Gretel Kronenberg

Gretel Kronenberg was a member of the Zeitgeist Sisterhood. A Sister First Rank, she eventually ascended to the head of the organization as Mother Superior.

Jaded and very businesslike, Gretel unlike her spiritual successors Ilsa and Natalie was a very pessimistic woman. This was due in no short part to the neverending struggles humanity seemed impose upon itself. Seems to be dry and uncaring on the outside, but that's because she takes her duty very seriously. Her swiftness to act and make crucial decisions made her quite the effective leader and a ruthless teacher to future generations.

Gretel Kronenberg
AKA Madame Zeitgeist
Birthplace Berlin, Germany
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 35 (1965, pictured), 78 (Beginning of SHR1)
Height 5'8" / 173 cm.
Weight 118 lbs / 51 kg
Blood Type B-

Character Concept/Creation

Fictional Character Biography

World War Two

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Ever the prodigious witch, Gretel grew up in a time that was very different than the witches and warriors of today. in a time where the Panzer divisions and the Luftwaffen razed the earth and skies, it was still divination and magic that Hitler placed his faith in. In the dying years of the war, the Third Reich tapped the Zeitgeist Sisterhood to help them raise a victory for the Ubermenschen.

They responded by sending in a fifteen year old girl.

As acting consultant for the Nazi Schutzstaffel, Gretel was shown the massive array of occult items gathered and told to conjur up a victory. The mystics of the Thule society believed in the power of magic without understanding the sorts of powers they were really dabbling in, an attitude which disgusted Gretel to her core. Quietly, she manipulated the Reich's mystics to destroy themselves slowly by exploiting these misunderstandings, appealing to their belief in higher powers. However, nothing comes for free as they soon discovered in an ill-fated ritual with the Lance of Longinus.

Almost overnight, the paranormal sciences division vanished along with their entire store of artifacts, and so did the girl.

Silent War: Juraquille and Alucard

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In 1965, Gretel, now Zeitgeist Sister First Rank, was tapped by the Knights Templar to assist them, requiring her experience in the matters regarding the fallout from the war. It seems that the Thule Society wasn't the only ones dabbling in forbidden powers, and that the Schutzstaffel had brought their operations to Vichy France. The Knights

Arcadia and Natalie

Like many powerful and interested parties, Gretel knew of the Arcadia Academy, but did not bother much with it, convinced her own methods were sufficient in combating evil in their own way. With the international expansions of the order under her leadership,


Then one day, one of her acolytes Ilsa came back to the convent holding a baby. Confounded, she was beside herself and demanded she get rid of it somehow - their duty was to protect the world from maleficence, not run an orphanage. Ilsa argued that the child was left alone as a result of one of said dangers and that fell under the tenants of the Mission. Flustered, Gretel gave up on the condition that Ilsa manage her studies and look after the child.

Spring Break

When Natalie returned to report her findings after an ill-fated ritual that culled Solarius back from the dead, but revealed the next danger that was to follow, Gretel and the Council of Elders initiated her into a pact with Gaea the Earth Mother. With the eternal protection of the Earth Spirit and the great enemies that were to follow, Natalie was promoted to Second Rank and was ordered to return to Arcadia with her blessing.

War Against the Primes

Prompted by Ilsa once Natalie disappeared through time during the Mithisar arc, Gretel amassed the Zeitgeist Sisterhood's full numbers to move against Grinthorn and move towards Arcadia. However at this time the Primes had mostly taken over the earth. It was a slow crawl from Schleswig Holstein to the Academy, but eventually they made it there to engage Grinthorn himself.

However, the head Prime was far too much. Without the proper ascension rites, nobody was a match for him and they perished at once.

Soon after that, the Grand Master employed a deeper magic to revive those slain unjustly. Thanks to a dimensional fold created by Grinthorn's very essence, reality was quickly rewritten

memory slipping, I forgot just how everyone was revived - GrampaGen

Death and Successorship

At the age of eighty one, Gretel eventually succumbed to old age. By her will, she decreed that Ilsa succeed her as Mother Superior.

Powers and Abilities

Gretel's specialty was spiritual detection. Able to detect a dark essence in a way that went beyond simple mana or mind reading, she had a veritable sixth sense for the mystic. For this very reason, she also pioneered the Astral Avatar technique that Natalie would later employ.

Like the rest of the Sisterhood, she depended on the loaned powers of Astral denizens. Her most frequently used summon was a hawk employed for communications. She also used her magic for transfiguration and illusions for disguises and infiltration.

Simple life manipulation of plants, spores and the like were also common powers for her.

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