Ayana Gilliam
Ayana Gilliam
Birthplace Earth
Age 15
Gender Female

Ayana Gilliam is a character from School House Rumble 2: The Last Age of Fighters.



Ayana grew up with her older brother Tim and their parents Ronald and Jessica Gilliam. Born on Earth, Ayana's family moved around from place to place, finally settling in Pallas Athena Colony, Venus. She and her brother were pretty close but as Tim got older their relationship got rather distant. She was sheltered most of her life, she hardly got to hang out or speak with other children her age and she would come off as shy around people she hardly even knew.

She managed to have one companion that she can talk to but around the time only she can see and hear her companion. Her parents thought it was just her talking to a imaginary friend. Ayana didn’t study martial arts till she was eight, that was when she first meet Sara and Lara. They both helped Ayana in martial arts and Ayana formed a close relationship with them, especially with Sara.

At the age of 10, when Sara and Lara were were teaching Ayana some basic magic, Ayana’s first imaginary companion manifested and appeared before them. she had a slender build and would be considered cute but not in a drop dead gorgeous way. She has white hair and she wore a sky blue sun dress and blue sandels. She has two antenna's above her head. The pixie manifested because thanks to Ayana’s training in improving her abilities her Pixie companion has became a lot stronger due to Ayana’s training also.

Equipment, Abilities and Stats

Current Point Allocation
Strength 02
Speed 06
Intelligence 04
Agility 06
Durability 07
Stamina 07
Magic 09
Psychic 09

Ayana is part magic user and part psychic user. Her power would manifest in the form of Pixies that represent different aspects to her magic and each are tied to Ayana’s emotions and psychology. The pixies appear to have their own personalities and free will, however, their true natures are still unknown.

Blue Pixie would represent Ayana’s protectiveness. Meaning the Blue Pixie is used for defense magic such as conjuring up a protective shield.

Green Pixie represents healing magic and nurturing.

Red Pixie represents Ayana’s aggressiveness and is used for offensive types of magic.

As her powers develop, she might be able to manifest other pixies, each one represented by a different color, each one derived from a different aspect of her magic.

The Pixies communicate with Ayana mentally as each of them have a psychic connection to her also mental communication is the only way they can communicate as they cant talk. Think of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, before they gave her a voice.



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