"Perfect. Now we have two talking mutts who coincidentally are members of the SHR1 cast. If we see any talking monkeys, I'm betting that its Levi."

Kellysaurus Rex
"Chaos Theory! Clones from frogs! REAL! WORLD!"

The second meme from SHR2, in which characters from SHR1 have either appeared in SHR2 or are imagined reincarnated as animals.


After SHR2's trip in which they met Django and the Celestial Maidens, it was revealed that Lain, the wolf that traveled with Eben Roux was in fact, Dean Gatlain from SHR1. Immediately after, it was revealed that a fox that Dory St. Johns had recently found was, in fact, Selma St. Johns, thus prompting following lampshadings from the other roleplayers; such as Instructor Kelly appearing as a T-Rex while Natalie Schroeder returns as a raptor.

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