Aureole Roxana Edith

I am your pride, standing against the tide. Standing against the intentions of evil, my strength is anything but trivial. When your courage fails you, and you just don't know what to do. I'll make this promise to you now, that I will never let down. No matter what they say, I will lead you into a brighter day. When I'm around there is no death toll, for I'll repay those devils a hundred fold! From the peaks mountains
I will shout a monstrous bellow, I AM YOUR HERO!

-Aureole Edith

Aureole Roxana Edith
Birthplace Lunar Colony
Age 16
Height 6'3''
Weight 175 lbs.
Blood Type AB-
Nationality English
Gender Female



The youngest daughter of the Edith family. Aureole was forced into harsh studies since birth in various fields, with primary focus on training, which focused on getting the hell beat out of her, move heavy weights that had been heated up to scalding temperatures, pound on boulders, and other such things, often to exhaustion. When not dealing with this, she was told to remain proper for guests and for social meetings. Despite the harshness of it, she was allowed to have fun at times. Aureole once found an old photo of a nice looking girl with blond hair, but when she showed it to her parents, they avoided answering. She never saw the picture again, despite occasionally thinking on it, she decided to just let it go and continued her training and studies, eventually getting good enough to create a lower form of the Golden Armor. Her parents were overjoyed and happy that she was learning at such a young age. That night though, she overheard part of a conversation from them, where her mother said "Let's hope we get it right this time.", worried,Aureole had some trouble sleeping that night.
When the letter came, Aureole was allowed to go, on the promise she would continue her trainings and studies just as hard.
Through her time at Arcadia, she has met new people, and made a friend in Alice. Although the training exercises are hard, Aureole takes them in stride. Aureole had a secret fear of Ice Giants, as exhibited during the classes battle with them. However, after other students were wounded, Aureole suppressed her fear and aided in bringing them down.
In the most recent mission, Aureole broke her calm exterior when Director Edan was wounded by the Uber Espers, flying into a rage and maiming the army of creatures sent after them. When the Uber Espers revealed themselves, Aureole swore on her family name to make them pay, but was helpless against their power. After Director Edan transported them back to the ship and BZed the mine, Aureole was left deeply depressed over her helplessness and the outcome, scared deeply of the twins, and shamed over dishonoring her family name (In her mind).
She has since recovered and helped the other students to come up with team strategies. When the Phoenix Squadron came, she was delighted with the chance to spar with them. The students engaged them in a team spar which ended when the time ran out, the students had the majority of people still left but it was considered a draw. Aureole was happy with this and didn't seem to care too much when it was revealed they were holding back and only using 30% of their power, with the last one using 40%.
Recently, she went on a field trip to meet Django. Aureole was excited to meet the legend, and was even happier to receive her naming from the Maidens, but was unprepared for the prophecy:
"Child of Light, you seek strength to protect everyone around you. While you seek strength, remember to seek wisdom as well, for strength without wisdom is weakness."
"Daughter of the Sun, know ye that a time shall come when you stand alone against the tides. When that time comes, shine forth your light and hold your ground."
"Child of Gold, thou hast been named the Bringer of the Sun by Fate. Go forth, and fulfill that destiny."

Although slightly frightened, Aureole nevertheless is remaining strong.

She later worked on her ki, which had begun firing up in response to her getting stronger. That same night, her and the others were mysteriously transported to another world, where their powers were cut in half. Aureole did what she could to keep the group together. When the T-rex attacked, the weakened Aureole was helpless against it, but tried to help anyway. After eating, Aureole volunteered to stand guard while the others slept, but they were all awakened by a storm. They were saved by a native named Lasa who took them to a hiding spot. Despite being worried, they began trusting her and she explained a bit about it. After the storm cleared, they were brought to a village and they learned about it and the planet, with the elder leading them to a ship, where they learned what Marcino had been doing. Over the course of this, they learned a bit more about the Twins.
Afterwords, they got injected with nanites which strengthened them back up. Aureole looked around and picked up a set of dragon gauntlets.

Upon returning home, Aureole hung out with the others and worked on her training. When Selma got in a fight with Alice, Aureole jumped into the middle of it and did what she could to keep the peace between everyone. Even with her death wish, Aureole gave a better alternative to live her life happily and become a better person from the experience.

When Director Edan needed help, Aureole was one of the first on the ship. As they arrived, they got in a fight with two more Espers. The team showed their improvements as they battled them. When the Espers unleashed a sonic attack, Aureole was one of the few who could move. She attempted an attack, but it failed, and she was punished with an improved sonic scream. This took a bit of pressure off the others, and in the end they were able to triumph. Afterwords, they met the famous Hilda, despite being in utter awe, she was crushed to learn that Edan was dying from all of the damage to his body. After resting up, they attended a training session with Hilda, which was interrupted when they were transported once more.

Upon arrival, they found themselves in a bleak dark world. They were met by a man named Wilhelm. After talking for awhile, and Aureole trying to cheer everyone up, they were attacked by a monster named Mindburner. As the battle waged, Alice tried fighting the monster one on one and drew it out for the rest of the team to destroy it. However, this caused the reality to collapse. Wilhelm sacrificed himself and stayed behind so the others could escape despite Aureole's pleas. Upon arrival in a Kingdom, Aureole broke down crying. She is constantly beating herself up over this. They explored the Kingdom and were eventually attacked again by a Wizard. After defeating him, they were transported a destroyed world where they a met friend of Wilhelm's named Audra. The discussion was short as they had to fight off an army of creatures until a portal home could be opened.
Finally back in Arcadia, an exhausted Aureole climbed onto the ship. Discussing things with Edan, Aureole and the others requested a student therapist.
After resting up, Aureole and the others were called for a meeting where they learned that a madman was working with a Jovian Super Conductor and the Necronomicon to assemble the Last Masterpiece. Horribly frightened upon realizing the possibilities of this, Aureole has begun researching them. Sometime later she moved to training with the Golden Armor Ascension. She discovered that it leaves her body in pain after usage, and is trying to not rely on it too much. After taking down Werewolves in training, Aureole has begun dating Emanulle.
After resting up, Aureole and the others were called for a meeting where they learned that a madman was working with a Jovian Super Conductor and the Necronomicon to assemble the Last Masterpiece. Horribly frightened upon realizing the possibilities of this, Aureole has begun researching them. Sometime later she moved to training with the Golden Armor Ascension. She discovered that it leaves her body in pain after usage, and is trying to not rely on it too much. After taking down Werewolves in training, Aureole has begun dating Emanulle.
After they were attacked by one of Bradenburg's men, Aureole looked up information on Lilian, discovering that she was involved in several fights to the death, and that she had left her family years ago after corrupting her own ki. Nevertheless, Aureole is determined to find her and find out what she is really like for real.
With the tournament beginning, Aureole helped on two missions to gather the pieces. On the second mission, they encountered Omega of the Uber Espers, who easily overpowered and humiliated the team. After taunting them, she left with the threat of slaughtering the entire class. Returning to the ship, Aureole dealt with her anger over the defeat and her stress that she may not be able to protect her friends from the escalating threats.
Aureole enjoyed the tournament and even had an epic battle against a mecha. She won, but was exhausted. Sadly the team never made it to the finals due to Xavian kidnapping most of the class and then the Draconian army attacking. The class got free and helped fight them off. Right after this, Xavian framed them all as terrorists. With all of this stress, Aureole briefly collapsed mentally. Edan and Hilda stayed behind as Tyme got them to safety. After this, Aureole outright passed out due to the stress and stayed asleep for a long time. After a dream where she spoke to god and got assistance from the entire class and her family however, she awoke and has calmed down now. Aureole is currently at the bazaar shopping with her friends as they prepare for the coming battle and has bought a weapon called the sun sword.
After they were attacked by one of Bradenburg's men, Aureole looked up information on Lilian, discovering that she was involved in several fights to the death, and that she had left her family years ago after corrupting her own ki. Nevertheless, Aureole is determined to find her and find out what she is really like for real.
After this they were attacked by an army who were after a bounty on their heads. Along with the teachers the students fought and fended off the army. Even saving a teacher when he was possessed an alien parasite. After this they went thorugh a portal to the ninja universe. After dealing with some enemy ninja who had assumed they were part of a clan there they went to Konoha and got information from the Kage. They found that the enemy were being controlled by a Queen. The team didn't confront the Queen but they did confront one of her minions a man named Scanner. The students fought against Scanner who copied their skills and powers and gave them a horrible beating. Aureole herself was nearly killed in the battle. After being healed she had a dream where the queen attempted to seduce her into the darkness, a dream like world where everything was perfect. Aureole struggled with herself but then was greeted by the spirit of Kaiser Wilhelm. After speaking to him and coming to terms with her guilt over his death, Aureole hugged him and thanked him for his help. The next world they went through landed them in a mecha world where they helped a machine fight an alien mecha. The soldier thanked them and gave them a ride to his base. There was a misunderstanding that lead to the soldiers opening fire on them but it got cleared up. That night they were visited by the Archangel Gabriel. Aureole was overjoyed at this. The students found they still had allies in the Phoenix Squadron who are fighting against Xavian.
Currently the students are resting in the base as Jason prepares a weapon against the Solarians. Aureole took the time to train.
After this, they were split up again. Aureole arrived in a superhero dimension along with Liu, Drake and Emanulle. After freeing some of the heroes, they teamed up with them to rescue their allies. It was there that Aureole met Quest and passed on the pendant to her. With this, Aureole is finally able to truly put Wilhelm's death behind her.
Soon after liftoff, they were sent into an alternate universe where they were all ordinary high school students. Ordinary as they get anyway. One by one they awakened and chose to go back to their old lives, despite the suffering it would bring. Almost immediately afterwards, they were confronted by Lucifer. Aureole had a panic attack and begged her friends not to fight against him no matter what happened. They learned that Lucifer wanted the Queen out of the way for his own reasons and gave them some help to aid them. He attempted to make deals with Aureole for her soul, but she refused, and was horrified when her friends began offering up their own souls for hers. They learned that Hilda was alive and she was grateful for that. After they were branded by Lucifer, along with receiving a powerup, they prepared to leave.
After leaving Lucifer's realm, they met Julien and had a match with him. The struggle was fierce but they prevailed.
Eventually returning to their universe, the students quickly gathered their friends, teachers and allies Hilda and Edan. However, this was done at the sacrifice of Charlie Tyme. After everyone recovered, they formed a plan and everyone left into teams for some final missions. Aureole's group left to Hong Kong where they sought the Phoenix Squadron. Finding their leader, they were confronted by Khia and her soldiers, who attempted to convince them to side with Xavian. They refused. After this they secured the remaining members of Phoenix Squadron. They had a week to practice, so Aureole took the time to do further training. She has begun to excel in the waterflow style.
Reuniting at Django's, the students went over their various adventures and formed a plan to attack Xavian's fortress and stop the Queen. Aureole talked to Django about her holy ki and discovered what she had was transitionary holy ki and she would need to focus herself on something to attain the true holy ki. Aureole meditated in a field for sometime and gradually let go of her sorrow and anger that had been building up. Aureole then decided to dedicate herself to becoming a knight of justice and hope for all of the innocent people in the universe. Feeliing re-energized, Aureole attended the strategy meeting and changed her clothes to a suit of armor.
She then went to war.
The students were confronted by Xavian and Brandenburg and were brought to their limits by the battle, but emerged victorious.


Mostly high class outfits, but she is fine with wearing normal street clothes.
She is seen in the below image in her favorite outfit.

Current Point Allocation
Strength 24. 48 in Golden Armor. 72 in Golden Armor Ascension.
Speed 30. 60 in Golden Armor. 90 in Golden Armor Ascension
Intelligence 07
Agility 25
Durability 25. 50 in Golden Armor. 75 in Golden Armor Ascension.
Stamina 07
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 07
Chi 30

Equipment and Stats


Golden Armor

A style which utilizes ki to produce a thin second skin around the body of golden light. This style focuses on protection and defense, but also gives the user an increase in strength and speed when in use, doubling their stats for the limited time the technique is in use.

Golden Orb:

A distance attack in which Aureole squeezes her hands together and forms a ki ball which then grows about to the size of a large beach ball. Aureole then blasts it outward, where it explodes on contact.

Golden Armor Ascension.

A higher form of her golden armor technique, the golden light becomes brighter and more blatant. It is also begins to coat her clothing tightly. With this technique, her abilities are tripled. When activated, her ki flares upwards and shines brightly before going back down and surrounding her body.
She must activate the standard golden armor first before she can use this version.

Angel Armor

The Completed version of her Ascension, blending her golden ki and the holy ki. This armor is as powerful as the Ascension Armor, but it does increase her damage output by providing her with the holy power in attacks and techniques. In addition, Aureole does not suffer from exhaustion or a time limit.

Godly Light:

A huge flash of light is fired from each of Aureole's hands, blinding the enemy.


Aureole charges a golden orb in each hand, then adds the fire from the Dragon Gauntlets, creating a blazing version of the attack which she then throws at the target. The thrown orbs are twice the size of the standard Golden Orb. If she is not wearing the gauntlets at the time, she will simply charge up two Golden Orbs and then throw them.

Ki Sensing:

A new trick. Aureole senses the flow of ki in her opponents, enabling her to sense the power of them, where they are, and react to attacks quicker. Kind of useless in opponents without ki though…

Holy Ki:

For approximately 20 seconds, Aureole adds a holy power to her attacks.

Flowing Dance (Max Agility)

Aureole's max agility technique. She goes into a semi-trance and begins a dance-esque movement, seeming to teleport around the area on sheer speed. Due to the constant shifting speeds and the fluidity of her body it is difficult to get a bead on her.

Dragon Gauntlets
Ancient weapons that Aureole found when they were transported to another world. Aureole selected them from a pile of different weapons. What she has discovered so far is that they can catch on fire depending on how hard one grips them.

Style: KenKi. The Kenki is the special trait of the Edith family, and it revolves around the need to protect others and those you care about. Without this feeling, the KenKi cannot be utilized. It also cannot be copied by others.

Sun Sword.
A legendary sword said to have been forged in the sun itself. The sword reacts to the light in the user's heart and emits a blinding light, the intensity of which is dependent on the 'light' inside of the user. It deals increased damage against evil creatures and is able to cut shadows. In the battle with Scanner, Aureole used the sword fire off an improved version of her Godly Light, but it was blocked by his shield.

Aureole is a kind person who simply has an interest in the martial arts. She tries to be proper and polite most of the time and has shown exasperation in some of the antics of her fellow students. Aureole generally has problems with failures and, due to her love of human life, tears up inside over the deaths of people. The death of Wilhelm is the most notable example of this.
Lilian Talbot Edith
Birthplace Lunar Colony
Age 25
Height 6'5''
Weight 180 lbs.
Blood Type 0-
Nationality English
Gender Female


Style: Evil version of Edith style martial arts. Specifically, she uses her SouKi version. A dark power that responds to her opponent's pain and has the side effect of burning them alive if they are unable to match her ki level.
Bio: Born as a prodigy, Lilian had phenomenal potential. Mastering the Golden Armor at age 5. However, she was not satisfied with it. She wished for strength. Not to protect, but for herself. As such, she began twisting and changing her own ki behind her parents backs. Within two years, she had changed it, corrupted it. Lilian had created a ki that actually responded to her opponent's pain, allowing her to draw power from it. She named this SouKi.
Her parents eventually caught onto this and tried to help her, make her see the evil of what she was doing. Lilian didn't listen and continued with her personal training. Sir and Madame Edith took her to the best therapist they could buy. No good. Even as her parents tried to help her, she continued to corrupt herself. When she was nine, she got in a fight with an out of town martial artist, an older man who had won a few tournaments. Lilian fought the man equally at first, but soon overpowered and beat him bloody. Her parents arrived in time to prevent her from killing him.
It was after this that they used their resources to have a group of doctors and therapists work with her to try and curb her blood lust. She was placed in a facility with the hopes that they could help her. Her parents visited frequently. Four years later, she escaped, burning the building down. Sir and Lady Edith spent months searching for her, but she was not found.
Lilian herself has spent her time training, she has become extremely powerful, enough that she can defeat multiple fighters without a sweat. Her SouKi has been developed to an aura that can even burn people alive if they are not able to match or withstand high ki. Her location is unknown. She moves around frequently without a set goal.
Lilian is aware of her little sister, even if she has not directly met her yet. Lilian remains unconcerned about her.
It has recently been revealed that she ran into Omega at some point. The details are unknown, but given that both are alive and well, the fight if there was one did not result in either one's death.
As a contrast to Aureole, who primarily dresses in white, Lilian mainly dresses in black and red, and has a more brutal style of fighting and more certainly lethal techniques. Interestingly, a few of them are named after songs and band names.

Generally cold and uncaring about the going ons around her, yet she is sadistic in a fight, beating and torturing opponents before striking them down. Lilian seems to have developed a known habit for fighting to the death, the reason for this is unknown.

Current Point Allocation
Strength 30
Speed 35
Intelligence 10
Agility 25
Durability 30
Stamina 10
Weapons Mastery/Fighting Skill 10
Chi 50


  • Heartstopper: An internal attack. Lilian focuses her SouKi to her fists and delivers a quick punch to her opponent, usually in the chest area. The ki passes through the opponent and strikes their organs. This is usually fatal, but a sufficiently strong and skilled opponent can block the attack using their own ki.
  • Shadow Bullet: Produces a large explosive orb of SouKi to fling at her opponent.
  • Ki Venom: A pressure point strike to the back of the neck that works by forcibly drawing Ki from the user's body, transforming the Ki into a reactive poison. Tends to be fatal if the victim has large amounts of Ki.

This technique can be defeated by the victim working their own ki exactly to expel the poison from their body.

  • Shadows Fall: A mid-range teleportation technique.
  • Pillar of Fire: Lilian releases a fireball from either hand, which upon contact with the enemy or the ground, releases a large pillar of flame.
  • Dismember: Lilian spins rapidly, briefly creating an extremely large, fiery cutting tornado around herself. This has a small charge up time, and she is left briefly vulnerable to attack at the end of it as she recovers from the technique.
  • Thousand Shadow Bullet: Lilian charges up and creates a giant ball of ki, then shoots it at the opponent, where it splits into several normal sized shadow bullets.
  • Hell Sabre: Lilian creates a solid sword out of her ki.
  • Devil Dragon: By charging up a ball of ki, Lilian creates a gigantic dragon shape out of the ki that flies after the opponent. It is connected to her hand by a leash of ki.
  • By the blessing of Satan: Her ultimate technique that sends SouKi rushing through her entire body and creating a demonic armor, doubling her speed and strength. However, this technique has a flaw in that it can burn away her humanity, the longer it is used, the worse this is.
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