Claude Thorne
Claude Thorne
Age 15
Height 5'7'
Weight 119 pounds
Nationality Canadian
Clothes Military style clothes that act as lightweight armour
Gender Male


Black hair, purple-blue eyes, is quite skinny, looks like a girl.


Losing his family to an attack at the age of 5, Claude was taken in by the woman who would become his surrogate mother and teacher. She taught him the basics of swordfighting, and let him develop his own style. To learn how to fight more effectively, he enrolled in the Arkadian Insititute, hoping to become a great warrior like his beloved teacher.

Years ago, the trauma of losing his best friend Yuko emptied his soul and rendered him catatonic. Yasu Noroiku, one of the 21st century's bloodiest killers possessed his body and rebuilt his spiritual core from the foundation up. He's not as positive as he was before the accident, although he still maintains a cheerful demanour around his fellow students and his family.


He looks, acts, and sounds like a girl. Claude believes strongly in the idea of justice, especially the punishment of criminals. However, he has a strong aversion to killing people.

Yasu Noroiku, the infamous killer from 300 years ago, is possessing his body. Her goal is redeeming herself, and fixing his broken soul is one step along the way. Her struggle to fight for justice once more has affected her behaviour, which is more prone to violence than her unawakened self.

Powers and Abilities

Style: Tech (can turn parts of his body into blades)

Form: Speed combined with armed attacks. His main form of attack is throwing knives at his opponents due to the fact that his strength isn't enhanced. He will engage in close combat if necessary, but he will try to attack from beyong the opponent's reach. Depending on the situation, he may replicate a weapon and use its power against the enemy.

When Yasu takes control, she concentrates more on infighting and using Claude's powers to attack from multiple angles. Her versatility makes her more dangerous than the host that she has taken over, seeing as how she's willing to go farther in her efforts to kill.

Bladed Thorne ~ Liquid Steel (tech): This is the power that his nanomachines give him. Claude is able to produce items, and store them for later use. In addition, he can either fire them out of his body as a projectile attack or eject the items so that he can use them as weapons. He can replicate items that he has seen before without any mistakes or flaws.

Bladed Thorne ~ Mass Production (tech): Increasing his body temperature to high levels and speeding up his circulation, Claude can produce items at a frightening rate. The drawbacks to the technique have been eliminated, allowing him to use this technique without problem.

Bladed Thorne ~ Master Control (tech): Claude is now capable of controlling items he produces outside of his body. He can fully control them, forcing the items to do whatever he can think of, as long as it is within the scope of his powers. In addition to that, he doesn't need to spend energy or focus on keeping the items he creates in existence.

Bladed Thorne ~ Proof of Concept (tech): With effort, Claude can imitate the power of items that he has seen before. The power that he can manifest is a perfect copy of what the items are capable of, and he gains full knowledge of how to use the item. However, he absolutely cannot copy any reality warping items, as the strain would immediately kill him if he did so.

Noroiku-style Darkness Surge ~ Scream From the Abyss (tech): In exchange for eroding his emotional health and tearing away his sanity as long as the technique is active, Claude is capable of increasing his strength far beyond the limits of his body. (tech added to strength, round up if fraction/decimal)

Noroiku-style Darkness Surge ~ Borderless Agony (tech): In exchange for suffering unimaginable pain, Claude can tap into utterly inhuman agility that he never knew that he had within him. This pain also masks the feeling of his bones breaking and his muscles tearing when the power is active. (tech added to agility, max is 25)

Noroiku-style Darkness Surge ~ Shadows Left on the Path (tech): In exchange for suffering intense regret for the sins that he has committed, Claude can drive his body to move faster than normal. (tech added to speed, round up if fraction/decimal)

Noroiku-style Darkness Surge ~ Disillusioned Soul (tech): By summoning up all of the hate in his dark counterpart, he can shield himself from psychic attacks and boost his will by embodying the absolute contempt that courses through her mind. (tech added to intelligence for willpower and resisting psychic attacks, max is 25)

Fuel the Engine (tech): In an attempt to relieve pressure on his body whenever he starts making constructs, Claude has worked with Yasu to come up with a way to input energy into his body. His nanomachines devour solid matter, converting it to stamina while removing the fatigue toxins in his body. After some tinkering with the technique, Claude can now extend the technique's effects to other people through a physical connection.

Sovereign Ruler (tech): Having seen the danger that Brandenburg posed, Yasu secretly developed the power to render Claude's nanomachines immune to being controlled by other sources. The score corresponding to the enemy's technique (magic for spells, psychic for technopathy, etc) must be higher than his tech score in order to usurp command of his liquid metal. Even then, he can provide a greater resistance than normal. If it is equal to or less than Claude's score, then the enemy cannot take control. If the technique uses multiple kinds of energies, select the highest one.

Accelerated Repair Mechanism (tech): This technique requires a lot of energy to use, but it speeds up the healing process of the targeted people. Claude can only it on himself. The only requirement is that the person's body must be flooded with his nanomachines prior to it being used. It can bring somebody from the brink of death to full health in an hour, and can even restore organs as long as there is a portion left (10% of the original at the very least). Through the application of various energies, this sped up healing avoids shortening the lifespan of the people benefitting from it.

Orb of Reconstruction (tech): The origins of this item are unknown, and the story that Yasu tells of how she procured the Orb is almost certainly false. What is known for certain is this reality twisting artifact is both intangible and neutral in alignment. Being mere humans, neither Claude nor Yasu can access more than 10% of its power. However, it can easily rebuild or deconstruct anything provided that the user has a clear mental image of the result and the object isn't truly indestructible or too complex to understand. At higher percentages of power, those restrictions would be lifted.

As with all overwhemingly powerful objects, using it injures the wielder. Disassembling/reassembling anything more complex than a human body/soul would rupture an organ. Breaking an artifact down or fixing one would shut down the user's cardiovascular system through sheer damage to the blood vessels. Yasu doesn't dare to use it to that extent as the effect would transfer straight to Claude, which threatens her own existence. If the physical form (which is necessary to use its powers) is negated or broken, then the Orb will return to its current wielder and hide in his/her soul until given another vessel to inhabit.

Careful Design ~ Overbuilt Products (tech): With this upgrade, all of Claude's nanomachines can continue to function even in the presence of power nullifiers (for example, Null Magic). However, he cannot make new items or activate any non-passive abilities inherent to his replicas while he is being affected by the nullifier.

Extra Input (tech): With this extension to Fuel the Engine, Claude can now absorb energy attacks (up to his points in tech) and convert it into stamina for himself or for others. He must catch the attack with his liquid steel, however. If it's too powerful, it could blast through his defences and wound him.

Variable Condition Responder (tech): Given a few seconds to input a command and the energy needed for the item to carry out the task, Claude can program one of his items to activate in a certain manner when a specific event occurs. For example, he can set a replica of the Pillow to activate its Aero Pillow ability when he runs 15 steps away from it.

108 Beads ~ Rinne (tech): This powerful set of prayer beads (made from the sarira of 108 unknown Bodhisattvas) was an artifact owned by Yuko, although it was buried with her after her untimely death. Like the Orb of Reconstruction, Rinne is too strong for Claude to fully replicate. However, it remains a potent tool of purification and exorcism. It can also produce a pure white light that eradicates evil, although using it this way causes severe burns as its holy energy leaks out uncontrollably and purges sin out of the wielder's body.

The Paralyzer (weapon skill): In attempt to learn how to take down opponents quickly and non-lethally, he absorbed knowledge of attacking pressure points from Yasu. He doesn't have to bash people with blunt objects anymore, not if he can get at their nerve clusters.

Current Point Allocation
Strength 02
Speed 14
Intelligence 07
Agility 15
Durability 02
Stamina 25
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 25
Tech 65
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