Drake Vargas

"So we suck, that's obvious. We're just going to have to level-grind until we're in the unsucky category."
—Drake Vargas

"Drake!? How did you hack into my eyes?"
Marcus Hester

Drake Vargas
Also Known As The Silicon Sorcerer, "Doc"
Place of Residence Miami, FL
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Date of Birth December 11
Age 17 (Although current records state he's 318)
Height 5'11 / 180 cm.
Weight 157 lbs.
Blood Type A

One of the many characters of School House Rumbles 2, the sequel of the original School House Rumbles. Drake is known mainly as the eccentric, if not bizarre, time traveler from the year 2009 who seems to be very much at home in the year 2310 by his classmates. As the creator and practitioner of the strange form of magic and psychic arts known as Cybermancy, his view of the world seems no different than that of a computer.

Before Arcadia

Born in 1992, Drake was the son of a scientist employed by Xanatos, and a lesser known mage, who -although had a connection in it- never attended Arcadia herself. Despite their differences, they fell in love and married, though his mother had kept quiet about her powers until later. While caught off guard, his father was determined to make the best of it, and thus raised Drake on the principals of fact. His mother, on the other hand, taught Drake about the belief of magic.

Instead of these conflicting thoughts confusing the boy, young Drake managed to combine both into one ideal; an ideal that would be the foundation of his cybermancy. This ideal was that everything, from humans and nature to magic, possessed a code much like the codes of a computer. If you find the code, you could control anything. From there on, he began his endless study of computer programming and how various things worked, seeking out a way to find any sign of the codes he had believed in. His searching would should prove fruitful.

Dormant within the young Drake was the gift of magic, passed on with his mother's bloodline. With his parents and him unaware of it throughout his life, it emerged one night during his exploration of programming. Frustrated with another dead end in his search, he struck out at his computer, magic flowing with his fist as it smashed through the screen. With the backlash of magic and electrocution with his act, Drake had found it. When he awoke, his hand bleeding and the computer embedded in the far off wall, he celebrated.

The following years he spent trying to harness this new found knowledge, combining magical and psychic energies with technology. It was during this time, his mother contacted her friend in Arcadia. A few months later a letter of acceptance arrived. Seeking to impress his soon to be classmates and instructors, he threw himself into last minute preparation for his introduction to Arcada. Unaware that an error had formed and when he activated the program he had designed for his entrance to Arcadia, he found himself flung far into the future.


Due to his mixed upbringing, Drake has managed to mix both technology and the occult into one practice; Cybermancy. This form is built upon Drake's ability to alter the codes of any object and reprogram them to his needs. While such a practice would usually require having to input the coding either vocally or in typing each time it is used, Drake has managed to bypass this by inputting it only once into his VirtualTop, which can be immediately brought up afterward.


BSoD ("Blue Screen of Death") - A basic psychic technique in which fills the target vision's with the familiar blue screened message, leaving them unable to see anything else for a brief time.

Meme - An upgrade of the BSoD, replacing the blue screened-message with one of the many internet memes from Drake's time. With this upgrade, not only is the target robbed of their sense of sight, but also their hearing.

Wikicadia - A psychic technique in which scans out the mind of target and returns mentally to Drake as a long binary code.. Upon inputting the code into his VirtualTop, this code reveals a wikipedia-like page displaying a target's profile, stats, and possible weaknesses or fears. How much information and how quickly he receives the information back depends on how much psychic resistance a target has.

Lag - A psychic technique in which attacks the body instead of the mind, slowing down the electric impulses within the target's nervous system. The target's movements are then reduced in speed to the point where they appear to be moving in slow motion. This technique, while only lasting a few seconds when launched, can be prolonged with continued concentration.

404 - A psychic ability in which the user creates an illusion of either an object or being to fool the target. Once disturbed or attack, the illusion vanishes, leaving behind a floating 404 error page which then explodes.

Click and Drag - A psychic ability that allows the user to take hold of an object or being -much like telekinesis- and move it around. Unlike telekinesis, this ability is only activated after the target has established by selecting the target; either through simply pointing or through other means.


Mod (ver. 1.0) - A basic magic spell in which the user transforms a random object into a more suitable object (e.g. like a metal pipe transforming into a sword)

Mod (ver. 1.5) - Also known as "Gun Mod." Due to his recent studies and progression of his magical abilities, Drake is now able to create projectile weapons ranging from the simple crossbow to missile launchers. The strongest of this arsenal is his ability to create energy or laser blasters, although these require more magic and have a charge time depending on the size of the blast.

Firewall - A magic spell in which was inspired by Director's Edan previous lesson, although with some modification. Creating a convex wall of concentrated energy, this shield incinerates any object that comes into contact with it.

Link - A magic spell in which the user brings forth a magical chain, connecting a person or object to another. To a person, the chain ends with a shackle appearing on the target's chosen point, while the chain merges with an object. Although mainly meant for binding or connecting, it can be used as a weapon.

Esc - A spell in which the user implants their magic in a certain spot, creating a "Save Point," in which the user may return to instantly at anytime until the implanted magic is used it. This ability allows the user to save time in traveling back or getting away from an enemy quickly.

Delete - After studying the notes and various stories around the one known as the "Null Mage" Drake managed to create his own version of the infamous null magic. Taking the form of an invisible blast of magical energy, the blast nullifies any magic of equal or lesser power; and in the case of a greater source of energy, nullifies part of it.

File Corruption

Due to his fight with Li of the team, Unusual Bastards, in the Preliminary Round, she had unintentionally struck open one of his chakra gates, resulting in the use of chi. However, due to his lack of training and unhealthy lifestyle his chi is stagnate and polluted. As shown during his fight with Durge of Team Nightcaster, his use of chi is not only uncontrollable, but dangerous as his body cannot handle it (Danielle compares his use to that of a cannonball being shot from a cardboard paper towel tube.)

To ensure that he would only use it when he needed to, he created a seal using the Khalen nanomachines which acted as a gate over that chakra point. Only when he inserts the flashdrive into the VirtualTop would it be unleashed…

Equipment and Stats

Current Point Allocation
Intelligence 25
Durability 2
Stamina 10
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 2
Ki/Chi 6
Magic 20
Psychic 25
Tech 20

Virtualtop ver. 7.0 - The most basic of Drake's technology. Taking the form of a wristwatch, upon activation it produces a transparent keyboard and screen. It is through the Virtualtop that Drake stores the "commands" for his other spells and techniques.

Due to the complications involving his imprisonment with Xavien, this VirtualTop was destroyed, forcing him to create a new one.

Virtualtop ver. 8.0 - After the destruction of his previous VirtualTop, Drake created this new one during his escape from the IBT. Taking the form of an armored bracer, it incorporates several new pieces of technology, such as using the Khalen nanomachines to check his vitals instead of the previous needle method.

Built along with the VirtualTop ver. 8.0 was a multi-tool kit, the "RED Shot" and "Swiss Sonic Knifedriver." The Re-Engineered Draconian (RED) Shot is the remains of the Draconian blaster pistol Drake took from the invasion, which can be used as both a pistol and welder. The Swiss Sonic Knifedriver is a multi-tool which incorporates a knife that can switch from high-frequency vibration to energy blade mode. These two items combine into what resembles a tonfa which can also use the knifedriver's energy mode to create a large energy elbow blade.

Magicell - Varying in size and each marked with a number 1-7 according the amount of energy within, this device which resembles a cross between a battery and a CO2 cartridge in which magical energy is stored. Their purpose is to boost or power up an object when the magicell is inserted. Although multiple magicells can be inserted into an object at a time for a greater charge, the empowered object is at risk of becoming unstable and potentially exploding. The name is a play on famous battery company, Duracell.

Due to its ability to phase into an object when "inserted," the effects of the magicell are numerous and varied based upon the object that it has been injected into. Due to their frequent use, Drake has named the various functions the magicell takes for certain items:

  • Slash Drive - When inserted into a melee weapon, the magicell's stored magic allows the weapon to temporarily become an energy weapon (although just how strong the energy charge depends on the amount inserted.) The energy increases the weapon striking capability as well as allow the user to launch off energy streaks for long-distance attacks at the cost of greatly reducing the given charge.
  • Blast Drive - When inserted into projectile firing weapon, the magicell causes the ammunition the weapon fires to become energy-based, allowing Drake to fire faster than his standard laser projectile that requires charging in between firing. The energy projectiles can also be charged, allowing the blast to vary in size and damage output at the cost of reducing the charge. Much like the Slash Drive, the Blast Drive's name is a play on the flash drive.
  • Ethermed - A risky use of the magicell when the user inserts it into their own body in order to regain a good portion of their mana. Due to the sudden influx of the magical energy, the procedure is usually very painful. The name ethermed is a play off the word ethernet and a reference to mana restoring item known as ether from the Final Fantasy game series.
  • Jumperator - Used when dealing with equipment low on power. When inserted, the magicell's charge converts into electric energy. The name is the combination the words jumper cable and generator, both in which supply auxiliary power.

Magetel - This piece of technology takes the form of a cell phone. Due being boosted by Drake's magical and psychic energies, the phone is able to communicate with those in the year 2009 and those in his current time, although there is a bit of a time delay due to the signal's travel through time. The phone's primary purpose, however, is activated when the correct code is put into the keypad. The name is a play on various phone companies (Centurytel, Alltel.)

Flamewar - The first device corresponding to the Magetel. While dormant, it takes the form of a ring on Drake's left hand, but when the correct number is keyed in, it transforms into a gauntlet. As its name suggests, this gauntlet has some control over fire. Fueled by absorbing nearby magic, the flames in which the gauntlet produce depends on the amount and power of the absorbed magic. Input Code: 741463

iHax - This device appears as a pair of glasses in which actually performs multiple optical functions. These functions range from automatic tinting in bright areas and switching to infrared, night vision, and Mag-Sight (a form in which can pick up traces of magic that have been used in the area recently) to possessing the ability to zoom in and out. The controls for these functions are located at each of the joint of the glasses' arms.

Helping-Hand Bots

Much like the namesake applies, the Helping-Hand Bots are robotic assistants made by Drake for assist him in various ways; ranging from support in combat, reconnaissance, or any other tasks he may assign them. While there are three in all, two of them are usually stored within the bigger, main robot. Any stats they may have, limited to two per bot, are equal to that of a quarter of Drake's Tech count, and only be raised to match any advancements in Drake's Tech count through a maintenance upgrade. Input Code: 552075

  • Helping-Hand Bot 001: "Mojo" - The main unit of the trio. Based off a gorilla, Mojo's size and bulk easily makes it suitable for protecting Drake in battle, along with its double gatling guns in its chest and rocket-propelled grenades located at its forearms. It is in Mojo that the other two are stored in.
Strength 3
Durability 3
  • Helping-Hand Bot 002: "Falco" - The second in the trio, this one based off a falcon. As its appearance may show, Falco is designed for aerial reconnaissance and combat, armed with mirco-missiles in its feathers, a small machine gun stored in its chest, and bladed leading edges of its wings. When not in used, Falco is stored in Mojo's upper back.
Speed 3
Agility 3
  • Helping Hand Bot 003 "Plissken" - The third of the Helping-Hand Bot series. Designed off a snake, Plissken's primary purpose is that of stealthy reconnaissance and the ability to fit in areas where no one else could. Due to this purpose, Plissken was built as thin and lightweight as be, thus it is the only unit without weapons. Plissken is also known as the "Emergency Use Only: VirtualTop ver. 7.5" which was briefly used after the 7.0 version was destroyed during the tournament.


Event Artist Song
Drake Vargas Susumu Hirasawa Parade
Cleric's Pick Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow
New Tech Unveiling Fatboy Slim Weapon of Choice
Studying/Lounging Around The Wiseguys Oh La La
Drake Combat 1: "Default" Rider Chips Full Force
Drake Combat 2: "Bloodlusted" Gackt GHOST
Drake Combat 3: "Corrupted" Doujah Raze Come With It
Drake Combat 4: "OWNed" Masafumi Takada Heat In Your Heart
Danielle Susumu Hirasawa Baikaiya ("Mediational Field")
Ekard Taku Iwasaki BLACK☆STAR (Lost Myself)
Drake vs Ekard Shoji Meguro Pursuing My True Self
Drake vs Durge Kenji Kawai Emiya
Portable Weapons Network (P.W.N.) Kenji Kawai Unlimited Blade Works

Nicknames and Relationships


One of Drake's noticeable traits is his pension for giving people bizarre nicknames; regardless if they understand the reference or not. Only those who he seriously respects and/or fears are exempt from this "honor."

Revya Amano - Squall
Sara and Lara Angha - Twin #1 and Twin #2,
Ruby Auditore - Red Red Wine, Red Riding Hood
Aureole Roxana Edith - Goldielocks
Shamus Finnegan - Badger Boy
James Flint - Jimbo
Gilander Gatlain - Lil' Slugger
Laron Grand - Sonic the Hedgehog
Marcus Hester - Sniper Wolf
Juni Ivis - Spanky
Clancy Jones - Captain America, American Gladiator
Alice King - Alice the Looting Witch, Alice in Lootingland, Alice Looter
Liu Lan-Yue - Lulu
Erika Rocksort - Badger Girl
Eben Roux - Shaggy, Hippie, Bob Marley
Emanulle Santos - Amon, Devilboy
Ramza K. Schneider - Fabio, Bishie, Ramza Zonvolt
Dory St. Johns - Dora the Sexual Explorer, Lesbian Hunter Dee
Jason Sun Lin Jian Shen - Psycho Mantis, Vega
Claude Thorne - Killer, Shinji, Captain Overkill



  • In the debate on who would voice Drake, it was decided that his voice actor would be Quinton Flynn.
  • Drake's appearance is based on a concept art for Persona 4's Kanji Tatsumi.
  • Drake's favorite beverage is coffee, possessing an addiction for it that borders on obsession.
  • Three of the people he fears the most is his aunt, Lucia Bloodmoon, Nevadian Hilda Vjorn, and his own mother, Susan Vargas, although the reasons why he fears the former two and the latter are complete opposites from the other
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