Dory St. Johns

"Daughter of Machines, you are headfast and brave, yet reckless aswell. Temper your lusts and your power with planning and forethought, and your effectiveness in battle shall increase."

"Child of Metal and Bone, to reach your true potential, you must first meet yourself and your shadow. Only then, when you acknowledge them shall you truly bloom."

"Cyborg Woman, thou hast been named the Balance of Justice by Fate. Go, and fufill thy destiny."

-Dory's Naming

One of the many characters of School House Rumbles 2, the sequel of the original School House Rumbles. Created by The Dog, same as her ancestor Selma St. Johns.

Dory St. Johns
Nicknames Dora the Sexual Explorer, Lesbian Hunter D, Balance of Justice, Little Pinhead
Birthplace Martian colony
Date of Birth Febuary 5
Age 16
Height 5'6''
Weight 123 lbs.
Nationality Martian (possibly American citizen)
Gender female
Blood Type AB-
Current Point Allocation
Strength 10
Speed 10
Agility 10
Durability 10
Stamina 05
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 10
Magic 10
Psychic 20
Tech 30


Dresses in a black short-sleeved, high-neck shirt with light blue around the middle, bandages from her elbows to her wrists, hands adorned by black fingerless gloves. Black pants held up by a blue sash adorn her waist, more bandages wrapped around her lower legs, a black sandals on her feet.

Her red hair is kept up, tied around a lotus-like four-pointed tie, specialized metal studs in her face and neck to help her control her cybernetic arms as well as aide the cybernetic spinal replacements control her body. Her eyes are gray with rings radiating out from her pupils in place of irises.

Over her cybernetic arms she wears synthetic skin, helping her keep a normal appearance, barring the facial piercings.


A descendant of Selma St. Johns, Dory St. Johns is one of several children born to loving parents, Michelle and Jake St. Johns, her mother being a respected surgeon and her father famous for building and inventing cybernetic replacements for injured people. She, her siblings, and the rest of her family on her father's side have gray eyes with rings around their pupils instead of irises, something that began hundreds of years ago. Rumors seem to mostly revolve around some kind of badly-performed spell or other accident.

However, unlike her siblings, who seemed to wish to follow their parents into either cybernetics or surgery, Dory instead wished to become an actress, a decision which her parents supported. She began taking acting lessons and joining various theater plays, mostly for fun but also a chance to get some experience in acting. Unfortunately, her dream as well as her life seemed to be cut short after a gas explosion destroyed the theater she was rehearsing in, killing most of the people as well as leaving her mortally wounded.

But her parents and several others worked to keep her alive, replacing with cybernetics what they couldn't heal, which left her with cybernetic arms and several portions of her spinal column replaced with a cybernetic "prothesis". Though they saved her life, the surgery and treatment left her in a coma for over a year. Even as doctors told them that she would probably never wake up, her family never lost hope. And one day, their wish was granted, for she woke up.

They quickly found out that the events had left her mentally unstable, but still loved her and she loved them. Her dream of being an actress was replaced by a seeming revolving door of dreams, which included being a mercenary, a superhero, an exotic dancer, and, for some reason, Batman. Her parents simply nodded with each new dream, knowing that it would be quickly replaced as their daughter's attention drifted from one thing to another.

She finally resolved to go to Arcadia, and her parents reluctantly agreed, allowing her to go to the school, hoping they could help her mentally.


"Believe in us Universe like we believe in you, and we will overcome all obstacles, surpass the unpassable, surmount the insurmountable, and we shall break reality itself if necessary, but know this… OUR DRILL WILL PIERCE BRANDENBURG WITH IT'S MIGHT!"

Unlike her ancestor Selma, Dory didn't suffer from any previous mental ailments, and was a well-adjusted girl with aspirations to be a famous actress. But the gas explosion caused her to have a psychotic break due to the pain and trauma she experienced during her near-death experience, as well as the resulting pain from recieving cybernetic replacements.

This left her mind in three: the 'normal' Dory, the 'crazy' D, and the 'monster' Her.


'Not prude, sensible. And one of us has to be sensible, and we both know it won't be you.'

The original Dory personality, she was alone in her head for most of her life, until D's 'birth' during the acciden. As such, she is normally the level-headed one, thinking before she acts and playing the voice of reason against the madness of D. Cosidering herself the long-suffering straight man to D's wackiness, she often has a short temper with D and her antics, trying (in vain) to reign in D.

But in spite of her near-constant exasperation in regards to her 'sister', she does care for the other, and vice versa. And in spite of her more grounded personality, she has suffered from bouts of irrationality and spontaneity, though mostly when Juni is involved.


"Try telling D that. She's quite possibly the most impulsive thing to ever grace the face of this planet."

The best way to describe her is a 'Living, Breathing Looney Tune'. She is known to say whatever random thought comes to mind or act on impulses without thinking of the consequences: She leaves Dory for that.

And she does cares for her 'sister' personality, acting as the voice of reason during Dory's irrational periods, even though doing so makes her uncomfortable. She also tries to get Dory to be more spontaneous and enjoy life more, ocassionally succeeding with Juni's unknowing help.


"During the reconstruction of my shattered mind, we pushed most of the 'darkness' caused by the explosion into a mental 'closet' of sorts. Unfortunately, the darkness grew, feeding off my negative emotions, becoming a third, 'evil' personality."

Evil is the way both Dory and D describe the personality they keep locked securely away. Born from the malice and hatred that came from the explosion and its lingering effects on Dory, it is hatred incarnate, existing seemingly for the sole purpose of killing anyone and everyone in range, regardless of who they are.

She is the reason for Dory coming to Arcadia in the first place, looking for someone to help rid her mind of the evil residing within before it breaks free and overtakes her, bringing harm to those she cares for.

Due to actions by Juni and inadvertantly by Alice, Her has become more controlled in her anger and hatred as well as taken on the name of Demona. Her violent rages is largely routed into insults and snark, but is quick to turn to violence and has little regard for human life, save for that of Juni's… to a point, so it seems. Her fellow 'Titans' are of little interest to her, and she is more than willing to murder them for no reason, though perfers a reason so as to not have to bother with 'police', 'arrests', 'trials', or 'imprisonment'.


Despite her mental instability, Dory has shown able to maintain healthy relationships with others. Her family life is an example of it, holding out hope for her recovery after the explosion which almost took her life. And when she did recover, they remained loving and nurturing to her, even when the psychological effects of the accident became known, particularly the 'birth' of D.

She also has a symbiotic, if somewhat strange, friendship with the far-flung Drake Vargas, whom she affectionately calls 'Doc'. The nickname comes from the fact that he is her 'doctor' when it comes to her cybernetics, building and maintaining them for her at a cost. He is also one of a select few in the Arcadian student body that can stand her random personality shifts and insanity to the point of throwing fuel on the fire by encouraging it.

But the one person who holds a very special place in her heart is Juni Ivis, her girlfriend. She has nicknamed her 'snowflake' due to the other girl's snow-white hair. The relationship started as an intense crush due to the fact the portal mage didn't seem bothered by the piercings in her face or her often times insane personality. However, the free-spirited mage soon showed a likewise interest in Dory, and the two began a very passionate relationship.

Somewhat pardoxially, in spite of their often-times public displays of passion, the duo seems to be taking their relationship slow, allowing their love to grow from a rich soil of close friendship. The displays of passion are seen by both as just another way to have fun together, adding more spice to their relationship.

Powers and Abilities

Her body was modified with cybernetic implants to keep her alive and help her live a 'normal' life. But with the aid of her friend Drake, she has started upgrading her arms with a variety of weapons. She also has accidentally aquired nano-machines, which seem attuned to her thoughts, forming themselves into melee weapons and changing her clothes to fit her mood.

She is also well-versed in ninjitsu, but instead uses a new, self-made style of martial arts under the name of Ninjitsu. This style does use ninjitsu as its foundation, upon which a strange collaboration of fighting styles picked seemingly at random was built, all of which work together in harmony… Which makes it a rather fitting style for Dory.

The list of styles used in her home-grown art include:


Machine Gun Right

Pulling off the "skin" on her right hand, she holds her palm toward the opponent, where a hole sits in the center. From this she fires bullets at a high speed.

Missiles Left

Pulling off the "skin" on her left arm, she reveals several small missiles hidden there. They rise from their holsters and rocket at the opponent, exploding upon contact.

Rocket Punch/Grappler

A rocket propelled right hand, she can use it to deliver a hard punch to distant opponents. She can also control the hand, which is connected to her arm by a chain, which allows her to reel it in. This can be used to pull her opponent to her or pull herself to heights she can't normally reach.

Laser Rifle

Flipping her left hand down, she is capable of firing a high-powered blast of energy from a specially-made cannon within her arm. It can be either a concussive force or a 'laser' beam.


She accidentally ended up picking up some nanobots that were running around school, which have made themselves at home in her arms. Because of this, she is capable of transforming her arms into melee weapons and changing her clothing however she chooses to in a flash, much like the T-1000, hence the name.

+++T-1000 Mk. II
The nanites picked up during their unscheduled field trip have finally finished their merger process. This has upgraded the nanites, allowing them to create body armor, as well as increasing the durability and damage of the weapons they build. They have also began working to 'upgrade' her muscles, allowing her to temporarily double her strength, speed, and agility. Though using it too long causes her muscles to begin tearing apart and her cybernetic arms to begin breaking, causing her immense pain and bodily harm.


Dory's nanites can now quickly build a robotic replica of herself, which can be taken over and controlled by the 'dormant' personality, thus having two Dorys in a fight. The robo-Dory has the stats of the 'real' Dory, but lacks any psychic capabilities and Dory's cybernetic upgrades. But it can be created with weapons on their body, as well as use the melee weapons created by the 'real' Dory.

Tyrannosaurus rex

An upgrade of sorts to the Robo-Dory technique, the nanites can now quickly build not just a robotic duplicate of Dory, but also things ranging from giant insects/arachnids, animals, and even extinct beasts such as sabre-tooth tigers, Megalania, and dinosaurs. The technique is named after their 'One-Winged Angel' version, the Tyrannosaurus rex. Though unlike the Robo-Dory, their creations can move without a 'mental fragment' to control them, though without a controller they act like the animal they resemble, and are as dangerous to ally as they are to enemy.

Kisei Kikai (Parasitic Ghost Destruction)

By placing her nanites upon a surface or an opponent, she can cause parts of her body, up to the upper or lower half of her torso, to 'grow' on the 'infected' surface. Once there, the limb or torso-half is controlled by Dory, Demona, or Dee, allowing them to attack the opponent without them being in serious danger, as well as making get away or even defending difficult due to the positioning, lest they rip it off the surface its anchored to, potentially taking bits of skin and flesh with the cybernetic bodypart.


It's happened. It's finally happened. The nanites inhabiting her body have gained the ability to increase the explosive power of her missiles, the size, ammunition capacity, projectiles, and fire rate of her machine gun, and increase the destructive capability of her laser rifle. Fortunately, they can only do one at a time, and have to deconstruct the laser rifle and machine gun before she can use the hands of those arms. Just be thankful for that, or else who knows what would happen…

Realms of Dory

By stabbing transmitter rods similar to those in her face into the body of a recently deceased person, she can 'take control' of them and use a limited amount of the abilities they had in life and use them as a realm, or extra body on the battlefield. She also sees what they can see, and can even speak through them. An interesting side-affect of taking control of the body is that their eyes become like Dory's. Also, due to the fact they're no longer 'alive', Dory can give them otherwise monstrous 'upgrades' with her nanites, making them more combat-ready than they were before.


Kaensei (Flame Make)

Basing herself off of Xellos' ice magic, she can wield fire and transform it into various objects. The only limitations being her magic strength and imagination.


Selma can change her body to suit her needs, though it seems limited to 10 minutes and has to be anthromorphic in nature.


Mind Meld

Due to the unique makup of her mind, Dory has gained the ability to pull others into her mind, allowing them to interact with her 'mindscape', even coming into contact with both Dee and Dory, as well as the 'pretty little monster' residing in there.

I'm Gonna Sing The Doom Song Now!

Dee, when not the 'dominant' personality, can project herself into unshielded minds. Once there, she can basically be a distracting presense, as well as exert control over the bodies of non-sentient animals.


A.K.A The invisible hands. A.K.A. The Force. A.K.A. Long Distance Choking Bitches Out.

Strength of Will

Through use of psychic energy and willpower, she can have herself or an ally to temporarily 'ignore' pain or what should be debilitating wounds and allow them to go beyond their physical limits. However, it doesn't keep them from taking damage or hurting themselves by going 'beyond the limit', so it can't be used to long. It can also allow her to increase the strength of her psychic techniques depending on how much 'willpower' put behind the technique.


Due to the unique makeup of Dory's mind and the cybernetic work done to her brain, she is highly resistant to attempts at mind control and telepathy. Any such attempt will not only be rebuffed, but the assailant will also feel the equivalent to a 'punch directly to their psyche'. Should the assailant further attempt to assault her mind, the force of the counter-attack will increase in power.


Event Artist Song
Dory Megas XLR Short Hair
Dee Loituma Ievan Polkka
Her Dethklok Awaken
Juni Love Theme Carlos Santana and Nickelback Why Don't You and I
Dory Combat 1: "Dory" Crush 40 Never Turn Back
Dory Combat 2: "Dee" Shinedown Sound of Madness
Dory Combat 3: "Her" Dethklok Black Fire Upon Us
Dory Combat 4: "Victory" Crush 40 Live and Learn
Fox Selma Cage the Elephant Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
Frank Clay (Magic Ninja Grandpa) Curtis Stinger & The Park Rangers This Life
Dory and Juni vs. Her Disturbed Haunted
Dory vs. Lamen Xamon Ra Broken Hearted Soul


  • Each personality uses a special color during 'mental' conversations when not the dominant personality. Dory uses pink, while D uses cyan, and Her is always said in crimson.
  • Dory (and D) are both huge 'history geeks', fond of ancient anime, manga, and TV shows, particularly Megas XLR, TTGL, and Naruto.
  • D considers herself a romantic at heart, hidden beneath a pervert. Dory just considers her a pervert.
  • Dory has a rather large immediate family, with maternal grandparents Gussie and Frank, paternal grandparents Brandy and Dawson, parents Michelle and Jake, and siblings Candace, John, Abby, Shawn, Andy, and Carlton.
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