Gilander Gatlain

""Eben, if you can't keep your mutt's thoughts away from my genitals, I'm going to have a new coat fairly soon.""

Gilander Gatlain
A.K.A. The True Scion Of Old Nevada
Birthplace Neo Nevada Colony
Date of Birth July 4th
Age 17 (Beginning of SHR2)
Height 5'8 / 172 cm.
Weight 145 lbs.
Blood Type O+

'A proud-but fallen- scion of the Nevadian Clan, Gilander 'Gil' Gatlain remains one of the more mysterious members of the Last Generation of Fighters.'.


Although lacking the darker skin tone possessed by Dean, or even his mother, Gilander does possess a lighter, dusty brown complexion, reminiscent of a darker red hue, owing to his Japanese roots. His muscles, while not bursting forth from beneath his clothing, are well toned. He may lack the rippling musculature made apparent from even the minutest of his movements that serve to make it obvious that he is, indeed, a man born from the Gatlain line. While he may not have the bulky, large muscles of his brethren, he does maintain a lithe, yet athletic form. And yet, even this is hidden beneath the general size of his clothing, often causing other's to make the mistake of believing he's the owner of a much weaker physique than he truly is. His hair, a dark auburn brown, is shaved, leaving a few centimeters of hair. His eyes give off a cold, apathetic, uninterested gaze, which would give the impression of a man thinking himself above you.

Gil often attires him in subdued colors, the shirts often of a black coloring and long sleeved, and loose in the way that slightly oversized clothing is. Bottoms are usually jeans and in colors much akin to his tops, most of them in blacks or dark, navy blues, and baggy much like his shirts, the leather belt around his waist used to hold them upwards against the pull of gravity. The buckle of the belt is a customized chrome piece, made in the shape of a extensively detailed roaring lion's head, the visage of the fabled Nevadian Lion of lore. Gilander only really owns a single pair of shoes, a simple pair of running sneakers, white in color, a sharp contrast to the rest of his outfit.


Before Arcadia: the Fall from the Fabled Lands

To be a Nevadian is a difficult thing; to avoid bringing shame to ones name and heritage even more so, Especially when that name is for one called Gatlain. Unfortunately, this proves to be quite a difficult, if not impossible thing for Gilander Gatlain. His noble lineage could be traced back generation after generation, Great Hero after Great Hero, coming from his mightly line without fail.

Were one to trace his line back more then a millennia, they would find the Blood of The Noble King of Old Nevada, Garthin, flowing through his veins. It was he who ruled over Old Nevada at the height of its prosperity and power, and it was he who was considered the most powerful Nevadian warrior of that age, peerless in both his wisdom, and his power. And it was he who ruled Old Nevada during its twilight hours, during the end of its age.

It was he, who fought until his last breath against the Draconian menace who arrived from the heavens, and destroyed all he loved, dying in a blaze of glory, in noble combat, slaying enemy after enemy, each more pathetic then the next, death coming for them at the hands of his blades, a swift as the fastest of steeds.

Unfortunately, even a man such as he, a King of Old Nevada, a Warrior’s Warrior’s Warrior, had fallen against such odds, reduced to a mere splattering of the man he once was.

He had fallen, but he had lived, and died, in a manner benefitting a Warrior, and even more importantly, a Nevadian. And more important then his death was the survival of his people, of his family. Or what scant remnants there were. His sacrifice was not in vain, however, because through his noble sacrifice, the seeds had been laid for the return of his people greater and stronger then ever. And in the grand scope of history, even he had been surpassed by others of his Ilk, accomplishing deeds so great, that even Old Garthin himself would only be able stare, mouth agape from the heavens, at the intensity of their will, the sheer testicular fortitude possessed by they who had done the unthinkable.

To find the ones who had done such an incredible feat, you would only have to look back from the life of Gilander Gatlain a scant Three-Hundred years, a mere page away in the book of eternity.

Gilander’s greatest ancestors had lived during this age. He was descended from Kagura Ise-Smith, and Dean Gatlain, husband and wife, The Noble Patriarchs of the House of Gatlain. It was they who laid the foundation of Old Nevada to be reborn in the heavens anew, as the glorious Neo Nevada, and brought the heritage and greatness of Old Nevada and its people not only back from the brink, but made it greater then it had been, even at the height of its power. Their legacy was steeped in honor and glory, there deeds, the definition of determination and power, even among those not of Nevada.

Not just for the sake of Nevada, or the House of Gatlain, they, along with their mighty and noble—But somewhat less mighty and noble then they—comrades of the School of Arcadia, had worked feverishly, time and time again, to save the world from those who would rule it, enslave it.

Destroy it.

The road to victory was arduous, and in the end, much suffering was had, not only for their comrades, but for Dean and Kagura themselves. But, in the end, the result was as it should be:

Those who opposed them fell like leaves in the midst of autumn. As expected.

Pride, Honor, Strength, Nobility.

All these things were expected to flow through the blood of Gilander Gatlain, to come naturally. After all, even Dean’s lesser relatives were no exception, The Noble Hilda Vjorn for example, while not possessing the heights of power attained by Dean, proven by her inability to defeat him even once (Citation Needed), was still no less noble then he, and certainly, an unquestionably mighty warrior.

Why should a direct descendant of Garthin, Dean Gatalin, and Kagura Ise-Smith be any less?

This, unfortunately, was the line of reasoning that lead to Gilanders unfortunate lot in life. Strength was encouraged, for those who lived in Nevada, but for those who held the ancestry of nobles and kings in their blood? It was required. And so, the House of Gatlain became more, and more obsessed with the possession of strength.

“Strength to rule, strength to protect, strength to honor” was their mantra, was their way of life, and was the most scared of beliefs.

Or, so it was said. As time went on, one descendant became more honorable, more prestigious, more…valued, then another, by not simply the deeds they preformed as one would expect, but by the power of the blood that flowed through their veins, passed on by distant ancestors long gone.

To be one who possessed the Shingan, or one who possessed the power of demons, was the highest honor, the symbol of the power held in New Nevada, a symbol of their unparallel might, and as a true scion of New Nevada. To claim to be from the House of Gatlain, and to lack such a thing, was shameful at best, blasphemous, at worst.

Gilander, as it happened to be, was especially unfortunate, Born from the loins of a woman of New Nevada, one who was acknowledged as one of the most elite of warriors, among those in Nevada. She was strong, she was swift, she was brave.

She was merciless. Without pity for man or machine, comrade or enemy.

The fact that they might be family was of little consequence.

It was expected, that a son of such a woman, would possesses the fabled traits with such abundance, that his name would become legend in time. Whispers arouse around the potential or what the child could be, what he might be….What he would be.

Unfortunately, what he could be was not, in fact, what he was. As time went on, his deficiencies became more and more obvious. His strength, his speed, his physical fortitude, while possibly exceptional by the standards of a human of non-Nevadian origin, was incredibly substandard, at best, considering what he was.

The child actually found it difficult to move the smallest of weights, a pitiable four-hundred pounds.

He had shown none of the traits his forefathers had become famous for, the very symbols of Gatlain heritage. And even worse then that, the boy had no talent in things that even an Earthbound, an exile of New Nevada possessed.

Controlling the energies or the body, or of the mind, both eluded him completely. This may have been acceptable for one who held the Shingan, but for Gilander? A weakling who lacked the power of his ancestors, and even those possessed by an average human?

To another household, this might have been acceptable. To the House of Gatlain, it was shameful. To Gilanders mother, it was unforgivable.

And so, when Gilander was fifteen years of age, his mother grew tired of the shame that greeted her daily that soiled her name and reputation, as well as those of her ancestors. Despite the protestations of the child’s uncle, the kid was unceremoniously tossed into a capsule, and flung towards the earth, out of the heaven of New Nevada, told never to return until he finally gained strength that would not shame her, or their ancestors.

Some say that the target was actually the Sun, but a navigator error spared the boy an awful, awful fate.

Some also say that while the boy was blight on the House of Gatlain, no one, save for the mother, had called for the boys exile, and it was her decision, and hers alone, to condemn the boy to what may very well be an eternal exile.

And so, the boy landed on earth, and by what may be a stroke of luck, or Divine Intervention (Or possibly by the capsules programming) landed in the Land of the Earthbound , home to those exiled from New Nevada for various reasons, as Gillander had been, or for those who stayed behind during the Nevadian voyage into the heavens.

Two years have passed since then, and what the boy has been up to since, or what he intends to do is not known, nor is it relevant.

Perhaps the boy trains tirelessly to gain the strength to return to his mother.

Perhaps he spends his days rotting or boredom and booze, his mind and heart destroyed by the shame he feels, and the hand fate has dealt him.

Perhaps he spends most of time playing Video Games.

It is as I said, irrelevant.

What is however is the invitation he received to the School of Arcadia, the greatest school for Heroes and Warriors in the world, and perhaps, the universe.

One wonders what it could want with a pathetic weakling such as him. Perhaps it was an error, or maybe a cruel joke? Or perhaps not…

Motivated by curiosity, and perhaps a desire to gain the strength to return to the heavens, Gilander, Fallen Member of The House of Gatlain, journeys to Arcadia to find out.

And so our story begins….

Equipment and Stats

Stat Point Allocation
Strength 05
Speed 20 (25 via Nightlight Hax)
Intelligence 20 (25 via Nightlight Hax)
Agility 20 (25 via Nightlight Hax)
Durability 05
Stamina 20 (25 via Nightlight Hax)
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 20 (25 via Nightlight Hax)
Technology 55

Gilander is a very physical, but smart fighter. Perhaps his greatest strength is his ability to think on his feet and turn a situation to his advantage even when the deck is stacked against him. However, by far his biggest trump card is the Pillow, a nanobat with multiple forms and abilities, making him a beast beyond what anyone could believe possible in close quarters combat.

Gil's stats are placed in a way that makes him above human standards in all physical capabilities, while a large amount also go towards increasing his technological advantage and his understanding of it. Along with that is an emphasis on agility, so that he knows when to swing his bat, and intelligence and weapons and fighting skill so that he can fight and think more competently.

The Pillow: V.1

A seemingly normal silver bat, albeit it with a distinctly modern and technological look (Imagine a bat made of silver solar panels, and you've got the gist). However, in this stage it is infact a device, created using the principles of repulsion technology. Pillow is able to emit a strong burst of energy, pushing back incoming objects or people, without the object itself necessarily touching. However, it has been know to be activated after a punishing blow, increasing the damage, or allowing Gilander a better chance to escape a counter. In this form, it's also known as "Replusive Pillow".

Vlad's Pillow: the Pillow Impaler

An unlocked mode of The Pillow, previously unknown to Gil because of his short time wielding the weapon. In this setting, several spikes generate from the Bats skin, stopping short at the handle of the bat. This is not a permenant setting, meaning that the spikes can be retracted into the bat upon command. Can also be used in conjunction with The Pillows base ability (AKA: Repulsive Pillow—-the basic Repusion Ability of the bat in it's standard form).

Aero Pillow

The Second unlocked form of the Pillow. The metal covering of the pillow takes on a plate-like appearance, before shifting and retracting in several key locations, revealing various miniturized turbines beneath the Pillow's protective covering; these places are located on the head and sides of the weapon. Each turbine is protected by miniture metal bars covering them, which serve to keep large debris from entering the turbines.

Using its Turbines, the Pillow creates a vacuum that draws air into it at an astounding rate, the strength of the pull so great that it begin dragging its opponent towards it, generally restricting the movements of the opponent due to the strength of the vacuum being exerted onto them, although particularly speedy or strong characters may be able to resist these effects to a certain extent. However, in addition to its ability to suck in air, the Aero Pillow can also, once its inhaled, exhale the air it had breathed in, resulting in large torrents of blunt air-force expelling from its turbines.

However, in addition to its ability to suck in air, the Aero Pillow can also, once its inhaled, exhale the air it had breathed in, resulting in large torrents of blunt air-force expelling from its turbines. Also Compatable with Vlad's Pillow.

Shocking Pillow

While one the surface this form appeares similar to the Base or Repulsive Pillow state; in this form the pillow generates a large electrical output, adding a electrical attribute to it's attacks, similar in principle to that of a Stun-Baton, but at a much higher output. Can Be used in conjuction with Vlad's Pillow.

Blazing Pillow

Similar to the Repulsive and Shocking Pillow, there is no discernable change in the outside appearance of The Pillows form, aside from the weapon becoming a white/orange hue, and the shimmering of air and steam around the weapon. In this state, The Pillow superheats itself to an incredible degree, and can easily cause first degree burns, and melt or burn through materials such as Ice, or even bone. It can be used in conjunction with Vlad's Pillow.

Pillow: V.2

A transformation caused by the foreign nanites on the planet Khaleen, after integrating with the nanites that make up The Pillow, resulting in drastic changes to the abilities of the pillow. In V.2, The Pillow adopts a dark purple hue, with white lines running throughout.

Meteo Pillow

Four prongs appear on the tip of the bat, and slowly gather energy, causing a dense black orb to float several inches away from the prongs itself, as the ball gathers more energy. When finished, the pillow reverts to it's normal mode, and the ball, no bigger then a baseball, remains floating in midair. Gil can then repulse the ball towards the enemy.

As the ball travels further, it expands in size (roughly the size of a basketball) before exploding due to the unstableness brought about by the increase in size.

Due to the charging time of the attack, Gil requires some form of protection during preparation of the technique, and if interrupted before fully completed, a misfire can occur, possibly doing damage to Gilander himself.

Gilander can currently do this attack twice per day, before The Pillow remains in V.1, Due to the amount of energy expended.

Holograph Emitter

Procured during the classes time on a uncharted planet light years away, this device has the ability to project the likeness of it's wearer, up to 200 feet. This device possesses a simplistic AI, likened to that of one found in a video game order to imitate certain commands, such as 'run', 'taunt' and 'evade'.

Due to it's holographic nature, it is unable to actually interfere with the real world, and one would be able to determine it's true nature, due it its inability to do so.
As such, it will phase through most obstacles, and likewise, attacks. However, being a hologram, lacks any attack abilities of it's own.

Sonic Pillow

Using Sound as a weapon, The Device can emit several deafening, painful sounds with a strength exceeding that of over 9000 Decibels.

While the sound can be emitted constantly, due to the the inability of sound waves to determine friend from foe, this setting is used sparingly.

Sonic can also be used at close range, releasing one sudden, focused, burst of noise, rocking the enemy body with the powerful vibrations sent directly into the body at such range, in addition to the reducing the risk of unintentional harm to ones allies.

While the risk of damaging oneself is reduced with long distance nature of The Blanket, The Pillow has a high risk of potentially damaging its wielder with this attack, even with safeguards, due to being at ground zero of this technique.

Warp Pillow

Incorporating warp technology into its essence, The Sleep System has gained the power of teleportation.

A person in contact with either The Pillow, or its counterpart, can warp to any of the components that make up the Sleep System in a blink of an eye, or even teleport objects and people to themselves.

However, due to the extreme energy usage involved in this technology, it quickly puts a strain on the systems power supply, depending on the usage, and objects transported.

Nightlight Prototype

A small sphere of incredibly advanced technology, spawned forth from The Pillow and created from the knowledge and power aqquired from it's constant upgrades and evolutions, The Nightlight possesses the ability to boost certain abilities of its user to their full potential, which varies from person to person.

Due to the blood red color, and somewhat uncomfortable feeling created when it first came into existance, similar to the corrupted Version Three program, it is speculated that it might have played pivitol some role in the creation of the device.

Do to the artifical nature of the enhancement bestowed upon its user, it is considered inferior as compared to someone who has reached the peak of their abilites naturally.

Version Three Notes: As a result of the divine power syphoned from Elohims gift to Gilander, Version Three gained a duality unknown within The Pillow, brining Balance and completeness to the form.

The Power bestowed via Lucifers Hellfire Energy, creating the 'Hell' subcomponent of Version Three, works the same as it always has, altering the Pillows various programs while in this mode to suit its 'Personality', causing many of the moves to have a high risk of harm to its user, and gaining abilities from vanquished foes.

The 'Heaven' subcomponent of Version Three functions much like its opposite, in that it still gains abilities via the defeat of powerful opponents, however, the uncomfortable aura created by the original Version Three has mostly dissipated, barring the specific activation of 'Hell' mode.

In addition, the programs of the previous Versions of The Pillow have been altered by the use of this subcomponent in a way different from that of its counterpart, lacking the risk of harm that comes from it, and giving off versions of the attack that are difficult to explain to unsufficently advanced minds, giving off the impression of 'Miracles', when it is infact merely the most advanced implementation of the abilities of the Pillow to Date.

To sum up how this works, for those who lost track of Gils Version stuff.

V.1: General versitility, most of them are programs Gil mostly unlocked, or which appeared via Gil's needs. General Versitality theme.

V.2 More advanced, powerful techniques, brought about by Alien Nanites. Has a higher stamina drain, and upgrades V.1 Techs into more powerful, draining Variants. (I.E, Shocking Pillow going from a localized shock generated from The Pillow, to a long rage electrical attack.)

V.3: 1. Hell— Follows a theme of 'sacrifice' in that it gains its abilities from the vanquished, 'sacrificing' them to give The Pillow greater powers.

It also represents corrpution or temptation, due to the possibility some users might be tempted to power up this form via bloodshed regardless of enemy or ally.

Attacks from Previous Versions are altered to have have attacks that run a risk of damage to the user, or allies. (I.E: Shocking Pillow going from a Localized schock, to a long rage electrical bolt, to a generating an electrical field targeting indiscriminatley)

V.3: 2. Heaven follows a theme of 'Miracles', and the attacks of other versions are given variants difficult to discern the nature of, or how the technique worked.



  • Gil has an impressively large penis, possessing both length and girth beyond your average, and even above average male. Rumor has it that he is so proud of his member, he wears a protective cup at all times to protect it during combat.
  • However this penis has been noted to be small by Alice King, however this young woman has been noted to like small penises so it may have actually been a massive compliment from her viewpoint.
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