Dean Gatlain

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Dean Gatlain
A.K.A. The Iron Man/Garthin's Heir
Birthplace Reno, Nevada
Date of Birth 11/5/91
Age 17 (Beginning of SHR)
Height 5'6 / # cm.
Weight 160 lbs
Blood Type ?

Dean Gatlain is a character of School House Rumbles, which has a sequel School House Rumbles 2.


Dean wears clothes. And he likes them.


Before Arcadia: A Nevadian's Beginnings

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The First Days of Schooling

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Before the Tournament: School Time Romps

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The Tournament and its Surprises

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A Step into the Past: The Last Days of Nevada

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The Null Mage and his Trials

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Solarius and a Sacrifice

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The Big Day: the World Tournament

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The Lilith Wars: the Mother of Monsters

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The Prime: Syn

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A Summer's Repreive

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Equipment and Stats

Stat Point Allocation
Strength 56
Speed 25
Agility 5
Durability 56
Stamina 10
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 8
Intelligence 5

Dean used many weapons, ranging from his own body to mystical blades.

White Magic Sword-The Ancestral Blade of the Gatlain line, passed down from generation to generation. Contrary to popular belief, the first Nevadian to handle the blade was not Dean Gatlain. Its origins can be traced back to the royal family of Old Nevada, where it was handed down from generation to generation, the first known identified Nevadian to wield the blade, being Garthin, The last ruler of Old Nevada. Sometime after Garthins death, the blade was lost when the then current Nevadian wielder of the blade fell in battle during battle with Grinthor, a powerful red dragon, where the blade laid in wait, until Dean Gatlain –but luck or fate—stumbled upon the weapon, taking it as his own.

The blade, although appearing to be a seemingly normal broadsword on the surface, possesses an incredible power. The magical aura the blade has the ability to cut, destroy, or reflect magic, as well as giving the sword a magical aura—Invisible on the normal plane of vision—increasing the size of the blade to two feet wide and nine feet tall. However, if the user becomes aware of the hidden ability of the sword, the blade will never again use its hidden abilities to serve its master by suppressing its aura, becoming nothing more then an ordinary sword in its hand, suggesting some level of sentience in the blade. The blade also requires that the user wielding it have no magical ability whatsoever, in addition to being unaware of it’s true power, or it will refuse to use it’s power during battle.

Elvish Tanlik Knife: - A Slender Elven Blade. It forms a bond with a person that lasts for the user’s life. Upon the death of the previous owner, the blade establishes a bond with the new owner. The blade possess the ability to be used without its owner physically touching it, through the use of complex hand signs, which direct the actions of the blade. Dean Acquired this weapon after he and his comrades were ambushed by Beegan, a servant of Solarius, following a grueling battle with a Sphinx. It later turned out that the weapon was made by a powerful Fae, as a gift to her son who Began slew and pilfered his weapon, which when discovered in Deans position, led to the mistaken conclusion that Dean had slew her son.



Kagura Ise- Smith Gatlain (Girlfriend/Wife)
Diana Ise-Gatlain (Daughter)
Gilander Gatlain (Distant Descendant)
Hilda Vjorn (Distant Cousin/Rival)
King Garthin (Hero/Ancestor)
Sabin (Mentor/Spirit Guide)
Adam Sopel (Mentor)
Lin Xing (Best Friend Betrayer)
Ilias Lament (Close Friend/Confidant)
Jon Grey (Close Friend Foe)


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