Erika Rocksort
Erika Rocksort
Birthplace New Liverpool, England
Date of Birth Ferbuary 29th, 2295
Age 15 (Beginning of SHR2)
Height 5'5
Weight 99 lbs.

Erika Rocksort is a character in School House Rumble 2: The Last Age of Fighters.



In a small hospital off the coast of New Liverpool, a little girl was born. Her name: Erika Rockstorts. Raised from a young age in the magical arts of wicca, Erika showed a talent, not a large one, but enought o attract some attention from the spirit world.

One day, the sky seemed darker than usual. Lightning lit up the sky while thunder clapped its giant hands in the air, Anyone who felt this chaotic breeze in the air knew somthing was amist in the spirit world, and that's exactly what was going on. TUATHA DE' DANANN, the goddess of healing and beauty, was fighting with DAGDA, god of the gods. DAGDA was angered that TUATHA DE' DANANN, his favorite daughter was secretly pregnant and cast her still-born child into a random soul on earth. That semi-god offspring ended up falling in the body of a little english girl.

On febuary 29th 2303, Erika officially turned 2, unoficially she was 8 years old. Tis' the curse of being born on a skip year. She went on a walk. Little did she know that was going to be the day the still-born child of TUATHA DE' DANANN's spirit was going to make her presence known to the englishgirl. Birds were chirping, the wind breezing through the trees sung a soft ballad of love, all in all it was a magnificent day. Except one thing came a ruined the atmosphere and brought terror and fear with it's presence. The man tried to rob and kill the girl. As she fought, she heard the voice of a young child telling her that help was on the way. A second after Erika heard the voice she felt a force pulses inside of her. Withought knowing what she was doing, she gave swift kick that sent the man flying in the sky. Days after the attack the voice came back explaining what has happen. Apparently Erika was one with the spirits around her, she could borrow the power of those willing around her to use them as her own.

Equipment and Stats

Status Points
Strength 02
Speed 04
Intelligence 06
Agility 04
Durability 05
Stamina 05
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 02
Ki/Chi 05
Magic 30
Psychic 02
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