Fox Selma

The form of the unwillingly ressurrected Selma St. Johns, she mostly stays around her descendant Dory St. Johns, switching between biting comments, unsure anxiety, and fond remembrance depending on the moment. Her bipolar disorder seems more in control this time around.

Selma St. Johns
Birthplace Yonkers, New York
Birthdate July 23
Age unknown
Height 2'0''
Weight 22 lbs.
Nationality Unknown
Gender female
Blood Type O




Selma suffers from Bi-Polar Disorder, swinging to emotional extremes seemingly at the drop of a hat. Her disorder was aggrivated by her abusive, often absent parents. This also gave her abandonment issues, holding onto those she cares for with zealous ferocity. However, once finding out about her disorder, she began working to fix her problems, helped by Natalie Schroeder and Samuel McClane.


Sticking close to Dory, she is supposed to act as the voice of wisdom for her descendant, but acts more as a lazy, snarky voice instead. Dory, for the most part, puts up with Selma and snarks back, treating her as another person. This makes her aces in Selma's book, due to the fact that most of the school treats her as a pet, Juni included.

She's also recieved the anger of Alice for watching her and her boyfriend James' first time, almost being killed by an irate Alice. The two have since then talked about it and reconciled, instead deciding to start over. Immediately after, Alice began treating Selma as a pet, something the ancient mage has resigned herself too.

She is also close to Sara Angha, the girl knowing of her due to Selma being friends with Tamiko Kessler, Sara's ancestor. Sara has also been injured by an enraged Alice because she was protecting the fox from Alice's wrath, something both felt Selma deserved at the moment.

At the moment, her interaction with Shamus has been in search of a boyfriend, Shamus promising to ask his magical badger family about possible dates.

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