Alice King

The only way to die is not to live.
- Ashur Koan

Alice King
Birthplace Unknown US Military Base
Date of Birth April 9
Age 15
Height 5'2''
Weight 120 lbs.
Blood Type AB-
Nationality American
AKA The Last Queen of Witches, Alice the Looting Witch
Clothes She dressed entirely in white besides a golden key and chain around her neck and a heart shaped necklace.
Gender Female

Alice King is a character in School House Rumbles 2, the sequel of the original School House Rumbles.
She is generally a very cheerful and somewhat peppy person but has gone into periods of depression after violent battles and has a bit of a mean streak that her family history implies may be genetic.
She is currently involved with James Flint (and is secretly picking out wedding dresses) and has been since nearly the start of the RPG. Despite what this page has said for the last several months, the two consummated the relationship the night after the first holodeck training mission, and have been "going steady" since IC days after the RPG began.


Short girl with long red hair, green eyes, freckles, will be strikingly beautiful when she gets older but is really more cute now. She looks slightly older than she did at the start of the RPG, and has gained weight due to her rather steak intensive diet.
She is dressed entirely in white besides a golden key and chain around her neck and a heart shaped necklace, the two are currently held together by a bronze brooch she acquired in the bazaar of the Grey City.
The white clothing is cotton based and she adapts it every day with her Elemental Control: Wood to suit her moods and whims, she finds it easy to clean but is at a loss trying to use normal methods of cleaning.
The golden key has to do with her family, not saying what.
The heart necklace was given to her by James Flint once they started going steady, she loves the necklace and the meaning behind it.


One of a long line of witches charged with defending reality since ancient times (the threat they originally fought is long dead and isn't coming back but they don't know that).

The Witches of Ashur number around 300 and are divided into 8 family lines of the Kings, Campbells, Andersons, MacBanns, Finnegans, Marcinos, Thompsons, and Deans.

Alice was born in 2294 and is the 7th child in her family of 13, the birth order is:

Alice was sent to Arcadia to restore her family's power which has been diminishing since the 1930s, she is now the most powerful living member of her family (nuclear not extended), she mostly agreed to go because she hates her large clan and would do anything to get away from them. Alice was dealing with her own rapidly increasing power, and her family's likewise increasing attempts to control her, before she left, taking the trip to Arcadia as her only chance at escape.

Alice has the potential to be amazingly powerful but she dislikes having her powers and just wants to be a normal girl, she has on occasion acted as a secret super hero and defeated a small street gang that raped one of her friends. Alice ended up killing one member in a fit of passion, which her family claims resulted in her rapid development of her powers.

In that battle she accidentally killed the leader of the gang, having adopted a tactic of scaring the members into confessing the leader believed he was actually being haunted and upon seeing her jumped out a window to flee her, she attempted to save him but struck his head against the walls of the building killing him.

She is socially ill adept because of intense sheltering by her mother and having had little free time not ordered to be devoted to magical training but she is eager to make new friends, she will often speak for paragraphs without pause or breath especially when excited or nervous, and has a tendency to just not be able to shut up when she really should.

She is generally outgoing and peppy but has a slightly mean and bitchy side that pops out from time to time.

She is currently involved with fellow student James Flint and considers herself friends with Shamus, Laron, Sara, and Aureole, she is unsure what she thinks of Juni and Dory as she finds them both nice but feels uncomfortable with their constant and very public displays of affection

She is generally a bit vicious in battle and goes for low blows like shoving a stick up an enemy's nose or sending a splinter into his eye. Alice's fighting style has developed over time, going for intensive use of her shadow form to hide and protect herself.

Other: She really, really, really, hates her mother and several of her sisters.

Her family line is entirely female and has been for thousands of years.

Equipment and Stats

Alice King's powers and abilities at heart derive from the ability to communicate with and command the least spirits in the world called Dreamers, these give her the elemental magic she uses in combat.

Alice's powers have changed drastically since her early periods. Alice now fights as a shadow, teleporting at will between any two locations, disguising herself inside of real shadows, and striking with awesome power as she wishes.

Combined with the ability to merge with and aid any physical fighter, Alice is an ever increasing threat on the battlefield.

Current Point Allocation
Intelligence 05
Stamina 25
Weapons Master/Fighting Skill 10
Magic 100
Psychic 25

Style: Magical style focusing on long range elemental manipulation and the alteration of herself and others in battle.


Elemental Control: Air

Alice has the ability to control air and send it out in blasts or use it as very crude telekinesis, she once stopped a moving car with it.
This ability is effectively subsumed by Unity of Wind.

Unity of Wind:

This is a massive refinement of Elemental Control: Wind taking the Director's lessons 1 and three to heart Alice refined her communion with the Wind Dreamers to an intense level, when this spell is cast her whole body feels completely in tune with the world around her giving her the following abilities:

When the spell is activated Alice gains the ability to see, hear, smell, touch, and even taste (not that she knows or cares) from a distance using wind, this works up to 1 mile away and can be used without distracting her enabling her to observe several events at once, she calls these sensory points "probes" and almost always uses her wind magic through them now that she is used to them.

Alice while in communion with the wind also gains an increased ability to react to the world around her which enables her to use her wind at a speed equal to 1/3 of her magic score, this also gives her agility equal to 1/4 of her magic score for 1 second for every point in her magic score.

As a sub aspect of this Alice can now use her wind powers to talk to people, making sound on the other end of her powers up to a mile away, this sound cannot be loud enough for a full attack but the shouting can distract people and hurt their ears a bit, far from a sonic attack though.

As a final aspect of Unity of Wind Alice also gains a vastly increased precision in her wind based telekinesis, as she is able to feel what she is doing Alice can effect things as if she was using her hands from a distance, giving her TK much more utility.

Ascendancy of Wind:

Alice's use of her magical abilities and her general training has increased her magical powers over wind to incredible levels rarely seen in her family's history.
She can stretch her senses even farther (her magic score miles) after her intense use of probes in combat and as her senses, the probes are also slightly better and have slightly superhuman sensory abilities with avian sight, canine smell, things like that..
Also she gets the ability to make hard constructs out of air, mostly blades and platforms used for mobility, powerful offense but nothing out of the current league, think a very small scale Green Lantern with mostly invisible constructs.

Inversion of Air:

The first thing you notice is that you can't breathe. The air goes in and out of your lungs, but it doesn't matter. You gain no oxygen from the air.

Then you notice you are melting.

Here the Dreamers of Air go to war. They focus on themselves, changing their chemical composition into an incredibly acidic gas. This gas cannot be breathed, even by people who breath other atmospheres. The Dreamers make sure that they are hostile to whatever they are facing.

Filters do not work that well, as there is no good air to be filtered through. An air tight barrier can keep the air out, but Alice can affect the air on the other side of an air tight boundary with this power, as long as it is within her normal range.

Elemental Control: Wood:

Alice has the power to control plant life very easily making it grow, bend to her will, move, and general control, she can also talk to plants but they don't really have much useful information to give.

Unity of Wood:

Alice's newest ability is to create minions, lots of minions, her magic score in minions.
She prepares a small packet of 35 seeds (no replenishing in battle) and the Dreamers inside them and throws them on the ground, thinking to the Dreamers and creating the horde of minions.
Each minion stands 8 feet tall, is made of plant matter, and is very imposing looking, this imposing look doesn't hold up in the real world though as each minion has only five stat points.
The stat points can be distributed towards any possible stat besides tech, ki, and psychic, and only Alice's elemental control spells can be gained for a magic investment.
Each minion acts independently but is completely loyal to Alice and her commands unto death and feel no fear or pain of any kind.
They all have basic human norms in physical abilities besides stat points.

Ascendancy of Wood:

Alice closes her eyes, and calls forth a special Dreamer into one of her plant soldiers.

This can be a Dreamer of any kind, though it always has no powers and possesses the single stat of 5 intelligence. The special part of this is that the Dreamer can be summoned from anywhere. Past, possible future, another dimension, anywhere.

Each Dreamer is highly specialized, so the information is likely not perfect, and it can take several tries to get an accurate picture of the situation. Dreamers are best when discussion events, usually violent ones, and bad at details.

Elemental Control: Fire:

Alice has potential fire control abilities but her desire not to hurt people means she does little with it but set her hand on fire and become immune to the heat, however she has figured out that if her hand is lit she can manipulate emotions of those her see her fire, she used this once to cause over a dozen men to flee from her.

Unity of Fire:

Alice was inspired by Walker a lot in the last fight, and the power held by the Dreamers in his fire, so she decided to expand her weakest power to become as strong as any other.

With this power Alice may will as many cubic meters as she has points in her magic score with fire for as many seconds as she has points in her magic score.

The fire comes from her hands and she may bathe her body in fire with no penalty for expended fire.

If she chooses to have half her magic score aflame she can have the fire last twice as long and so on for how long it can burn.

She regains seconds of flame at a ratio of three cold seconds to one flaming second.

Half her firepower is in each hand, if one hand is busy or bleeding she can only use half of her power and if both hands are busy or bleeding she cannot use her fire.

Her precision is excellent with this and persons and things she does not want to be burned are not burned.

Her precision and power with the emotional control she uses for her fire is also increased so she can have only those she wants effected be effected and this now works as a long range version of Unity of Spirit for if it effects another.

Unlike Unity of Spirit the resistance must be active, if distracted or unaware of what is happening the fire breaks through mental resistance without trouble.

She cannot use Unity of Fire while directly in her shadow form without harming herself but she can use it while possessing someone.

Ascendancy of Fire:

This power is an old one of her family, a despised one, very few adapts focused on this method of taming Dreamers for the simple reason that it is all but impossible to justify.

Alice's contact with the psychic fires of Walker laid the groundwork for this, giving her a taste of psychic fires, she studied a bit, worked to make her fire more powerful.

But it wasn't until her own mind burned that she really remembered at the core of her being, her fires burn minds too.

In fact Mindburner was named by the Witches of Ashur after their own abilities.

Alice now has the ability to burn minds right apart with her fire.

Anyone who has themselves burned by Alice's fire (or even feels the heat) is subjected to a terrible psychic attack, the memories, thoughts, and feels are consumed like oil as her fires rush through the mind.

When Alice's mind was burned it also ripped through her own barriers between fire and void, enabling her to activate her full fire in her shadow form.

Alice also can freely add her fire magic stats to anyone she is possessing without sacrificing her fire abilities, bringing the amount she can invest up to 26 points, this requires her to sacrifice the amount of fire ability to keep her host burning and is more taxing on her stamina than her normal shadow form.

Alice's own supersenses in the Ascendancy of Wind burn through the host body, as a side effect the eyes of anyone possessed by Alice's shadow form turn bright red.

Inversion of Fire

Cold. Ice and fog never form from this cold, but you can feel it. As the storm rages in the sky you feel a bone chilling cold.

Then you fire your weapon, and it doesn't work. You call upon your inner power and send it out against the storm, and it falls in without a sound.

Here is where the Dreamers of Fire go to war.

With this power Alice may will half as many cubic meters as she has points in her magic score to be free of energy for half as many seconds as she has points in her magic score. This sucks away energy attacks that are wielded by scores of her own level or lower. Higher level scores can burn through the null field, but it is very energy consuming even for more powerful characters.

If she chooses to have half her pool aflame she can have the null last twice as long and so on for how long it can burn.

She regains seconds of null at a ratio of three inactive seconds to one inactive second.

Her precision is excellent. These are intelligent beings, not dumb spells. The powers of those Alice consider to be allies go through the field without trouble.

Naturally the more physical attacks will go through without trouble.

Elemental Control: Void:

She has the power to open up a shadow realm which is connected to all shadows on the Earth enabling her to have a limited teleportation, this is her favorite avenue of power and he has learned another power through this.

Unity of Void:

Alice losses any problems with casting spells in her shadow form, after casting this spell in shadow form she is able to cast any of her normal spells in this form, her fire shows up in her shadow hands and the rest of her powers work as normal including Unity of Wind, with this she is very hard to defeat and can act as a controller for the whole battle field.

Ascendancy of Void:

Alice rises from her shadow, not in flesh, but in a terrifying new form. Alice becomes a cloud of darkness. Shadows are projected across solid air, forming a cloud covering her magic score in square meters.

This form is very different from her normal form. She lacks her normal spells (though she retains her psychic powers she cannot activate her brooch, which limits her quite a bit), but is formidable in a new way. Anything that strikes her body she can direct to another part of her new body in a teleport. She can unleash it with the same force as directed against her anywhere along her storm body.

This form is rather taxing on her magic. She can only stay in the form for her stamina stat in minutes.

Alice is effected as normal by attacks that do not effect her body. However physical power has a far harder time effecting this form than her shadow form, as everything is reflected outward. It requires an incredible amount of power (AKA Cleric fiat or another player being annoyed) to disrupt her in this form.

Alice's normal reserve of spells is gone in this form, but her new powers of Inversion are accessible in this form

Inversion of Void

Alice turns her enemies, friends, and inanimate objects into shadows. It is a powerful attack, removing an enemy's body (though most stats remain the same), as she can use her control over shadows on them. It is also a powerful defense, granting her allies her powerful shadow form.

Shadow Form:

As a part of her exploration into Void magic Alice has figured out how to make herself become living shadow, this has the effect of making her very hard to see and hurt, but she is unable to use her other magics except for changing back and walking through other shadows and she lacks any physical body when she does this.

Unity of Shadows:

This ability is a new aspect of her specialization in void magic enabling her to possess another being.

In order to do this her shadow-form must cover the eyes of another being so dodging, running, and the like can work to easily avoid it if you have superior speed or agility.

She retains all of her powers while possessing another if she wishes but if she uses them the eyes of the subject turn pitch black so she cannot hide that she is possessing the person.

The two engage in a simple contest of their added scores of magic+psychic+intelligence+chi, if Alice's score is higher she can possess the enemy, if not she is unable to do so.

When Alice is possessing a hostile host she needs to commit a number of points equal to her enemies magic+psychic+intelligence+chi to controlling him or her, starting with the 14 void points she gets for free but after that she needs to start sacrificing powers she can use while possessing her foe, she needs to decide which while in battle with them and cannot change unless she leaves and reenters the foe.

For every point of her subject's magic+psychic+intelligence+chi score minus 10% of Alice's own she must struggle with her foe and do nothing but try to break in, as she commits the power after 14 points she needs to start sacrificing abilities she can use after the host is possessed.

The subject need not do anything to actively resist and may use any evasive actions to remove her from his eyes as he can.

While possessing the enemy she can add her own void magic to augment her host's abilities, this gives her the ability to add points equal to her shadow spells investment to her host, currently 19 points, the points committed to suppressing the host cannot be used to augment the host.

When she is breaking into a host she may also choose to sacrifice her powers while in the host for points to add to the host's abilities.

If she has magic points uncommitted to spells she can use them freely against an enemy.

She cannot add a new power or stat to a person, but she can increase the power of current stats and powers.

If she wishes she can share control of the body with her ally while she focuses on her own magic, or even control the ally's body while he uses her magic.

All restrictions for entering and boosting are void if the subject is willing in which case she can enter without trouble and boost to her liking.

Ascendancy of Shadows:

Alice gains control over shadows themselves, now instead of just opening and closing them she can control them enabling her to teleport more as she wishes, she still needs a surface to teleport out of and it still is highly obvious that she is about to come out of it when a shadow turns into a door.

It is important to note that her shadow form is under her control too, enabling her to instantly repair it when damaged and shrink it to make it easier to hide.

Inversion of Shadows:

The shadows curl about you, and lash together into a burst of light. A chain of lightning connects you and the storm raging above you, and you feel energy torn from you and into the raging sky.

Here is where the Dreamers of Void go to war. Striking within Alice's magic score in meters the Dreamers go against their own nature of enhancement and protection, feeding more strength to the Last Queen of Witches.

For every second the lightning connects the two, a point is drawn from the enemy to Alice. This point is fed into either Alice's stamina stat, her magic stat, or her psychic stat.

The lightning can be avoided simply by leaving the range of the spell. Shields however will not work, as the energy flows into the nearest shadows into Alice.

Elemental Control

Alice gains the ability to drain magic from her surroundings. She can attune herself to local Dreamers and ask for help, recharging exhausted magic rapidly.
Alice cannot cast any spells other than form based spells while recharging herself. She can recover magic at a rate of 1 second per point of magic required to cast a spell, per spell. (50 seconds for one level 50 spell for example).


Unless Alice is doing basic transmutation or it is covered by another spell, this spell can only transform at a gross level of one substance to another.
With Elemental Control involved things can get somewhat more complex, but not greatly so. The exception is when there is a template object that Alice is also observing. In that case she can copy that object with this ability. As Alice is using all of her own power for this, powerful objects are difficult for her to copy without leaving herself vulnerable. The exception to this rule is if she is transmuting an already powerful object. In that case she can use the power in the artifact instead.


Alice has grown beyond the mortal coil. Not that she has ever truly been a part of it since she was an infant.
Alice focuses on a single artifact, investing it with a portion of her blood, magic, and soul. This artifact is a small sphere of diamond, and Alice can possess it under certain circumstances when her body is incapacitated. Normally being a piece of diamond is not a good idea, but this diamond sphere maintains all of Alice's powers.* She can keep running her mind active without a body, using her communion with sleeping Dreamer minds. She can also use her various spells as normal, including shadow form.
There are three ways for this spell to be triggered. Alice's body could become cut off from her powers, which would trigger a collapse in her connection to the artifact, faking her death. Alice could lose consciousness, no longer interacting mind to Dreamer. Or Alice could die. Her soul is bound to her body and this cosmos, and with this spell her soul would travel to the artifact.
With a truly massive act of magic, Alice can make herself a new body if her old one is truly dead or destroyed. If she is simply unconscious or depowered she can return to her body as soon as she can. This is technically done with Unity and the memory of her old body in the artifact.
Breaking the artifact will not cause it to cease to be the artifact. The only way to do that is to destroy that aspect with a great act of chi or merged primary energy, or for Alice to break the connection by her own will.

Inversion (Magic 100 Ability)

Instead of a creature of darkness she becomes a creature of light. Alice is simply a glow now, a light rising from any air, darkness, plant material, earth, fire, water, or metal that is in her way.

In this state Alice is completely impossible to harm, having reached a state of perfect attachment with the universe. Striking her is nonsensical, as she is part of what is striking her. Alice is not a force of nature anymore, she is nature. Metaphysical effects become strangely tangled around her, running in loops as she possesses them and they try to harm her, they become one with her, they harm themselves as there is no difference. Generally it becomes a mess unless someone is extremely powerful, extremely skilled with manipulating energy, and has encountered something like Alice's Light Form before. That is why Dreamers never mentioned this was possible before now.
There is a terrible disadvantage to this form however. She is equally unable to exert any power besides the ability itself. Alice is simply a single node of thought listening to Dreamers in this state.
Alice can use this state for travel. This could be used as a sneak attack behind enemy lines. However this is very unlikely to work well. She is rather obvious as a glowing thing of light, and any metaphysical senses will show her rather clearly as a being of power. Just about anyone could follow her around until she transforms into another state.
This is the only state besides a merge where she may use Ascendancy of Form's illusion immunity without risk. This is the only power besides the Light Form itself that can be used in this state.

+Not Magic

Soul Attuning:

Alice can reach in and find a soul inside a person. This is mostly useful as a simple aura reading. The real advantage is that Alice can (using a ton of power called in from the Bronze Brooch) wreck havoc on those few effects that actually both to use a soul by disrupting the balance of the primary energies. She injects more power into the two sides she does control while leaving chi blank, causing the energies to separate (and frequently blow up spectacularly).

She can also attune souls to artifacts that use them, though this takes about 15 minutes of hard work at this level of inexperience. She could use this and create a soul jar for someone else, though she has no ability to make bodies for people…

Ascendancy of Form:

Alice loses her final restrictions on shadow form boosting. Finally, she can apply a full 100 points when merging without suffering any ill effects or loss of mystical power.

The eyes of the host seem to cease to exist under this effect. They become portals to a dark place that seem to go on forever. Using this power the host's vision is exchanged for a pair of probes (unrelated to Alice's) hovering where her eyes should be.

In this state Alice has become entirely one with her own energies, channelling them into a harmonic whole that no Ashur (possibly no witch in history) has ever possessed. In this state illusions do not work on the merged being in the same manner as Edan's defenses. Alice knows reality, she is reality.

This is not tapping into the soul energy like Edan does, but it is dangerously close. If Alice attempted to enter this state without being merged with another she would suffer the same effects as Edan does from using Smoke Style. This is partly from her own inexperience with this power, but mostly because of the incredibly weak body she has trying to channel the massive powers she wields.

Between the Clock

When Alice teleports, she does not travel between spaces, she travels into one dimension and back into others.

With that teleportation, time is not exactly fixed.

With this understanding of her own mind, Alice has the tiniest piece of understanding of this. And with understanding comes power, at least for a Witch of Ashur.

With this ability, Alice is briefly in the shadow realm when she teleports, and no time passes while she teleports in the real world.

Alice can have no contact with her home dimension while between the clock, as that would cause her to be at the mercy of time.

Note that the justification for the effect is a vast simplification, especially as the shadow realm is actually a distant part of our own universe, but the basics are the same.

Alice can stay between the clock for her psychic score in seconds.

Might of the Mind

Alice can apply her psychic energy to any of her own stats, enhancing it at the cost of all her psychic powers. This is a loss in powers, not in the natural weight of her psychic abilities. She remains a class 10 (or class 110) psychic, she merely has invested her powers in personal amplification. She can resist psychic attacks, unleash her aura, or talk psychically as none of those are abilities purchased through stat points.

This power does not stack with Shadow Form, yet it does offer an odd synergy. With this ability, mental stats can be enhanced by the regular stat boosting.

This enhancement works up to Alice's psychic score in points applied.

Music of the Spheres

The world is alive, living music. The seas sing as they crash onto the shore, the rocks give their slow songs to those who are burried, fire shouts as a cheerleader in the brief moment that it may burn. Time itself is a harp, and an hourglass, and a tablet, and a thousand other forms, yet all have their own music.

With this power, Alice hears that music with perfect clarity.

What does this mean?

Alice now understands a bit of the soundtrack of the world. This breaks down illusions and lies, just slightly. Alice hears soft notes when an illusion is before her, and the song grows softer still when she is lied to. When she is about to be hurt, the world screams in anticipation of a Witch of Ashur suffering.

That is what Alice always hears, now. She always hear this music, except when chained without her powers. But now she understands the music, and that has power.

With this, Alice can also hear the future, or the future that would have happened. She can only stretch hearing and her mystical "sound" into the future, no other senses. And she can only listen as far as her fighting skill multiplied by her psychic score.


By far Alice's closest and longest lasting relationship has been with James Flint, the two started talking right after they left the shuttle and were going steady in about a week.
The two have so far seem to be doing fairly well at this, though if it is healthy is debatable given the speed and level of expectations, still the two have had little conflict or reason for conflict and both consider it a serious thing, and have stayed together for several months.
The single twinge of doubt Alice has had was in her naming, she was the Last Queen of Witches, James was the steadfast rock, and Claude was the King of Blades…
But it doesn't mean anything, does it?
Besides that Alice has a slightly uncomfortable association with Juni Ivis, she just doesn't really like the girl that much, something just gets on her nerves.
She likes Dory more than Juni, the two seem to be fairly friendly when they interact, though so far she has almost exclusively interacted with the D personality, she thinks of herself as D's big sister to an extent, she doesn't even realize there is a more sane personality in there as they haven't met, another reason she doesn't like Juni much as she thinks she is taking advantage of the girl.
She seems to be friends with Sara and discovered that she is apparently cousins with Shamus.
Recently there was a fairly large shake up in her relationships, mostly because Dory's ancestor Fox Selma watched her lose her virginity to James, this lead to a great deal of conflict with Dory, Juni, and Sara (who she ended up stabbing in the stomach) though her relationship with James seems steady as ever.
Alice considers Aureole to be her closest non-romantic friend, largely based on the shadow merging. Alice is hardly exclusive in her friendship circle however.
The only person Alice has a truly bad relationship with is Jason Sun, who is annoyingly Sara's boyfriend. For obvious reasons, the two conflict at times, though Jason's negative feelings are almost certainly greater than Alice's.
Alice has increasingly differed to Liu's judgment after Liu became Team Captain, which has helped reign in her impulsive tendencies a bit.

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