Clancy Jones
Clancy Jones
Birthplace Real birthplace unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 16
Height 6'2
Weight 215 lbs.
Blood Type O

A self proclaimed martial arts master, Clancy has one thing in mind. To master all of his techniques as his deceased sensei wished him to.

A small Island.

Master Shoren was surprised as a baby wound up on the doorstep of his hidden martial arts dojo, on a small island off the coast of Brazil. Taking it in, Shoren decided to raise him as his own. Looking around the basket the baby was found in, he found a name tag that read, Clancy Jones. Clancy grew up as Shoren's son, watching the master teach his secret techniques to his students. Clancy begged to learn them, but Shoren refused. However, his adoptive father knew about the burning desire to fight. With some hesitation, the old man let Clancy watch his classes, eventually bringing him in as a student. Clancy was allowed to visit different city across the world, during his training. His favorite was New York City, where he gained most of his brawling style fighting techniques. As Clancy grew older, he grew stronger and continued to stay home until his father mysteriously disappeared one day. The next day, Clancy received a mysterious package, labeled, 'To Clancy. From a friend.' The gift was a red, white, and blue uniform. Clothing that was basically clad in the American flag. This was soon to become Clancy's most prized possession.

An invitation to a strange place

A few days afterward, Clancy received an invitation to the Arcadian Institute. He'd never heard of it before, but had nothing better to do, really. He was amazed, when he got there. Clancy hoped to make new allies, and maybe even some enemies at this new place.


Though shy at first, Clancy's personality is a mix of relaxed and cocky. He has a slightly brash attitude when it comes to fighting, which lets him put a little bit of street fighting techniques into his martial art style. Clancy is slow to make friends, but he is gaining them through his time at the institute.

Fighting Style

Clancy is slowly learning his father's unique style of Kung Fu. While he is knowledgeable of every discipline of his Kung Fu style, Clancy incorporates the brawling techniques that he grew fond of during his time in New York City.


Bengal Aura- While in his Tiger stance, Clancy's aura can unleash a chi attack that resembles the claws of a Bengal Tiger. The impact of the attack may leave the opponent with scars that look like claw marks.

Blazing Sky-A physical attack started from Clancy's Phoenix stance. He leaps into the air, before flipping over to the opponent and delivering a powerful kick to the neck.

Mantis Suplex- In his Mantis stance, Clancy is able to toss his opponents airborne and follow up with a suplex.

Nán Fāng Zhū Què- A ki attack in the phoenix stance which takes the appearence of a Phoenix, shooting comets from it's wings.

Xī Fāng Bái Hǔ- A physical atttack from the tiger stance. Involves several rapid strikes and kicks at the opponents rib cage.

Star-Spangled Beatdown-A physical attack in his Eagle stance, Clancy gains a short burst of speed to execute a series of punching and striking attacks. During this short time, the only thing you see of him are the colors of his clothing.

Fourteen Warriors of Justice: Stances One and Two- Clancy pumps up his ki and shouts out two attack names;Bernardo O'Reilly and Gorōbei Katayama. The first attack sends a ki bulletdirectly into the opponent's right shoulder, paralyzing them. The second sends a ki arrow to the opponet's left shoulder, also with the possibility of paralyzing them.

Fourteen Warriors of Justice: Stances Three and Four- Half ki attack, half physical. Clancy shouts out two more names: Harry Luck and Katsushirō Okamoto. The first attack is ki attack where Clancy takes to his Eagle stance and fires a shot of ki fireworks into the air. The fireworks rise up a bit, before they descend down, targeting an opponent below. The second attack is a bum rush, that causes Clancy's opponent to collide with his fist.

Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng- A physical attack from the Dragon Stance where Clancy begins a string of combos. These hits may range from seventy up to the two hundreds. Like the Star Spangled Beatdown, this attack is executed with a short burst of speed. It fatigues him heavily complete this attack in full.

Crane's Balance- When taking the Crane stance, Clancy's ki attacks get an increase in accuracy.

Panther Aura- A ki attack in the Panther stance. An updated form of his Bengal Aura, Clancythrows a giant ki blast in the shape of a panthers claw's. When used, properly, it cuts opponents badly.

Fourteen Warriors of Justice: Stances Five and Six-An physical attack that Clancy masters with great skill. It is slike a chain combo. Clancy shouts out two more names: Vin and Shichigoro. He first pulls out his sai, twirling them around, hitting his opponent with them. He then kicks his opponent in the stomach, uses it as leverage to leap up in mid-air and dive down as his sai transform into a shield and slam on his opponent's back.

Leopard Spear- A powerful jab in the Leopard stance. Strong enough to sear through most metals. Often used to end a chain of attacks.

Meteor Shower- Clancy leaps into the air and spams a rapid fire barrage of ki blasts.

Phoenix Burst- Clancy powers up his Ki in his hands and unleashes it alongside a punch. This combination does combined damage to the target when struck.

Weapon: A strange weapon activated by Clancy's nanomachines.
a pair of giant sai that have two words printed on them. One sai has Targetmaster printed on it. The other has Steel Breaker printed on it's handle. The sai have the ability to combine and form a shield.

Symbiosis- Absorbing the nano-machines that form his Shield and Sai's into himself even further, Clancy can use them to "Metal Up" (like Colossus). In this form, his durability and strength are higher than normal.

However, this form cannot be used too often in full body coating. He can, however, coat singular limbs to enhance them individually. This singular limb enhachment is more powerful than the fully body coat (As the power is spread across his entire body) and can be active longer as well.

In his fully coated form, Clancy is a shiny metallic statue with no seams or lines anywhere. Despite this, he can move around, see, smell, hear, and speak just fine.


~ Stats
Strength 25
Speed 25
Intelligence 05
Agility 05
Durability 20
Stamina 25
Weapons Mastery/ Fighting Skills 25
Ki/Chi 25
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