Emanulle Santos
Emanulle Santos
Birthplace Halzara
Age 17 (Beginning of SHR)
Height 6'
Weight 183 lbs.
Gender Male
Nationality N/A

Emanulle Santos is one of the newer students of the school. He's a bit more exotic, being one of the few non humans (fewer if you don't count Gil).

We search for a purpose of life. Looking beyond the path before us, choosing the left, right, or center; as the sky being the limit. To fear what lies ahead only contains us, instead move forward and do not be afraid. Hold your ground and whatever you do don't fear failure.-Apoc Demon saying


If he's not wearing something casual, you'll usually see him in a black trench coat, gloves and the like(They're all weighted done by magical enchantments). For idea, just see the picture.


Emanulle hails from a little known place called 'Halzara', another demension where things are quite different. There he is trainning to be the future king of not only his people, but to other races that happen to live there as well. Every Apoc Demon that has come before him in his family has rose the occassion, and despite not being the most powerful race on Halzara, they like the rest of their brethen have the potential to be powerful.

It was only with Emanulle, in which he seems to be falling behind with the rest, but there were hints of his potential, the first being when he was a child. He gets along with his father fair enough, but two aren't real close and he never got to know his mother much.

Like those Santos before him, it was the way of their people, that in order to lead, you had to explore and expereince the outside world without help. That included learning how to deal with problems that normal people would have to deal with, in theory to keep them grounded and better in tuned with the peoples needs. Emanulle comes to this school to improve himself mentally and grow more powerful, and perhaps find something he's never truly had back at home:



Emanulle is usually soft-spoken, thoughtful and a bit on the quite side. There's nothing more that fascinates him then learning new things, at least when it comes to different races/people. Generally he's open-minded and hard to get angry, but when he does, you'll know it. He's fairly easy going and down to earth despite his position.

On a minor note, his eyes turn red when he's pissed, like a lot of demons do.

Abilities, Equipment and Stats

Strongarm: A black and sleek blade he recently bought from a Bazaar. It's apparently a Khalen weapon that was passed down from the first Lord, to the last.

Current Point Allocation
Emanulle Santos
Strength 10
Speed 17
Intelligence 05
Agility 25
Durability 25
Stamina 05
Fighting Skill 13
Magic 15
Ki/Chi 50

His style seems to be some type of Mixed Martial Arts, but his fighting style as a whole seems to be focusing deflecting and countering to make openings. Emanulle is a smart and skilled fighter who uses his power set in creative ways. While not as flexible as say someone like Drake, he for a ki-user is pretty versatile.

Enhanced Senses

He has enhanced hearing, sight and smell. However, these are off set by the following. For one, if he hears loud enough noises, it could be painful and even knock him unconcious. His sight is off set by solar attacks, and lastly, his sense of smell will mess up if he smells something espically bad.

Dark Void

A straight forward Ki technique. A red ball of energy(roughly the size of a basket ball) will be launced at his opponet(s). It's only moderately powerful at this time, but has potential to develop into something more decent later.

Tiger's Charge

Emanulle will sorround himself in red ki energy(forming a ball) that he can use for ramming attacks at high speeds. The draw back is that his mobility is less then normal, making it a bit trickier to use at times.

Spirit Knuckle

A ghostly, large fist of ki energy is formed, used to propell himself forward to hit enemies in the face. Or alternatively, he could 'launch' it as a projectile attack.

Finer Ki Control

This allows him finer control over his ki. Giving him the ability to use his standard special moves a bit more creatively(provided its plausible, of course). It also allows him to charge non-biological objects with ki energy to explode. Doing so doesn't bypass durability and the like but simpy works as a normal attack. It's also somewhat useful in misc ways(I.E. Emanulle charges Marcus' bullets with ki energy, and he shoots them at their opponents to cause more damage)

Demon Form: Simply put, he transform. His body will levitate one-inch above the ground and black electricty will spark around him now and again. A smooth and deep black aura is formed and his voice is colder. He also gains bat-like wings, which he could use to fly. It doubles his physical strength, ki and speed but only last for twenty five minutes.

Once that time goes out, he turns back to normal and his strength, durability speed all get cut in half for a short period leaving him weaker in addition to being unable to use ki-based techniques for that time(due to it running on his ki reserves). Emanulle must wait for the duration he was in the form in the first place before tapping it into it again, and that's if he has enough ki reserves to do so . He can also bring his wings for flight whenever he wants, though he won't get the stat boost. He can increase the duration by adding more in stamina.(I.E. two more points means he can stay for two more minutes in it)

Update on Demon Form: Nothing really changes, though as an result of the strange incident that caused his Ki to fix itself, his Demon Form acts like it would normally before the damaged power thing. In short, his durability also increases when in said form, like the other stats. Though the trade off is making him more tired after use.

Update Demon Form: Nothing changes, but he's able to stay in it about double his standard time.

Advanced Ki Control:

Much like Emanulle's finer Ki Control, except as the name suggest more advanced. He can for example, create different shapes of energy or fly without the use of wings. Since this done with a mixture of Ki and his own supernatural energy, its a bit more diverse.

Ascending Strike:

This is a Ki attack in the shape of a black dragon which damages things in a large area upon physical contact. Emanulle has control over the direction of the attack and can shift it's destination at all. The drawback is the fact that the longer its in use, the harder it is to control and it'll fade out on its own eventually. Emanulle can also use it to 'trap' opponents(strength based on his Ki score) He has more control with this in demon form and due to the nature of it, can only use it a limited number of times before it severely tires him out.

Supernatural Abilities: In addition to Emanulle's Ki training, he has also learned to use some of the natural powers of his race as well that are supernatural and almost magical in nature. Unlike his Ki though, many of them are support and hindering attacks, effectively giving him more options then straight-forward violence in various encounters.

Ghost Teleportation: (AKA Ghost Walking) Simply put, its a teleportation move where he seems to phase out and becomes transparent before vanishing like a normal teleport. It can only be used for short distances unless he concentrates and that applies only places he has been too. Naturally that also takes more time and the longer the distance, the more it drains on him. Note, he Still can be attacked when doing the longer version of it and ironically on the flip side can't attack. Emanulle can use the long-range version of this once a day.

Dark Shroud: Creates a dark vapor-like clouds that makes it very hard to see for enemies, but for Emanulle(and his allies if chosen) can see perfectly fine. It acts as a cover. This gradually drains on his energy, and while he can expand the range, the bigger the more taxing it is. It also has a side effect of improving his Ghost Walking Technique—allowing him instant teleportation instead of the slight delay, as well as using the long range version of it more then once a day provided he has the energy to do so.

False Doppelganger: Creates up to five "illusionary" copies of himself or allies.They can't attack and dissolve with a single good hit. They however are good distraction since its Very hard tell the real one from the fakes.

New abilties:

Maxed Agility, Enhanced Peception(passive) Simply put, it allows him to see and react to things much faster then normal.

Magic Abilties:

Illusion: Taking note of the False Doppelganger technique, Emanulle has improved on this. He can create illusions of small areas, nothing too big(I.E. disguise himself as something else or make something that's not there appear) The illusions dissolve after taking a hit.

Dopple Trade: If there is a Doppleganger in play on the field, he can(if timed right) switch places with it and let it take the damage instead. The drawback is there is a fifteen minute cool down between each use.


At the moment, he's had very little interaction with the various students but is slowly getting to know them has some info the relationships of the NPC's of his back story as well).

King Orian

'King Orian' is Emanulle's old man. The two seem to have respect for one another but they aren't exactly close. He is much more emotionally reserved but seems to at least care for his son. He does however, seem to constantly compare Emanulle to 'Torias' his older brother which who has made much more progress over all.

Queen Nanai

Emanulle's mother, she died after giving birth to him due to her becoming sick and frail. He never got to know her, but he has heard she was quite kind. People say in that regard, he is like his mother, but in others, he is his father's son.

Recently, he has gotten 'contact' with his deceased mother by a dream. After the two met and got to know each other, she informed him that she would be spending time with him for a unknown period. It's not known how long that is, but Emanulle seems to avoid bringing up the subject for now. He also has limited contact with her to communicate with her mentally. Much of the whole ordeal remains shrouded in mystery.


Torias is Emanulle's old brother(twenty years his senior). He is cold, calculating and distant but highly competent with a no non-sense attitude. Out of the two, Torias is much more powerful of the two and he will let Emanulle know it. He hates his younger brother, blaming him for his mother's death. The two do not get along. At all.

Marcus Hester:

The two haven't gotten much chance to interact, but thus far he has a respect for the soldier and seems not to mind his company.

Alice King:

At first, Alice was put off by his Demon Hertiage. However, she eventually came around after learning that Emanulle wasn't really a bad person per say, just different. The two have more or less seemed to have put things behind them, but other then that there has been little in the way of interaction.

Laron Grand:

The two have more or less hit it off since they first started talking, and at the moment is probably one of the young man's few friends at Arcadia.

Aureole Roxana Edith:

Aureole is yet another student Emanulle hasn't had as much interaction with, but the first was when they finally were able to go back to the Academy for the very first time.(And it was also learned why he was sent to Arcadia in the first place) Though brief, Emanulle had good vibes of her on first impression,and was interested in her family technique(The Golden Armor) Though he does seem drawn to her in some way(even if he doesn't show it) it's unknown if anything will come out of it.

Recently, the two have started a relationship, though it seems to be a new thing for both parties involved. Where it may lead is anyone's guess. So far the good have chemistry and are pretty close. Emanulle is protective of her while at the same time allowing Aureole to make her own way.

Jerod Taylor: A young single father who's raising two young little girls. He was once a baseball player that had to retire early due to a drunken driver killing his wife and also ending his career. Emanulle knows him from spending time with him and his family during one of his travels before Arcadia. More can information can be found by clicking on the link.

Liu Lan-Yue:

During the first time of them meeting, Emanulle was able to keep a casual polite conversation with her. He was happy that the young woman had intellect to go with her. At the moment, he's more or less on friendly terms with Liu and respects her ability in battle(espically after seeing the dragon fights). It seems likely the two will share more of a brother/sister-like relationship then anything else.


Eliza was a 'Arknon. A race with highly evolved empath abilties that appeared more or less human. Her greatest flaw however was her peaceful nature among the wolves. Eliza has a huge impact on Emanulle to this day, his morals, outlook among other things have been helped shape by the closes thing he had to a mother figure.

She was killed by villagers, who were frightened because of what Emanulle was. Since that day, he has a low tolerance for those who are picked on for things they cannot help. He has also learned to judge others as inviduals from her and not their race. Something that was taught to him later, but was learned more with his short time with her.

Side Stuff, Extra Info and back story.

Eliza's Story

Sound Track
Battle Theme 1: Taste The Blood(Vergil version)
Battle Theme 2 The Time Has come
Theme Song Unmei no Yoru
Demon Form The Fifth Power
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