, while Shae and Borgoth were(much like Syn before) overwhelmed and vanquished by the Dragons.

This was enough, however, for Grinthorn to personally collapse the weakened barrier.

The Incarnations, now desperate to stop him, helped the champions of Arcadia to Ascend and battle Grinthorn on his own ground.

Grinthorn defeated all but the Dragon Dorm, and then battled them as well. However, even he was powerful enough to defeat their combined might, and at last, his existence came to an end.


While he initially appear to be a calm, calculating individual who considered himself superior to everyone else, this was but a facade. Grinthorn progressively began to show his true self during the battle against the Dragon Dorm, eventually being reduced to a raging beast that fought alone against everything.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Might

While not under the Nexus Orb, Grinthorn is the most fearsome opponent of the multiverse, possessing speed which is enough to counter Ramus's, easily overpowering several members of the Dragon Dorm in close combat, and effortlessly regenerating from all but the most grievious of damage. In addition, even the parts of his body that have been cut away are still under his control, allowing him to surprise those who believe that they have weakened him.

Fighting Power

Even when under the Nexus Orb, he remains supremely powerful, being able to battle the entire Dragon Dorm for several minutes, ignoring damage and wounds that would have killed anyone else many times over, and displaying surreal speed and strength.

Silver Whip

A wave of power flow from Grinthorn's hands, sending back all incoming attacks to their creators.

Atlas Shrugged

A gigantic sphere of glowing orange energy appears on Grinthorn's shoulders, and begin growing. Eventually reaching a size that surpass any city.
This attack can be directed at will, and was so powerful that it took the combined might of every magic/psychic/KI/Chi user in the Dragon Dorm to stop it.

Nexus Orb

Undoubtedly Grinthorn's ultimate, final talent, by using it, he stopped the very flow of Nexus Energy into the entire world, negating any and all physical, magical, phychic, chi, KI and natural power, reducing every being in the world to their ordinary self.

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